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Meeting # 3964, August 01, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints David Okamura, Sean Cleary

In deference to one of the suggestions at the feedback session, we have an abbreviated set of menace.  Items read are highlighted in ochre.

President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3964 to order at a metric dozen minutes after 8.

The Menace from the previous meeting were read.  

Eylat requested that the horse activity be stricken from the Menace.

We then auctioned off the naming of the Menace. For $2.00, Peter named them “a moving moment”.

Patron Saint David Okamura was honored

Milt: he does good graphic thingies, models and other things used on LASFS displays in conventions.  He’s done moment of science, which I miss.

Nick Smith: He’s been incredibly generous to conventions and has created decorations for tables selling memberships.  Best are Worldcon displays he made.

Kay Shapero: He’s a notable filker and has written notable filks.

Tom Safer: I appreciate what you’ve done in the back, irrigating the lemon tree.

Scratch: We’re always better off when he’s here.

Matthew Tepper: appreciates David’s skills as gardener, and he and Marc Schirmeister take good care of plants.

Debra: He’s a nice guy, brings stuff for food table, and is missed when he’s not here.

Eylat: He also brings supplies we need around the clubhouse.

And we gave David Okamura three cheers and an origami rocket ship

Patron Saint Sean Cleary was honored

Nick Smith: he hasn’t been to tjhe club in years.  He’s been around fandom and in filk for years, and he has a “fannishly vague” personality. He has a way of coming up with ideas that are impractical but fun to consider.

Kay Shapero: He managed to create the first filking community on FAcebook.  He thought he was organizing his friends list.  He would do it by accident.

Scratch: He’s usually on pitch.

David Okamura: He’s a wonderful person and a great father to his two daughters. Wish he were around more often.

And we gave Sean Cleary three cheers and a teleport booth

David Okamura had a science report.

Remember Jurassic Park?  There’s a project to bring back something more recently extinct.  The passenger pigeon.  We do have preserved specimens, but they’ve been exposed to the elements for too long. And what would we hybridize the DNA with?  And how do you teach new passenger pigeons to act like old ones.  And it turns out there needs to be a minimum population size, below which the population crashes.  Their tactic was to overwhelm

Gray wolf reintroduction to Yellowstone has caused noticeable changes in ecosystem.  Elk herds are dropping, and overgrazed fauna (flora?) are coming back.

Scratch: sideline on laser pointers: Report on Egyptian unrest.  They had two images, one from helicopter to crowd, one from crowd to copter.  Copter was covered with laser pointer spots.

Matthew Tepper opined the last thing we need is more pigeons.  Michelle disagreed.

Registrar Michelle announced that we had no guests. But the Loscon liaison stopped by.

Committee Reports

CLJII: Last sunday is FWEMS.  2 PM, a day of comedy.  Swing Fever with kaye kaiser; The Importance of being Earnest; Have Rocket Will Travel with Three Stooges.

Michelle reported on August 7 event at Buena Vista branch library, Todd McCaffrey and John Goodwin sign “Dragonwriter”.  

Greg Bilan reported this Saturday, Kris Bauer shows Hugo nominated films, Hobbit, and a number of other films. Starts 1 PM.

Tom Safer announced TSPC  next will be 8/17, The Flight of Dragons, Rankin Bass film. The story of the war between logic and magic.

Debra Levin announced tomorrow night’s open house.  

Come one, come all.  Bring movies.

Drew Sanders will be here, so there will be hell to play

Eylat Poliner announced upcoming programs

08 Video night - Twilight Zone episodes written by club members.

15 Aldo Spadoni

22 big auction

29 karaoke and filking

No old, no new business


Doug Crepau asked about info on flight info for Worldcon.

Nick Smith announced the “Scare LA” Halloween event next week in downtown Los Angeles, convention for those putting on halloween events.

Eylat announced we’re having a feedback session, just like what they have at the end of a convention.  We need to bring in new members and fix problems with the club.


Nick Smith reviewed a new book, William Shakespeare Star Wars. A New Hope told in Shakespearean verse.  He manages to put R2D2 into iambic pentameter and make it work. Ian Doescher is the author.

Fannish Committee Reports

Doug Crepeau: a bit on cosmology: one theory dealing with expansion of space was belief that from big bang, expansion was uniform.  Latest study shows a very dense spot somewhere and they can’t explain why.

Hare Hobbs got another letter from UCLA.  He’s still a guinea pig.  The experiments continue.  New doctor’s name looks asian and female.

David Okamura: When NASA retired shuttles, they were dispersed throughout the country.  Houston got none. Houston now has a shuttle of its own. Galileo.

Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park closed down some years ago.  A company has re-opened it today.  There are two exhibits - a collection of Titanic artifacts, other is plasticized human bodies.

David comes here for his MDR of wackiness.

Stopped at Kid Craft in Studio City. They have building supplies and dollhouse supplies. Looks at because involved in miniatures. Saw a miniature electric chair. $34. Do buyers charge it?

Glenn Olson: Fannish committee report because of fond connection with blood donation: today he got a nice letter thanking for his most recent donation, and letting him know his donation was sent to San Antonio to help people there.

Doug Crepeau: lives a couple of blocks from Chinese Theater, next to Mme Toussaud's museum . They will have an exhibit on Bollywood.


Ben has been accepted into Cleveland High School's magnet program

Eylat: Mark has a job and started monday.

Marcia got on Dean's list again.

Glenn Olson is now a background actor

Selina got to talk to fans at Comicon.  A lot showed an interest in LASFS and Loscon.

Karl: donating mead to Big Auction next fortnight.

Eylat: Rosie Duran McKillip slipped and fell while washing her car, and broke her leg very thoroughly.  May take 2 years for full recovery.

A card was produced for people to sign.

Tom Safer: It pays to advertise.  For the last few months, John Christopher has include TSPC in his periodical.  Lots of people showed up.

Matthew Tepper moved we adjourn.  We adjourned at 9:18 or so.

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