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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3976, October 24, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Lee Jacobs

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

Three less than enthusiastic claps signaled for attention, and President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3976 to order at an octal dozen minutes after 8.

The Menace were read. Jerry Pournelle bid $4  to name the Menace, “Goodbye Q”. They were so approved.

Patron Saints

Lee Jacobs

Milt Stevens recalled Lee was a fanzine fan, and a ham radio enthusiast.  He ran his QSL cards through fanzines.  He was a member of the card playing group, and had a long series in SAPS called the Ballard Chronicles, made into a movie by Bjo and other LASFSians, The Musquite Kid rides again.  In the Ballard Chronicles, the characters were fans.  The Chronicles were named after Wray Ballard.

Joe Zeff: judging by the way Milt phrased everything, Lee is not yet metabolically challenged?  No, as of the late 60’s, he is.

Patron Saint Lee Jacobs was given three cheers and a fan wray.

Committee Reports

Marty Cantor announced the impending publication of De Profundis.

Eylat reported: tonight, Tom Safer Presents

10/31, Autumn Holiday Party

November 7, Nominations for Board of Directors

November 14, election of Board members

November 21, time-travel themed auction.

November 28, placeholder meeting because some of us will be at some obscure convention.

December 5, nominations for President, and Tim Griffin presents!

December 12, procedural elections.


November 3, cosplay sewing event.  Starts at 11 AM, and uses the back half of the building.

December 7, another sewing circle.

December 13, Gift Exchange.

December 14, Fandom Formal.

Eylat’s husband will be Junior Steward at the Pasadena Masonic Lodge, so she won’t be at the Gift Exchange.

Fannish Committee Reports:

Joe Zeff had more survey silliness.  He took a survey where they wanted to know what state and county he lived in.  Each of the two drop down boxes end with not listed. This may be a trap for bots.

David Okamura announced saturday at 7:30, UCLA Billy Wilder Theater shows American Werewolf in London and Michael Jackson Thriller.  They’re having an evening with John Landis, the maker of the movies, and other notables.   Another movie, a very short film, also of interest - a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a knight from the crusades found himself in a situation where he had to rescue a fair maiden. It’s a film that was shown before The Empire Strikes Back, and only shown in Europe.  Black Angel. It was discovered, restored, and will be available on iTunes and one other online venture next year.

Michelle Pincus introduced guests.  Polly Aylor, Michael Kmet, and Jason DuVall.

Paige Wiley announced Nintendo is discontinuing the Wii platform console.  Get one, it’ll be a collector’s item soon.

Joe Zeff: how about raise volume and project?


Peter Santel reviewed Some Time Never by Roald Dahl. (1948)  Spent five hours reading it in the library.  It’s about gremlins.  Dahl wound up using his portion of what was to be a Disney collaboration in a novel.

Matthew Tepper announced Metropolitan Opera is doing Shostokovich’s opera “The Nose” a petty bureaucrat wakes to find his nose has gone missing is now wearing the uniform of a bureaucrat senior to him. Apparently the cloning process in Sleeper didn’t work out quite as planned.  And the Met now does live high definition telecasts to theaters. Closest to here is at the 8 theater complex at coldwater and victory.

Jerry Pournelle reviewed Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs.  Not normally what he’d read, and he’s now bought most of the series. Premise is a character who has hereditary gifts of a strange nature.  she can turn into a coyote at will. This conveys a number of other interesting powers.  She lives in a town infested by werewolves, vampires, gnomes, gremlins, etc. It’s extremely well done, very self consistent, and a very interesting world. They can no longer hide because of DNA technology, and the world is beginning to discover them.  They’re trying to make themselves known without provoking peasants with pitchforks.

Scratch: first book is “Moon Called”  

Eylat reviewed the Conjecture Con Suite and thanked Karl Lembke, Tom Safer, and Regina Reynante for work above and beyond the call of duty.

This past weekend Karl and I were not here because we were at a con suite in San Diego. There was a convention there, and we both heard about it.  We ran con suite, staff lounge, and green room all in one. We had real food, not just snacks, and breakfast, lunch, dinner three days.  A valuable lesson was learned: no matter how small the con, a con suite needs staff.  Thanks to Karl, Tom Safer, and Regina Reynante who had been coming to the con to have a good time and ended up running the con suite Saturday when Eylat was sick.

Tom Smith and Esther Friesner were guests of honor.

Did anyone see Sleepy Hollow?  Very enjoyable.  Totally fantasy.

Jason DuVall: interesting twist on legend.

Paige: remake of show on Fox in late 90s.

Jerry Pournelle found the first episode interesting enough to record the second.  After seeing that, didn’t record the third.  They wound up getting too bizarre. There are now vampires and other crap that went on 200 years in this town without anyone noticing.

Scratch: saw first and second.  Liked first, second not too bad, haven’t seen 3 or 4.

Jason: same flavor as Supernatural.

Frank Waller: The Tomorrow People: Very good, most excellent.

Eylat reviewed the NoHo Lit Crawl.  We had three people reading stories.  One, a voice-over artist did not do that good a job.  Shawn Crosby did a much better job.

Tom Safer reported on tonight’s program.  Evening of animated Marvel Comic Cartoons. Sub Mariner, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and The Hulk, from the 1966 animated series.  TSPC will be on 11/9, a morning of the Beatles, animated episode featuring Help and You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away, followed by Help.


Tom Safer moved for adjournment, and

We adjourned at 8:55 or so.

Under Additions, Corrections, and Whatever, Debra Levin added “Meow”.
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