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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3966, August 15, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Bjo Trimble, Mark Bilan

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

“I think 8:10 is as good as any…”

President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3966 to order at a metric dozen minutes after 8.

The Menace were read.  After contentious bidding, Matthew Tepper bid $3 to call them “Start Smearing that Jell-O.”  There’s always room for Menace

No old business, no new.

Our guest tonight is Aldo Spadoni, and he was invited up to introduce himself.  He’s an aerospace engineer, concept designer, and artist.  He’s been collaborating with Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle over the years.  He was guest of honor at Loscon 38.  The rest of what he does is classified.

Upcoming Programming

8/22, big auction.

8/29: before program, Krypton Radio does Fantasy LARP comedy web series, Walking In Circles.  After the meeting, we have a filk session.

Registrar Michelle introduced a couple of guests.  Sunday, Cathy Whitesel, aka Saxony Tarn, who heard about us from her brother

We also have a green card from Aldo Spadoni.

Marcia Minsky announced some medical news about Bill Ellern.  He was supposed to go into Kaiser for an angiogram today.  Instead, this morning, called 911 and was transported to Kaiser with a suspected heart attack.  He’s getting angioplasty and a stent.

David Okamura had a science report. NASA has given up on salvaging Kepler satellite.  Repairs by remote control did not work.  But there’s still a lot of info to go through.

6 researchers who spent 4 months in a dome on a Hawaiian volcano to emulate a Mars voyage.  The big thing they missed was fiber and comfort food such as Nutella.

What do you do with a broken heart?  Soon we’ll be able to grow you a new one.  Researchers a few days ago announced they had taken skin cells, turned them into stem cells, turned those into heart cells, put them on a framework, and as it was in the nutrient solution, it started beating on its own.  So soon, problems with heart failure may be fixed by growing you a replacement.

Climate change may have a good side.  Two groups up north -- coast redwoods and sequoias -- are enjoying a growth spurt unseen in the past century.

Scratch notes they’ve developed and used the matrix grown tissue for replacing chunks of combat veterans’ damaged legs.

As Instapundit says, “faster, please”

Registrar Michelle introduced a new guest, Alan Dean Benedetto.  


We auctioned off some stuff and raised some money.

Committee Reports

FWEMS: Carolina Blues with Kay Kaiser and Victor Moore, Kind Hearts and Coronets, Murder he Says, Have Rocket will Travel. A day of movies with actors playing multiple roles.

TSPC presents The Flight of Dragons on 8/17.

Anyone in West LA on the 24th, Palms Rancho Library on Overland features combination of Warner Bros and Bob Clampett dedicated to Stan Freberg.  Please provide an audience.  Time is 2 PM.

Time Bound Announcements

Richard Foss is involved with two projects.  New curator for SoFab Institute.  Next quarterly program, looking to do future of food program.  Looking for SF readers and authors to contribute thoughts about the future of food.

Assimilating Our Culture, That’s What They’re Doing!

Also working on a book on food in the air, from early times to the space station.

Needs help with reading Swedish or technical French, and Italian.

Interesting items include the fact that the French had to be convinced you don’t flambé stuff on an airplane.

Debra Levin reminded one and all the clubhouse  is open tomorrow night for friday night shenanigans.

Eric Hoffman has started work on The Attack of the 50 foot trailers part III.  The good, the bad, and the ugly of SF and Fantasy and horror trailers.

Paul Gibbons announced an event the end of this month in San Diego, Libertopia, a future world without bureaucrats.  

Patron Saints

Mark Bilan

Gregg Bilan says his brother had no choice in the matter.  He passed a couple of years ago and has never been here before. Gregg is buying his whole family sainthoods as donation amounts pile up.

Mark Bilan was given three cheers and “his brother gave us money”.

Bjo Trimble

Frank Waller had nothing to say.

Larry Niven: Bjo Trimble was an anchor for the LASFS surrounded by men willing to do anything for her.  She threw a party for the first moon landing in 1969.  Larry and Fuzzy were almost there when it was announced they were landing.  Bjo held the party, and everyone slumped around the living room while the astronauts slept.

Matthew Tepper: he and Debra met them at a Westercon, and the Trimbles were the first fans Matthew and Debra met.

Susan Fox:  has it on good authority that the Trimbles are celebrating with a barbecue tonight.  When Bjo turned 70, she had her daughter, a cosmetologist, dye her forelock bright turquoise.

CLJII: known Bjo since he joined LASFS.  remembers her for her costuming, her design work, for cartoons of beautiful sexy women she would draw at the drop of a hat, and several LASFS members who walked around with hats in hand for that very purpose.  Also peripherally involved with Bjo’s convention activities.  She started two conventions.  She Provided serial programming for Equicon.  She pestered CLJII into writing a book on serials.  He’s close to deciding he knows enough to write the book.  Bjo also told him something, and told the LASFS, Charlie is the conscience of the LASFS.  

She remains close to his heart.  When they put on the 70th Anniversary banquet, she was a featured speaker. She is the Marjii Ellers of LASFS.

Paul: my introduction to fandom was Star Trek.  Came out in 74 for Equicon and was introduced to wonderful work Bjo did. He has a wonderful memory of how hard she worked and how much good she did. She was a wonderful gift to fandom.

Susan Mayer: has known Bjo for a long time. Met her in SCA, and she took over from her as Baroness of Angels.

Scratch: Bjo saved Star Trek.

Eric Hoffman: Bjo was one of the first to use Eric’s talent for getting hold of movies.  

Bjo Trimble was given three cheers and a computerized freckle counting machine


CLJII favorably reviewed a store called Rolling Robots. It seems to be located at Brand and San Fernando Road in Glendale.  They have all kinds of robots.  They run computer classes for kids, and they have summer camp sessions where they teach kids to work computers.

Marcia Minsky reviewed Scratch’s massage ability. He has some.

Eylat reviewed her job interview.  While the interview went well and she didn’t get the job, she found Cinema Secrets.  They specialize in make-up for the movies. The owner of the store was the make-up artist for Planet of the Apes.  She hopes ot get the make-up artist to come out and be a program for LASFS.

Fannish Committee Reports

Mark Poliner had a food report.  Olive Garden brings back all-you-can-eat pasta.  

Taco Bell has been testing chicken and waffle tacos.

Someone has developed a 12-course meal in a can, 12 layers of stuff.

In Glendale on Brand, there are several nice restaurants, including an old Tiki bar. If you like the old kitchy tiki bars, you’ll like this.  Damon’s, right next to Portos bakery.


Tom Safer misced that TSPC will reschedule programs for October and November to the second Saturday

CLJII: the LASFS Library now has a copy in Paperback of The Emperor’s Gambit.

Eylat: whoever can help set up projector, please help.  thank you Tom Safer for volunteering.

We adjourned at 9:02 or so.

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