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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3974, October 10, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Beverly Kanter

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

Now that the owner of the car keys has been found, President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3974 to order at an octal dozen minutes after 8.

The Menace were read. Christian McGuire bid $2  to name the Menace, “Eylat writes really nice”. They were so approved.

Special orders of business Tom Clancy, age 66.  Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter, age 88.  Scott Tracy and Scott McCloud were named after Scott Carpenter.  Carpenter also spent a lot of time under water in a craft designed for the purpose.

Jerry Pournelle notes both were friends of his, at least close enough for drinking purposes. Clancy, he knew pretty well, and would stay at his house when he went back east. He wrote about Navy guys because he ran into Navy guys doing heroic things and thought their stories needed to be told.

Matthew Tepper announced the passing of a major midwest fan, Larry Tucker, after long illness. One of the things that makes him significant is he was a pioneer of a new form of fanzine, audio fanzies.  With cassettes being easy to copy, he found a form of Uncle Albert’s Electric Talking fanzines.  (Nowadays, he’d do a podcast.) He even emitted Uncle Alberts Electric Video Fanzine. And he was a nice guy.

We held a moment of silence in honor of the departed.

Patron Saints

Beverly Kanter

Bill Curry said of her, he didn’t know her that well, but she sent him a list of LASFS members.  He was working Thursday nights for a while, Beverly got his address, and they talked. She was a very nice person.  

Joe Zeff said Beverly Kanter shared living space with Harry Andruschak for many years.  She deserves honor for that if nothing else.  When they were togetehr, they expected instead of arguing over that’s mine/ that’s mine, they expected to argue over “I knnow I bought that but I bought it for you.”

CLJII Beverly was involved in the late 60s and 70s.  Before she came and was active in teh club, she was a model. Originally a mundane model, then a nude figure model. She continued after she was in the club.   Members produced photo albums of her, which CLJII found unremarkable.

Marty Cantor twitted her over misspelling her last name.  She put up with Andy for a long time, even though at times he too could be a nice person.  She has drifted off, but did get DeProf sent to her.

Patron Saint Beverly Kanter was given three cheers and Paris Girl lighting.

Committee Reports

CLJII had the Lantern O’Jack passed.  put money in it.

The Winter Holiday Party is on 12/25 in this location.

Autumn Holiday Party is 10/31, starting at 6 with films, a meeting, and then another film.  There will be snacks, chips, and stuff.  Come in costume, whatever costume strikes your fancy, but remember, no costume is no costume.

Eylat reported: tonight we show Twilight Zone. Nothing in the Dark and I Sing the Body Electric.

Programs : 10/17, Auction.

10/24, Tom Safer Presents

10/31, Autumn Holiday Party

November 1, Nominations for Board of Directors

Milt Stevens spoke on behalf of the committee to do something about parking.  They lost two letters, one of them certified..  After 40 phone calls and resending the petition by e-mail, a representative is talking with the Department of Transportation, requesting on behalf of Mayor’s Office to change parking on Aetna from 9PM until Midnight.

Registrar Michelle Pincus announced Idan Ivri, who found us through a random web search;  Jeffry Lutzker, Oran Ramirez

Fred Miller, Alexander Garcia, Terry Wayne, and Bear J Burg have joined.

A Saganload of people joined at the Sewing Circle.

Michelle also announced Wednesday 10/32 we are one of the presenters for the Lit Crawl.


Marcia Minsky announced they had been having a presentation at her synagogue, this Monday evening they will have it.  Jennifer Griffs of Cal Tech will present it at 7 PM.  For details, see Marcia.  17th off of Olympic.  Free.

CLJII rose to announce the second book in his first series has just come out digitally on Amazon. First book in second series is now out in paper.

Eylat announced next week, she and the Scribe will be at Conjecture.  Virtual President is Michelle Pincus.  Virtual Scribe will be John DeChancie. Marcia Minsky will be virtual Elayne.  We will also have the auction.

Fannish Committee Reports:

Joe Zeff reported on the committee for needless and unnecessarily repetitive redundancy in everyday life committee report.  One of the companies he does surveys for has taken to doing something strange. What state you live in is a drop-down menu for the two-letter abbreviation, and a box for the full name of the state.


Larry Niven held up some book covers. Comic fest took place last weekend in San Diego. It’s run by the same people who put together ComicCon, and they wanted it like ComicCon before it exploded.  They had actors reading and dramatizing a number of his stories, which was great for Larry’s ego.

Matthew Tepper reviewed an app mentioned two weeks ago.  This application filters one’s facebook and/or twitter feeds. Spoiler Shield is not a government censorship program.

Karl Lembke read the Nobel Prize report from David Okamura.


The chemistry prize was given to three U.S.-based scientists for developing

computer models that analyze and predict complex chemical reactions, which

is useful for tasks like creating medicines. The approach combines classical

physics and quantum physics. The winners are Martin Karplus of the

University of Strasbourg, France, and Harvard University; Michael Levitt of

the Stanford University School of Medicine, and Arieh Warshel of the

University of Southern California in Los Angeles.


The physics prize was awarded for a theory about how subatomic particles

that are the building blocks of matter get their mass. The theory made

headlines last year when it was confirmed by the discovery of the Higgs

particle, which originates from an invisible field that gives particles

mass. This theoretical understanding is a central part of the so-called

Standard Model, which describes the physics of how the world is constructed.

The prize was shared by two men who proposed the theory independently of

each other in 1964: Peter Higgs of Britain and Francois Englert of Belgium.


The medicine prize, the first of the 2013 awards to be announced, honored

breakthroughs in understanding how key substances are moved around within a

cell. That process happens through vesicles, tiny bubbles that deliver their

cargo within a cell to the right place at the right time. Disturbances in

the delivery system can lead to neurological diseases, diabetes or

immunological disorders. The prize was shared by Americans James E. Rothman

of Yale and Randy W. Schekman of the University of California, Berkeley; and

German-American Dr. Thomas C. Sudhof, of the Stanford University School of

Medicine at Stanford University.

Hare is going to be a guinea pig at UCLA.  The brain scanning cap he has to wear is 20 times denser, but 10 times more uncomfortable.

Mike Thorsen saw two episodes of Agents of SHIELD. It’s watchable.  One thing in second episode, the director made a steal from the show Serenity where a large group of people are stunned by a cylindrical object that gets pounded into the floor.

Milt Stevens watched a new series, Witches of East End.  It kept his attention for the whole hour.  Woman cursed with eternal life, but keeps having same two daughters who will die horribly.  She’s raising them not to know they’re also witches. Also on the DVR is Once Upon A Time in Wonderland.  

CLJII:  Agrees with Milt. Since the initial series has tarred every beloved fairy tale, why stop now?

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Golden Bird, Frankie Thomas.  Rather canonical, and enjoyable. Holmes has an amazing store of random knowledge about Montenegro.

Matthew Tepper finds the Frankie Thomas Holmes pastiches among the best.

Eylat reviewed Agents of SHIELD.  A little disappointed.  There are several references to other movies in the series. Enjoyed, but with reservations.

Matthew Tepper said, “four words: It’s a magical place.”

Frank Waller issued the Aetna warning.

Eylat asked for volunteers to screen the program. Also, today was day zero of her job.  They had her desk ready to go.  As excited as she was to start, they were just as excited to have her start.

There is one guy, eye candy, in an office full of women.  Remember, as they teach in harassment awareness training, “harass” is only one word.  She likes the job and the company.  Upcoming holidays are paid. She has a good feeling about this job.


The Registrar moved for adjournment, and

We adjourned at 9:00 or so.
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