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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3969, September 04, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Greg Bilan, Emil Luwish

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.) The motion to adjourn having failed, President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3969 to order at a metric dozen minutes after 8.  

Eylat called for strong backs to unload books donated to Loscon

The Menace were read.  They were approved as read.

Patron Saints

Emil Luwish

Milt: He was the father of a member who bought him a sainthood.  

Patron Saint Emil Luwish was given three cheers and “funny, you don’t look Luwish”.

Patron Saint Greg Bilan was honored

Scratch: Builan is our friendly neighborhood Klingon.  He started the LASFS attending the Book Fair at UCLA.  He rides a bicycle and is a nice guy.

Eylat: even though he’s not here, he comes for meetings other than lasfs meetings, sets up, and takes down. He does a great deal for the club.

Joe Zeff:  Instead of going past Patron Saint to Sacred Object, he’s been buying his family sainthoods.

Patron Saint Greg Bilan was given three cheers and a barrel of blood wine.

Special Order of Business:  Frederick Pohl has passed at age 93.  

Larry Niven said Fred started his career. Bought the first four stories, and would have bought the fifth but Larry was a novice.  Fred had to tell him that when you get rewrite suggestions from an editor, it’s because he wants to see it again.  

Fred suggested stories set in weird places in the universe, which he’d pair with science articles about those places.  That started Larry setting stories in weird places, which has stood him in good stead.

Fred was a judge for the Writers of the Future contest until a couple of years ago.

Marty Cantor: Fred started as a fan.  He was born in 1919, and was one of the first good editors.  He was one of those who got excluded from the first Worldcon.  He became a major editor, a very good writer, collaborated with CM Kornbluth… He was a giant in the field.  He started a blog several years ago, and won Best Fanwriter for his writing.

David Okamura will post the AP obit on the board.  Besides a prolific writer and editor, he was SF editor at Bantam, he was a literary agent and helped Asimov publish Pebble in the Sky.

We had a moment of silence in his honor.

No Old business

No New business.

Committee Reports

Registrar Michelle introduced Mike Zavros and Allan Benito, two guests!

CLJII rose to announce on October 31 LASFS has its annual Autumn Holiday Party, starting at 6 PM, ending at 11 or so.  Films will be Tales of Terror and Twice Told Tales.  The Lantern O’Jack was passed around.

On the penultimate Sunday of September, FWEMS will occur, but the list of films hasn’t been selected yet.

Oh, yes.  Special Advisor to the Board wishes it known the program for October 3 features the Forry Award voting.

Eylat announced tonight’s program has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

It will be rescheduled.

Tom Safer announced TSPC will be on 9/21, the 101st birthday of Charles Martin Jones.  Film will be Gay Paris, which he co-wrote with his wife.


9/12 Hugo presentations

9/19 Big Auction

9/26 Dr Who

10/3 Forry awards


Karl: Board meeting this week!

Joe Zeff: Happy New Year

Fannish Committee Reports:

David Okamura reported on science.  There were several things of interest.  

Brains… We had a case where a University of Washington researcher was able to move a colleague’s fingers using his own brain waves.

They’re now finding compelling evidence that age related memory problems might be distinct from pre-Alzheimer’s.  A specific part of the hippocampus may be involved. If it produces too little of a specific protein, memory suffers.  At least in mice, it does.

The right kind of video game seems to boost memory, even in older people.  

Stem cells have been used to create brain cells in a petri dish. There was a limit on size, because petri dishes don’t have very good circulatory systems.  (Take-out for zombies?)

Finally, scientists have been trying to duplicate a human condition, trisomy 21. Growth hormone seems to provoke growth in the cerebellum.

Christian announced a small auction

Eylat announced Redshirts won the Hugo for Best Novel.

Milt Stevens reviewed LoneStarCon.  Con ran quite well, nice facilities, good programming, well attended, highest level of antagonism he’s ever seen.  Everyone was offended.  Offense directed at fandom, and members of SMOFS e-list.

Kevin and Andy’s Westercon bid meeting is now a massive conspiracy in which the fans of Portland had their WEstercon snatched away from them.  

Chris Garcia was denounced for sexual harassment for hugging another Hugo nominees.

One topic of conversation was what a nice smear one person would make if he fell from the balcony to the pavement below.

We’ll see what a year out of country does for the politics.

Christian mentioned Jay Lake had trouble with his moby reservation.

Jerry Pournelle notes having heard lots more complaints from advocates for the disabled than from disabled people themselves.

We need RABID WEASEL ribbons

There were more reviews of Rabid Weasel Con -- I mean Lone Star Con

Spokane won 2015 Worldcon bid

David Gerrold is GOH

Jerry Pournelle said of Spokane what they said about Earth: “What a dull place”.

NASFIC is in Detroit next year.

Sage Break

How to get three parents:  There are two parts of a cell.  The nucleus, and the rest of the cell with mitochondrial DNA.  They’ve developed a technique where you can take an egg from one woman, remove its nucleus, take a nucleus from another woman, and create a whole egg. Add sperm, and you have a fertilized egg.

Why?  Because there are a number of diseases transmitted through mitochondrial DNA.  Diabetes may be one of them.

Now, who’s the parent?

We haven’t considered this.

Milt notes it’s similar to open adoption.

Karl:  Uniform Sperm Donor act says donor is not a legal parent, if done through a licensed facility.

Also… Heinlein addressed the notion of creating a composite cell with genetic material from multiple donors, but parentage was ignored.

Hare recalled one family with thirteen kids, two sets of triplets, two of each being identical twins.

This moved to a discussion of marriages of various types.


Tom Safer had lots of fun at Worldcon.

Hare Hobbs notes AC Clarke’s story is now obsolete.  we know more about earthquakes now than then, Richter 10 was disappointing

Joe Zeff: fannish committee review.  Today is Rosh Hashannah.  At services, they blow the shofar.  It was different, they had two men with shofars.  On two separate occasions, they blew together.  Listening to two shofars harmonizing is interesting.

Eylat: they had a young girl about Anna’s age, and a man blowing a shofar.  The girl managed to out-blow the man.

Tom Safer had a note for the day.   On the elevator at work, had a story about a particular senator in a committee hearing been caught playing video poker.  Mr. Senator, are we boring you?

And he lost.

Eylat: We were driving the other day, saw a motorcycle, and in front of driver on bike was his German Shepherd.   


Eylat offered the usual end of meeting request.

It was moved and seconded that we adjourn.

We adjourned at 9:15 or so.

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