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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3967, August 22, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Fuzzy Pink Niven, Michelle Pincus

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Eylat Poliner exterminated meeting #3967 at a metric dozen minutes after 8.  She then held up the plushie dalek which Sue Fox and Gene Turnbow won in the Loscon contest.  

Eylat announced some changes resulting from the feedback session.  We’re changing the order of the events at the meeting.  The meeting Menace will be read after the auction.  We’re going to change stuff around and see if people object.

Patron Saints

Fuzzy Pink Niven

John Hertz: FPN has been a friend of his since 69, and a friend of fandom longer than that.  It was her interest in Georgia Heyer and English regency dances that provoked his interest.  There was a world sf convention the year of the Nivens’ 10th anniversary.  It happened to be in brighton, a town important to the Regency.  Someone made Jerry a uniform of the hussars, a uniform with enough gold braid to earn him the name, The Man With the Golden Ribcage.  

Marilyn was very much a scholar of the period.  It was the habit of the British aristocracy to promenade down the beach in Brighton at 4 PM precisely. She decided we would promenade from the pavilion to the hotel at 4 PM. For various reasons, Sarge Workman had a Sergeant costume of the same unit. It was not appropriate for the dance, but was perfect for the promenade.  While they were promenading, a Mod (no, not quite a hippie or beatnik) came up and asked “where’s your horse”.  “In Wellington Yard, where do you expect!”  “I’m sorry,” said the Mod as he beat a hasty retreat.

Scratch: Fuzzy has the ability to command and control functions such as parties, conventions, meetings, and so forth.  One thing about England and the military is they hang on to their uniforms.  

Jerry was lured into telling the story of the meetings leading up to the development of SDI.

All you have to do is tell the story wrong and he’ll leap in to correct it.

She was a student of Marvin Minsky at MIT, when there was no such thing as a computer scientist, so she had to be a mathematician. She was.  

We were told the story of the Nivens’ computer.  The Nivens bought an Altair, and eventually bought it a membership at the club under the name of Altair Niven.  Altair Niven was bought by Mike Morris and eventually sold when Mike needed funds.

Bill Wright said she was the absent hostess when Larry invited Australians at first LA Con to his mansion.  He tossed them the keys to the liquor cabinet and disappeared to play cards with his mates.  Frank Gasperik showed up and proceeded to regale them with Australian stories and songs.  Bill and Robin Johnson were busy playing the aussie fan movie in the poolside cabana, so they didn’t see a lot of the con. About Georgette Heyer and regency dancing, there was a picture at the convention with a group of four Regency Dance instructors teaching people at the tables how to do the dances.

Tom Safer doesn’t know her very well personally, but does know Larry, who has told wonderful things about his wife. It’s nice to hear a man speak well of his wife.

Jerry Pournelle: she doesn’t come to many meetings.  She didn’t make this one because she’s preparing for minor surgery tomorrow. We wish her well.

Fuzzy Pink Niven was given three cheers and thread for making lace

Michelle Pincus

Eylat views her as a sister, loves her dearly.  She does an amazing amount of work for the club.  What you see is just the surface of what she does for the club, and there’s lots more outside the club.  She does an amazing amount of work, I care about her deeply, and we hope she’s with us for many thousands of years.

Matthew: If there’s a dynamo in LASFS, that dynamo’s name is Michelle.  If you see something good happening at the club, chances are she has  a hand in it.  She greets, she represents us at external functions, she runs auctions.  We’re lucky to have her

Tom Safer:  Doubles that remark. Can’t say enough good things about her.

Scratch: Michelle is a quiet, retiring, and has the quiet demeanor of a marshmallow, so soft, so gentle...

“Of course she’s quiet, she’s a vampire queen” interrupted Jerry Pournelle.

Richard Costas: when he brought her here mumble-mumble years ago, he wasn’t sure she liked it.  She threw herself in and vanished without a trace -- except for all the work she does.  

Marcia: not only is she a heck of a hell player, she’s a heck of a Mah-Jong player.  

Jerry Pournelle: one of the perks of being an ancient mariner is you get to flirt with Michelle.  That’s why he comes here.

Gene Turnbow: one of the first interactions with LASFS was with Michelle.  “I’m trying to get Krypton Radio off the ground,” he said.  “It’s not easy to do unless you can talk to people who know the things you need and how to get them.”  Michelle lightens the load.  

Marty Cantor grumped at her.

Michelle Pincus was given three cheers and a lot of shopping

Registrar Michelle introduced a guest.  

Brian Vickers who heard about us from CLJII and Carrie Doshey

Returning guests Fred Miller and Bill Wright, DUFF winner

John Hertz had some words about Mr Wright.  John happens to be the DUFF administrator and presented Mr. Wright a welcome home gift. It was a copy of the 1962 edition of The Dying Earth by Jack Vance, the second paperback edition

And two more guests: Brian Lind and Daniel St George

Marty Cantor announced De Prof is coming out next week.

We had an auction and raised some money.

CLJII: sunday at 2 PM we have FWEMS. Theme is multiple performances by

Kay Kaiser, Alec Guinness, the Three Stooges, and others in multiple roles.

Christian reminded one and all that on November 29 - Dec 1 we have Loscon 40, our annual convention. Our writer GOH is Catherine Valente. Fan GOH is Mike Donahue.

Tom Safer: for the month of September, 9/21 markes TSPC, the birthday of Chuck Jones. Gay Paris, with Judy Garland and Robert Goulet.

Marcia Minsky reported on Bill Ellern: Bill had surgery a week ago today.  He wound up having a heart attack, got angioplasty and stents.  He was released Saturday and seems to be doing fine.  Ann has a caregiver while Bill was indisposed.

Michelle Pincus had a report on the health of George Mac Urso.  He has inflammation in his leg and is taking steps to improve his health and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

LASFS will participate in the NoHo Lit Crawl 10/23.   We have 3 voice actors to read Hugo stories.

Trek Cosplayers are needed for an event at the LA county fair.  No pay, but groups can passively promote themselves. Players will get a free pass to the fair for a return visit.


Milt spent all afternoon going through the LoneStarCon pocket program, all 263 pages of it.  It has one feature, the interactive pocket program.  You can go online and select a day and track, go through and highlight what you’re interested in.  You can print out an itinerary. Browsing through it is interesting.

John Hertz: when he wrote the pocket program for LA Con II, he measured pockets and made sure the pocket program would fit in a pocket.

CLJII saw Ben Hur, a Tale of the Christ, MGM, 1925. The film is quite an achievement. Chariot race is on a par with 1959 version. It does have a Buchman rating of about 2.5 minutes.  

Bill Wright said you’d have to have deep pockets for this program.

Matthew tepper said, rather shortly, that he seconds CLJII on that treatment of Ben Hur. As for film scores of that era, tinkly piano was not typical.  

CLJII: if you see low budget films with music credited to Abe Meyer, music is scores for pre-talking films recorded on risc and sold to filmmakers

Joe Zeff:  One fact about two versions of Ben Hur, when more familiar version was made, the parade around the race track was intentionally shot for shot identical to original.  

David Okamura had a moment of science. Kepler is still broken. However, it did exceed its original mission life span, and they may be able to repurpose it.  Since it was launched in 2009, it has discovered over 3000 planets.  It’s done quite well.

The CIA has finally admitted to Area 51.

Think Different was an Apple slogan.  But it may apply to autism.  A study finds variant brain activity, so autism may be a different cognitive style rather than a disability. Brain scans reveal different patterns of activity when children are doing math problems.  The intense concentration may be due to practice, or it may be organic.

The Menace were read.  Marcia Minsky paid $3 to name them “Classified”.

Marcia made the usual announcement, and it was moved and seconded that we adjourn.

We adjourned at 9:48 or so.

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