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Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Tim Merrigan, Jerry Pournelle

Items read at the meeting are highlighted in yellow

That sounds like an excuse to start a meeting!

President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3965 to order at a metric dozen minutes after 8.

Sue Fox announced Aldo Spadoni next week

22th is big auction

29th filmmakers and cast members from walking in circles web series

Marty Cantor: on the 22nd, Bill Wright is DUFF winner this year. He'll be here that evening.

Last week we had feedback session. People had suggestions for changes wanted in the club. One suggestion was reduced menace. Other changes will also be implemented. Whether they stay implemented is up to you. Thanks to Michelle Pincus and Karl Lembke for sitting here and taking notes.

We held an auction to auction off the name of the Menace. Peter paid $2 to name them “Change is good”.

Patron Saint Jerry Pournelle was honored

Scratch has known Jerry for a couple of days. He's a gentleman of easy manner, quiet voice, and the ability to bring fantasy to life. Well, science to life. He enjoys everything he's ever seen Jerry has put his hand to and looks forward to anything he puts out, along with his partner in crime, Mr. Niven.

Matthew Tepper has known Jerry for a few days, and we all know of him as a writer of enormous skill. Today, celebrates because of good advice and good listening he's given over the years.

Larry Niven says arguably, Jerry has saved civilization twice. As man who put together citizens advisory for national space advisory which brought down USSR. Second, with Lucifer's Hammer, opened up conversation that may divert next dinosaur killer. Half the people involved in stopping it read Lucifer's Hammer.

Joe Zeff: one of many things he likes about Jerry's fiction is he likes to write about people who recognize the need to make hard decisions, make them, and live with consequences.

Glenn Olson: JP is a complex individual. He appreciates how he's given his time and adv ice to those who want to follow in his footsteps.

Bill Ellern: listened to a lot of comments about Jerry, and never heard mention of one of his other talents. He can fence. He walked in with foils and a couple of masks and challenged anyone to a duel, and the two of them mixed it up with a lot of fun.

Hare: learned to read late, and didn't start education until he got to LASFS. Dr Pournelle was a a big part of this education.

John DeChancie: when I first got here, he looked at me funny. He didn't know who I was. Then I got myself elected scribe and made a complete ass of myself, and then he started to like me. He's a marvelous human being.

Frank Waller reiterates what everyone said. He's a magnificent man whether he likes it or not.

JP was given 3 cheers and a Hugo

And we gave Jerry Pournelle three cheers and a step farther out

Patron Saint Tim Merrigan was honored.

Hare: Tim put out APA-L for a long, long time. He was very mild-natured. Only saw him angry one time. He was helping Mistie move, and it turned out to be the day of the Santa Claus Lane Parade. He got boxed in by parade parking.

Marty: he ran it for a couple of decades. He came in late, and people would get tired of waiting. He also ran DeProf for a while. Unfortunately, instead of the calendar, he just had a list of dates. But he kept putting it out when no one else would.

Scratch: Yes, he came in late occasionally. But only once a week. But he made a point of getting it there.

Mike Thorson: recalls time Tim showed up with shaved head and no beard.

CLJII: time goes back in club to days when Brontosaurus and Toad cartoons were being drawn. He was asked what animal he wanted to be, and he wanted to be a Manx cat with a prosthetic tail. He was drawn with the tail in a wheelbarrow because it wouldn't connect properly.

3 cheers and a leather hat with buffalo nickels in the band.

Committee Reports

CLJII: Tonight's program may be the cartoon and serial chapter. No, it will be next week.

Michelle Pincus announced guests: Jose Hernandez and

our new member Robert Seutter author of Brass Jack series

We had the event at the library yesterday and Todd McCaffrey was there. If you want to buy the book, do so

Thanks to karl lembke and debra levin there to help sell books and to people at Burbank Library who did a wonderful job

Tom Safer: On Saturday the 10th, TSPC plays flight of dragons.

Small auction was held and stuff was sold.

No old or new business


Milt Stevens came across a site online, Chris Garcia has been doing videos from conventions. Google as V Cons. Clips of people talking about conventions and things. Take a look. You might be in it

Hare Hobbs read Debra Ross and MZB Children of Kings. Most recent Darkover novel. Says in preface, tried to write a book more in tradition of early darkover books. Enjoyed. If you wanted to know more about dry towns, this is the book.

Joe Zeff: tuesday came down to LA to spend day at Exposition park museums. Went into Museum of Nat History, and it was everything we all remember. First thing he saw was whale skeleton. Then across to what used to be museum of science and industry, for what may be last time. All the neat stuff in the basement is gone. First floor is gift shop and food courts. Stairs and escalator to and from second. Escalator up to third, but none down. Only one elevator. And everything has been dumbed down as if for first graders.

Christian had an addendum. He took Allie to X Park. ON second floor, didn't actually look at interactive exhibits. Looked at Gemini capsule, Mercury capsule, and wonderful space suits all under plastic. Then toured shed containing space shuttle Endeavor. Cost $2 each to reserve a time slot. It's worth the $10 parking to see the shuttle.

Larry Niven presented The Goliath Stone by Matthew Joseph Harrington and Larry Niven.

Nanotech and incoming big rock.

Scratch: saw shuttle land at LAX and saw two launchings at Vandenburg, and one night launching at Cape Canaveral, and the idea of being almost that close to it is still interesting.

Nick: new David Weber honorverse anthology#6 is out. Beginnings. All thorugh series, he drops yhou into middle of stories. These tell how stuff really happened. If you're interested in back stories, these are the prequels. And in relation to that, they're going ahead with an honor harrington movie. What had been holding up was doing the CGI for the tree cats.

Milt Stevens, in search of other obscure SF, read Star Maker by Olaf Stapleton. In this one, he doesn't restrict himself the way Last and First Men did. Science was as good as possible in 1937.  Other earth is interesting, since natives taste through hands and feet.  Prejudice is based on flavor.  It’s a gosh wow 1937 novel


Peter:  Peter jackson is coming out with first version of Hobbit trilogy.  Oh god, this will never end.

Jerry Pournelle:  for those who don’t know, yesterday was 80th birthday. And it beats the alternative.  

Marc Schirmeister lost a good friend, lou scarborough an animator.  End of june not feeling good.  Took to hospital in july.  He had terminal cancer.  He was 60 years old.

CLJII: we note the passing of Michael Ansara, voice of Victor Freeze in Batman the Animated Series.

Matthew Tepper just learned of the passing of Karen Black the actress.

David Okamura: D23 convention starts at Anaheim convention center.  Pricey if you’re not a member of D23, the official Disney fan club. They’ll show Planes move and new movie about agents of Shield.  

Moment of Science: architecture and design museum on Wilshire - never built Los Angeles, a view of lost opportunities in the city.  Runs through October.

MBT:  Clark Gregg plays Agent Colson

Allan spoke to JMS and the production of his new series is green lighted for Netflix.  Those who enjoyed B5 and the like, he has a new series coming up.

Marcia Minskhy offered her usual announcement

David Okamura: Anyone remember boiler plate, robot that disappeared in late 19th C?  There’s to be a movie made.

Moment of science: british have developed test tube beef.  They made a hamburger patty from cow stem cells.  It’s expensive, but if they can get the economy of scale down, it will have lower ecological impact.

Blood sugar and Alzheimer’s news.   Elevated sugar levels may cause Alzheimer’s.

They have a vaccine that tests out as 100% effective against malaria parasite.  Don’t know how long protection lasts, but tests will begin.

Marcia: when news was first announced, had heard they were trying to decide if the beef was kosher.  

Milt Stevens in novel Space Merchants, they had Chicken Little, endlessly growing tissue.  

David Okamura observed PETA has a prize for the first to come up with it.

Glenn Olson: It was a concept that was brought about by several SF authors, including Robert Heinlein.

Tim Trzepacz: they’ve determined diet sodas increase risk of diabetes more than sugared, and don’t work.

CLJII: High fructose corn syrup is also bad for you.  So of the crap they make, sugar is the healthiest.  First vat meat was Dogpatch Ham.  You can slice off pieces, and by the next day it will have grown back.  

Jerry Pournelle: Fred Pohl’s space merchants the climax takes place in a room of chicken you slice pieces off of.  If you have enough energy, you can take anything and turn it into food, just as you can break down any pollutant.

Fannish Committee Reports



Joe Zeff: unintended consequences … if all the steers go into landfills isn’t methane a greenhouse gas?  

Marcia: time warner has dropped CBS and its affiliates.  She’s dropped TW and next Wednesday they get Direct TV.  

Eylat is also thinking of dropping TW TV.

Tim Trzepacz, 8/17 orange county mini maker fair at UC Irvine.

Fullerton is hacker potluck.

Matthew Tepper: WRT Tiff between TW and CBS, one of Jerry’s friends, Leo LaPorte, has said in the past that the real competition the networks face is services such as BitTorrent.  

Jerry Pournelle: If you want channel 2, it’s well under $100 to get an antenna and converter box.

Mike Thorson would like to take a moment to say kind, gentle, and complimentary things about EDD and all of the intelligent and conscientious people they employ.  But he can’t.  He made a mistake filling out a continued claim form in June.  Both cost him benefit for that week.  It also opened a can of worms that kept him from filling out a new claim form since then until all the mistakes are fixed.  Should be fixed sometime next month.

Hare: original purpose of cable -- first cable companies were repeaters of broadcast TV signal

Joe Zeff:  Marcia was making arrangements over the weekend.  But they’re overbooked so it will take a week or two to get service. Internet is through a DSL company.

Matthew Tepper: Aereo has been around for months.  Their solution is to have lots of button sized antennas located where they can puck up broadcast channels.  You’re not renting access to shows, but you’re renting an antenna.  This has held up in court.

Bill Ellern found a movie online made by Nat Geo, about DARPA.  They were testing a force wall because vehicles were being attacked with rocket launched grenades.  they have a scheme they tested where they fired a RPG at a vehicle and the grenade disappeared. they also had the new version of swim fins, 5X faster, and a method for an individual to shed heat in hot environments. And because swimmers are occasionally in ice water, how to keep them warm without a great expenditure of energy.

Jerry: that show they did about his daughter’s archaeology in Iraq is available if you know the title.

Allen: has sene image of show on Netflix.  It’s Nat Geo, and it’s called DARPA.

Gizmo: It’s curiosity’s birthday, and he has a DVD if any are interested in seeing.  (Program)

CLJII: discovery channel ran a feature on the capturing of megalodon.  After 2 hours, they ran a tiny disclaimer, “by the way megalodon is extinct and we made this up.”

After an appropriate motion, we adjourned at 9:25 or so.
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