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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3978, November 7, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Woody Dodge

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

Having failed to palm the job off on someone else, President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3978 to order at a half dozen minutes after 8.

We have old business today.

The Menace were read. Peter Santel bid $6 to name the Menace “No nose is good nose”. They were so approved.

Patron Saint

Woody Dodge

Matthew Tepper said Sherwood Dodge, veteran, still living at the VA in West LA.  His relationship with automobiles has to do with, among other things, the fact he appeared in a Subaru commercial.  He helped Matthew with car repairs to his Subaru.

Joe Zeff thinks he saw him here at the birthday over the weekend. No one else so thinks so.

Patron Saint Woody Dodge was given three cheers and a new engine.

No new business

We have old business -- Board nominations!

Charlie Jackson, II gave his explanation of the Board elections and the duties of the office.

The three board members whose terms are expiring were re-nominated, and no extra nominees were nominated.  The election is hereby over.  Michelle Pincus, Gavin Claypool, and Mike Thorsen were given applause and condolences.

Committee Reports

CLJII passed the Lantern O'Jack for the Winter Holiday Party.

We will have Christmas movies with no Santa Claus.

We will have food, merriment, etc.

Matthew Tepper suggested the Reginald Owen version of A Christmas Carol which might be nominatable for the retro hugos.

We’ve just finished John Winslow of the Navy.  We won’t be showing John Winslow of the Coast Guard.  Next week we begin The Purple Monster Strikes, the tale of an economical invasion from Mars.

Looking into the future, next April will be a landmark for the Society.  4/10/14, we celebrate our 4000th meeting of the club.  Not the 4000th LASFS meeting since some meetings were as the Science Fiction League chapter. 2 weeks later, the 4th weekend of April, we have LA 4000.  

We once did LA 2000, which got out of hand and became Loscon.  This should not happen with LA 4000.  This will be a 2 day presentation with guests, food, films, and fun to be had by all, running 12-8 PM both days.  $20 to the end of the year.  $25 through March.  $40 at the door, which is still only 1¢ per meeting.

Food will be catered by the Pushy Broad Catering Service.

On the 4000th meeting, we will have past presidents in attendance, including David Gerrold.

Tom Safer announced TSPC is this Saturday, because he’s out of town the normal weekend.

Screening: Blue Ray disc of Beatles “Help”, accompanied by a Beatles cartoon. These are rarely seen cartoons.

Marty Cantor announced the Gift Exchange on Friday the 13th of December.  Dale Hales will brew mulled cider.  Even though we open at 7 and start at 8, some come in early.  This year, these will be accommodated.  Gifts will be accepted when people come in.  

Eylat reported: tonight, Nominations for Board of Directors

November 14, election of Board members

November 21, time-travel themed auction.

November 28, placeholder meeting because some of us will be at some obscure convention.

Buy your memberships from Elayne.  They are currently $50.  They will be $60 at the door.

We will have Rocky Horror, with a shadow cast.

11/27 at 7PM, we need people to help load the truck.  We need help on the 28th at 10 AM to unload. Loading 12/1, unloading here at 12/2.

December 5, nominations for President, and Tim Griffin presents!

December 12, procedural elections.

Charlie Jackson II clarified.  We nominate for President on the fifth.  Nominations then recess and reconvene on the 12th.  We take additional nominations, close nominations, elect a president, then nominate and elect other procedural officers.


Fannish Committee Reports:

Karl Lembke announced the Board meeting and Second Sunday festivities.

Tom Safer paid a pun fine and said he was reminded of a development called the Vivaldi potato, because it can be grown in all four seasons.

Joe reported on an improvement in surveying.  A preliminary question listed a bunch of medical conditions, then “I do not suffer from any of the above conditions” and then “I do not suffer from any conditions”.

Send good thoughts to the President’s daughter, under the weather.

Milt: This week, India launched a rocket to Mars.  A couple of days later, we got this neat green meteorite off the coast of California. Mars is shooting back?

Eylat announced her husband is now the Junior Warden Elect of his Masonic Lodge.  He is third in line for Master of the Lodge. So, Eylat, are you in DES yet?

David Okamura reported on that last week, we mentioned the 75th anniversary of the Martian invasion.  This month, we retaliate.  NASA’s Maven satellite will join the probes around Mars, and India launched a rocket on Tuesday. If they get into trouble, who will they call for customer support?

The green meteor may have been only the size of a grain of sand.

Originally, NASA had thought meteors had to be 100 meters across or larger to be really dangerous.  The one that exploded over Russia seems to have been 62 feet in diameter.

CLJII: There’s going to be another convention in town: a radio convention at the Beverly Garland Hotel, Vineland just north of Ventura.  Tom Hatten, Marcia Hunt, Rose Marie, Margaret O’Brien, and others.

Debra Levin: Club is open Friday nights for gaming etc.

Tom Safer: Concerts.  Saturday night, Mass #6  by Franz Schubert. Would appreciate it if club members came. Dixie Canyon and Moorpark.


Sundance: this week’s Arrow featured a return of Black Canary.

CLJII: NCIS interesting since it focused on Gibbs’ father’s relationship with another pilot in WWII.  One of the turning points was the soldier turned out to be an enemy soldier, and saved his life anyway. It was a very interesting story.

Gail Carriger -- Curtsies & Conspiracies


CLJII: Everyone should be up to date. Second book of series is out digitally and in paper.

Second book of second series should be out by Loscon. It's nice that the paper copies are coming out, since that wasn't the original deal. It's justified by the number of electronic sales.

Eylat is looking for display platters for chocolate in the Con Suite.  

CLJII went by See’s looking for discount Halloween candy, and there wasn’t a whole lot. They will call when the pumpkin spice truffles are in again.

There are now candycane Chocolate Milano cookies, and lots of other christmas related candies at the stores.

Jerry Pournelle: Amazon has come up with a new way to assist in independent bookstore-cide.  If you’re a clerk in an independent bookstore, if you sell someone a Kindle, you get your personal account on his Kindle, and you will get 10% of the purchases that person makes on his kindle.

Debra Levin moved for adjournment, and

We adjourned at  9:15 PM.
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