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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3972, September 26, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Ron Ellik, Karl Lembke

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3972 to order at a dozen minutes after 8.  

The Menace were read.  David Okamura bid $2  to name the Menace, “I paid two dollars for this?”. They were so approved, even though getting the vote was like pulling teeth.

Patron Saints

Ron Ellik

Milt: he was a TAFF winner in the late 60s.  He was at Cal Tech, very active fan, in APAs, SAPS, FAPA, and did a project enlisting all FAPA members back to 1937.  He was part of Trimble Shaggy, back when the club had a fanzine. He was a well known fan writer, and part of the Carl Brandon Hoax, Terry Carr, Graham, Ellik created an artificial fan who never existed.

Bill: He was a good friend.  He and Carr started a monthly fanzine just reporting events around fandom, first fanzine of that type. He went to college in Berkeley, and got a job back east. He literally toured the country thumbing rides before college.  Afterwards he worked for one of the large aerospace companies.  On a vacation, he decided to visit fans in Wisconsin, flew up, rented a car, had a single-car accident, and died.

He authored a couple of pieces, based on all the references to Dr Smith’s Lensman series. He was a joy to be with, was known as the squirrel, and there was a running gag about him getting high on root beer, and the rest is in long-term storage.

Patron Saint Ron Ellik was given three cheers and a squirrel catcher like in the Tex Avery cartoons!

Karl Lembke


Marty Cantor: Karl is one of the nicest people I know in the club, despite the fact that his politics are weird and he’s as far off the edge on the right as I am on the left.  If you were to read what we write about each other in APA-L, you’d think war was imminent.  He’s chairman of the Board and I’m Board Secretary.  He said something and I shifted to the right.  He said “that’s the first time I ever moved him to the right.” His politics are weird but Karl is the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet.

Scratch: Karl has a habit of being quiet.  When he says something funny, most people get it right away, I have to think about it.  He does lots of funny things with the words said at meetings. He often produces

Michelle: Karl is one of the hardest working members.  He did the bulk of the work on the Letters of Marque.  Scratch is right -- Karl is very quiet because he’s an introvert.

Marcia: I enjoy playing MahJong with him.  When I’m having trouble with classes at school, I can go to him and he’ll help.  Invariably, I get an “A” on whatever the project is.  Karl is a very intelligent gentleman, and I use the term gentleman in the best sense of the word.

Joe Zeff: Karl is a frequent donor of blood and platelets.  Last year at Loscon, I was able to give  him a “turnip” ribbon because he was unable to donate -- it had been too soon since the previous donation.

CLLJII: it behooves everyone to be nice to Karl, which he makes easy to do, because he can go to your neighborhood and turn off your water.  And he has excellent taste in literature.

Paige Willey: He’s a wonderful guy, great to talk to, will cheer a person up, and a great teacher.  

David Okamura:  One thing he’s been doing is trying to get the lemon tree in the back patio to bloom and prosper.

Marcia: One other thing is that for cons, Karl is a great con suite/staff lounge/whatever has to be done in food service person.

Matthew: One thing -- Karl is one of the cool-headed people you could hope to have for a friend.  He’s always willing to listen to an issue, and gives advice that is either helpful or extremely helpful.  He has excellent taste in barbecue restaurants.

Eylat: It’s got to be really strange typing this up on your saint’s night. Karl is a very sweet, gentle man.  One of the things that no one has mentioned is he’s an honorary Jew and an honorary female since he knows more about both subjects than most of either group does.  And he’s left handed.  Karl has been there for me through the good, bad, and ugly.  There’s a soft side you don’t know about.  We were holding hands, and for about half an hour we were inseparable.

He’s an incredible person and I don’t know what I or the club would do without him.

he’s very good at everything he does, very bright, and intelligent, and we’re damn lucky to have him.

Patron Saint Karl Lembke was given three cheers and a bucket of blood!

We had a brief auction to decide on the last soda slot in the vending machine.  Paige had the winning bid on the dang sodas.  Arizona Green Tea was selected.

General announcements: tonight’s program is celebrating 50 years of Dr Who.  Eric Hoffman moderates.  Sarah Goldberg and Pat Miller discuss the New Doctors, and Ed Hooper discusses old doctors.  

Registrar Michelle introduced some guests. David Popovich and from last week, Lisa Catto, whose fan name is Avo Catto.  (That’s the pits.)  David Del Valle made an appearance after meaning to for a long time..

Upcoming programming:

10/3, Forry Awards

10/11,. twilight zone episodes written by members of the club

17 Halloween themed auction

24 Tom Safer presents animated Marvel Super Heroes

31 Autumn Holiday Party

10/6 we have a screening by Tom Safer. films shown will be Harvey and Rhubarb,

No Old business

No New business.

Elayne announced SCIFI has donated $5000 to LASFS to be used to set up the Bob Null Keep On Trucking Fund.  This fund to be used to pay for Logistics at Loscon. Spiffy!

Committee Reports

CLJII: The lantern o’jack was passed to pay for the Autumn Holiday Party, starting at 6 PM.  Films will be shown after the meeting. We will also have, on Dec 25, a Winter Holiday Party, starting at noon and running until 10 or so in the evening.

We won’t have feature film days until February.

Beginning of November, we have BOD elections.   We have procedural elections in December. Leave town that week if you know what’s good for you.


Sue Fox announced a house concert by Evan Brooks at her house tomorrow.  $20, includes a CD and probably some bubbly.

David Okamura had a science report. There is good news and bad news from Mars. bad news, after a year of searching, no methane has been found.That probably means no life. Good news, they’ve found water.  By the estimate, about 2% of the Martian crust may have water.  This is a huge amount.

There are strange things in Los Angeles. One wouldn’t expect to find a whole new species of lizard at the runway of LAX.  But they found one.  A new species called the southern california legless lizard has been discovered.  They named it Anniella stebbinsi.

Scratch had a science report.  They have been working on carbon nanotube computer parts.  they’re very slow but very small.

Eylat had some news that she found scary.  There is an app that blocks twitter or facebook feeds about your favorite TV show.  If this spreads, what might the government want to block?

I don’t know.  I didn’t hear this item -- it must have been blocked.

Fannish Committee Reports:

Joe Zeff: There was a change in interest rate announced by the Fed at 2PM by the Atomic Clock.  A buy order in Chicago was placed 7 ms before the announcement in New York.

Matthew Tepper found the app.  Spoiler Shield.

Milt Stevens notes a new distance record for a goat riding a skateboard.  35 meters.

David Okamura notes we have three more days to see the LA County Fair. A couple of things that may be of fannish interest -- a Star Trek exhibit, and at the far end of the buildings, an exhibit on animation, “from pencils to pixels”. Lots of interesting things, and well worth seeing.

Also on the fair grounds, the largest steam locomotive ever built.  Union Pacific is restoring it to operational condition. !!!

CLJII:  A review combined with timely info.  This will only obtain until Jan 2-3 next year. They just re-opened Haunted Mansion Holiday Edition.  they have interesting changes this year.  Pay attention.  Some things are spectacularly different from the last time.

Also, until Nov 2, Halloween Haunts, Hilights and Hijinks is up. He spent $20 advertising it. His reach is now 1500 and his number of likes is over 700.

Food Report (in the absence of Mark Poliner): Chaz Baden reviewed a product.  The problem with Lucky Charms consists of oaty bits and marshmallow bits.  The ratio is wrong.  There’s a product, you can buy your own cereal marshmallows.  He’s been experimenting with cereals and ratios.  You can order them from

Scratch suggested putting them in hot chocolate.

CLJII said you could fill a cup with them

And Chaz has an event on the 5th, Cosplay sewing circle. Starts at 11:00.

first Saturday in October, first Sunday in November, and first Saturday in December.

So Cal Pan Fandom Winter Formal: This is a ticketed event.

CLJII has a food report.  He found a new food -- pumpkin spice flavored M&Ms. They go excellently with pumpkin liqueur.

David Del Valle mentioned having been given a theater off Alverado.  It might be of interest to this group since he’s curating genre films.  This month, he’s showing Astro Zombies and a 50-minute documentary he did.

Marcia Minsky requested that after the meeting and program, people police their areas, place the chairs back to the wall.

Eylat: Starting 10/10, she has real full-time work. With a raise!  And except for one one person in the office, they’re all fans.  they will work around her con schedule.



It being very late, It was moved and seconded that we adjourn to our program.

We adjourned at 9:50 or so.

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