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Meeting # 3977, October 31, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Francis Hamit, Bill Rotsler

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

Having out-Sheldoned Matthew Tepper, President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3977 to order at an octal dozen minutes after 8.

Marty Cantor had news about the gift exchange.  The Rules will be in De Prof next month.  For those who want it in paper, he has ten copies and can print more.  In colour.  We may try to do some of the things we used to do at the gift exchange.  But usually it can be fun.

The Menace were read. Nobody bid anything  to name the Menace. They were accepted as meowed.

Patron Saints

Francis Hamit

Hare said he’s one of those he’s always enjoyed having conversations with.  He’s also published two novels in the civil war series, with more to come.  It’s a series about the first female spy in the Confederate Secret Service.

Scratch: He’s written two very good confederate war genre stories. Enjoyed both, and looking forward to numbers three, four, and five.  But he needs to research onsite, which will put him in England next year.  Scratch loaned a copy of the first book to a friend who considers himself a civil war buff.  He read it 8 times, and hoped there would be more.

Tepper: Francis is a nice person.  He’s very knowledgeable and will share many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse and many other things, and he’s delighted that Francis and Leigh are living closer and will show up more often.

Eylat said he’s a very nice person and has had the honor of working with him as well as being friends with him and Leigh for many years.

Joe Zeff: it should be mentioned Francis almost shares a birthday with Scratch.

Patron Saint Francis Hamit was given three cheers and a horse named traveller.

Bill Rotsler

Francis Hamit: Bill rotsler was an amazing personality in and out of fandom. a film maker, a raconteur, a TV star, had an interesting taste in christmas cards, but he was also a great guy to talk to and a great friend.  He was felled by cancer, and his bravery during those months was amazing.

Hare Hobbs: Rotsler was famous for the christmas cards.  He also told the story of going house hunting with Marilyn Monroe, since he was a native and helped her find a house.

Marty Cantor: If you look in the cases, you will see Hugo awards.  These were won by Rotsler, in various categories.  He did illos and covers.  He was a fantastic artist. Marty wound up with thousands of illos as Rotsler’s estate.  Fans from around the world have requested illos from the collection.  Marty was the last to speak at the Las Vegas Corflu banquet.  At the end of his speech, he dumped two envelopes full of Rotsler illos on the table in front of him, prompting a stampede to grab some.  Rotsler is still eligible for fan  artist Hugo awards because stuff of his is newly published each year.

Scratch: He has seen a fight between two noted fans, both of whom knew that card was theirs.

Milt: Being a good fan and true, he used to invite male fans to take part in his photo shoots.  As a result, you used to see male fans showing up in some of the darndest magazines.  In one shoot, Ron Ellik was supposed to dress in a gorilla suit, and carry off a naked female.  But she turned out to be ticklish, and would start giggling whenever Ron got within two feet of her.

Cantor: one more thing: at our previous place, Bill would sit on the couch near the door.  There were several times he was running LASFAPA, and wound need a cover. Bill, I need a couple of covers for LASFAPA.  He’d ask at 8 PM.  He’d spend the evening talking to people, and at 9PM, he’d have a couple of excellent covers.

Joe Zeff: it’s possible at least part of Bill is with us tonight.  His urn is in teh cabinet and was not washed out.  At one point, he had to be quarantined at the VA because he was a radiation hazard.  He had a capsule of radioiodine embedded in him.  

June Moffatt: At the bouncing potatos con, we were having breakfast in the coffee shop.  Harlan ordered sunnuy-side eggs.  I can’t eat those, they’re looking at me.  Rotsler drew out his pen, drew a face on teh eggs, and they wound up in the art show.

Patron Saint Bill Rotsler was given three cheers and I wish we had more like him.

Committee Reports

Eylat Poliner owes LASFS 25¢ for reviewed Debra Levin’s clothing at a meeting. Thanks to Larry Niven for paying the fine on her behalf.  The three people up for re-election are Gavin Claypool, Mike Thorson, and Michelle Pincus, assuming they decide to stand for re-election.

Charlie Jackson passed the Lantern O’Jack for the Winter Holiday Party.

There will be a special guest for Meeting #4000, someone who has sat in this chair before and not currently in this room.

Eylat reported: tonight, Autumn Holiday Party

November 7, Nominations for Board of Directors

November 14, election of Board members

November 21, time-travel themed auction.

November 28, placeholder meeting because some of us will be at some obscure convention.

December 5, nominations for President, and Tim Griffin presents!

December 12, procedural elections.

George McUrso: anyone going to Loscon, bring toys.  

Eylat: boxes and sodas and chips in the back room will get worse before they get better until after Loscon.


Tepper: follow-up to last week re The Nose….  The Pournelles were persuaded to go.  Jerry Pournelle is glad he saw it, thinks it probably needed to be seen, but having once been seen it never need be seen again.  Really.   

It has been mentioned some video things can be gotten on iTunes or Amazon.  Amazon streams only.  If you think you bought a download, think again.

George: quick thing: Rachel of Cardholder Services is dead, but has been replaced by Heather. He got a robocall from Heather running the same scam.

Kristin is directing her first sci-fi on Saturday. Also got a new job, but it’s going to take up her nights, so she can’t be here on Thursdays.

Charlie Jackson II: Announcement: third book is now out in paper, four days after it went digital.  Earlier, sent off manuscript for book II of second series.  

Question: because he wasn’t able to make the announcement in person, first book was offered as a premium on Amazon.  Anyone able to take advantage of it?

David Okamura: last night, 75 years ago, Martians landed at Grover’s Mill, NJ.  PBS had a documentary on the broadcast.  For a documentary of a hoax, they indulge in trickery of their own.  Sound check, black-and-white interview with ordinary citizen expressing view of what he thought of the broadcast.  Near the end, actors dramatizing comments and reports of the time.

George: for anyone interested in hearing it, it can be heard from

Milt: London Worldcon is running retro-Hugos, and that broadcast is likely to win.

Scratch: years ago, talked to a gentleman who had listened to the broadcast.  At the time, it was taken as fact.  

Hare Hobbs announced Martin Scott and his sister Mae are now married, as of Saturday.

They will celebrate in the con suite at Loscon Saturday night.

Joe Zeff: Happy birthday to Lucy Stern and Dan Alderson.

CLJII:  Reminds everyone HHH will wrap up, but will still be there forever.

Scott Beckstead: Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios until this weekend.

Fannish Committee Reports:






Leigh Strother-Vien moved for adjournment to the party, and

We adjourned at  8:58 PM.

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