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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3968, August 29, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Allan A. Rothstein

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3968 to order at a metric dozen minutes after 8.  

The Menace were read.  They were approved as corrected.

Patron Saint

Allan Rothstein was honored

Sue Fox: He was a nice man and I miss him

Marty Cantor: he was a retired probation officer, a nice gentleman who was a minister in the ULC.  He officiated the wedding between Marty and Robbie.

Matthew Tepper had a different story this year.  Allan was a good person for minding other people and making them feel at ease.  One time, there was an event with a number of speakers, and he was assigned the task of looking after Harlan Ellison.  Other speakers were running long.

How much longer will this be?  You’ll be along shortly.  Harlan stood up in indignation, and realized he was towering over Harlan.  He decided it wasn’t an insult.

Marty Cantor: when Allan was having surgery, Harlan called and Allan was not able to answer.  Someone answered the phone for him.  When he found out what was being operated on, Harlan said, “tell the asshole to get better.”

Mike Thorsen:  He was an avid collector of Micky Mouse paraphernalia.  Several elements of his collection are now in the hands of Mike’s family.  Allan was also one of the luckiest drivers in California.  When he got t-boned, he got t-boned right in front of the police station.  When the other driver claimed Allan had managed to shift sideways into his car, the police said “who are you trying to kid?”

Jerry Pournelle: Allan invited a number of people to his son’s bar-mitzvah.  It was the first he ever attended, and it wound up in several books because Elayne sat next to him and interpreted.  They had dinner at Odyssey, where Jerry discovered he was to take part in the hoisting of the young man on a chair.  Three of the hoisters were very tall, Allan wasn’t.  The quantity of wine consumed didn’t help the situation.  They got through Hava Nagila without dumping the boy.  15 years later, he was appointed composer in residence at UCLA, so he must have not been terribly damaged.

John Hertz wished the following read into the record:

Allan Rothstein was sixty-two when he died suddenly this summer.  He had been Fan Guest of Honor at Loscon XVIII, our local con, in 1991.  Glen Orbik put him on the cover of Batman 78 (September ’98; third from the right in a fedora hat).  After trying to teach kids to read with comic books, the way he’d learned, he became a probation officer, which he remained for thirty-eight years, his health declining at the end.  His middle name was Anson, which, considering he was born in 1942, when Robert Anson Heinlein was already an established writer, could have been more than coincidence, but none of us had known of it, including Allan’s brother Larry, and Bill Warren of the reference book Keep Watching the Skies, one of Allan’s best friends.  In the 5-7-5-7-7 syllable lines of Japanese tanka I wrote,

Among the stars now,

Laughing at Solomon’s jokes;

Late a final time

As we see, there at last he

Never misses a moment.

He really was, as Barbara Hambly said who knew him well for some while, the nicest man in the world.

We all miss him.

Allan Rothstein was given three cheers and some elevator shoes.

No old business

no New business.

Committee Reports



Karl: Board meeting next week!

Eylat: Welcome back, Bill Ellern.

Gavin announced the passing of Bruce Murray, director of JPL from 1976-82 passed today at age 81.

Nasa fired a scaled down version of their new rocket using a 3-D printed injection nozzle, and got it up to full temperature.  

Registrar Michelle introduced  Laurie Post, filmmaker, and Karen Thompson, who learned about us from Google. New members Richard Burger and Shery Chovan

For $10, Sue Fox announced the bottom slot would be Sobe diet shrubbery.

Eylat had a programming announcement:  After the meeting, we have filking.  Lee Gold was invited to explain what Filking was.

9/5, Eric Hoffman presents

12 Hugo presentations


9/26 dr who

10/3 = Forry awards

David Okamura has an announcement:  Two other passings of note

Col C Gordon Fullerton, space shuttle pilot - first pilot of Enterprise, Columbia and Challenger.

Robert E Cramer, former NASA director of planetary explorations.  Mariner 9. 10; pioneer 10, 11, and other missions.

We had that test firing, and yesterday, one of the heaviest of our current, Delta 4 Heavy was launched into orbit. We don’t know what is in it, but it knows what’s in us.

Countermeasures for drones: artist and privacy advocate in New York has created privacy protection garments, with special fabric that shields you from infrared.  It’s available in 3 styles, burka, hijab, and hoodie.

From WWII, dazzle camouflage.  You may see it in makeup now, which confuses facial recognition in cameras.

Michelle welcomed back Jay Freeman, back after a long absence. He’s returning to LA - he expects to be around a lot more.  He has a job with Space-X.

Fannish Committee Reports:

Mark Poliner: we have a special beer: Stone 17th Anniversary, titled Gotterdammerung.

Food Buzz came out with a guide to fair food nutrition.

Jack’s bar and grill, jazz theme bar.  Just north of the tiki bar.  Dinner is steaks, seafood, ribs, etc.  Live jazz at night. Monday nights, they have open mike nights. For those who like high-end mixed drinks, they have a splendid top shelf bar list. 339 N Brand, Glendale, CA


Tom Locke: Variable Star by Heinlein and Spider Robinson.  Adapted from a manuscript or outline Heinlein wrote in 1950s, and Spider wrote the story from the outline and came up with an ending for it.  If you’re a Heinlein enthusiast, you’ll want to read it.  However, story is rather choppy, and is not the strong writing all the way through you expect from a Heinlein story.

Adult version of Between Planets, set further ahead in time from Between Planets.  

Glenn Olson called that an excellent synopsis.  Spider pretending to be Heinlein, the two authors couldn’t be more different in what they choose to do with the main character.  Heinlein has heroes, and Spider’s characters are anti-heroes.

Hare read John Scalzi’s Redshirts.  It’s fun.  Most fun he’s had reading a book in a long time. It’s a satire on Star Trek.  

Matthew Tepper: If you like Heinlein, Dr Pournelle’s Starswarm is the additional one Heinlein should have written.  


Mike Thorson: there was one Star Trek episode in which no redshirts were killed, but all of the characters who were wearing gold shirts were killed.  Galileo 7

Hare:  His cousin has died, at the age of 87.  

Matthew Tepper: yet to fact check, but reputedly, Jonathan Goldsmith who plays the Most Interesting Man in the World was in Trek, wore a red shirt, and lived through the episode.

Lee Gold: JMS was asked if he had Italian history in mind when he made Garibaldi head of security.  The historical Garibaldi was head of the redshirts.

Jeff: on Craigslist, TV/Radio, ad for people who speak Elvish for a commercial. Auditions next week.

Jerry Pournelle:  looking up Bing Crosby to find year he died, which turns out to be 1977.  Is anyone else aware of a fannish star trek play involving Red Shirts theme?  In 1977, he was GOH at a SF convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.  One incident involved a lady who was the den mother of the Mormon kids putting on the show, and was constantly reminding him that there were no smoking laws inside public buildings in Utah.  

One of the events of the convention was a skit performance like HMS Trek-A-Star.  It opens with a spooky voice saying, “James Tiberius Kirk, we are the ghosts of the security…”  the ghosts were all wearing red shirts.

Eylat related her Anime LA story, being taken for a mundane while wearing her StarFleet Academy shirt.

Jerry: reason looking up Bing Crosby’s date, this happened to be the weekend Bing died, and Heinlein gave a memorial, having been a friend of Bing.  Bing was a SF fan.

Joe Zeff:  the Gym he goes to, all the staff wear red t-shirts.  

It was moved and seconded that we adjourn.

We adjourned at 9:48 or so.

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