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Meeting # 3963, July 25, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Ed Green and Tom Safer

President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3963 to order at a metric dozen minutes after 8.

The Menace from the previous meeting were read.  

Eylat had a question.

Do we continue to auction off menace?

We had an auction to decide.

Jerry Pournelle won for $3.50 and decided yes!

The Menace were auctioned off as “Tom and Bugs we hardly knew ye.”

No old business, no new


Registrar Michelle had two items.

Marketing committee announced new bookmarks.

And we had two guests.  Charles Turnbow, and Edith Dagoy.

Committee Reports

CLJII: This Saturday we have the memorial event for Ray Harryhausen.

Saturday at about 2 PM, double feature begins at 6:30 or so.

Coordinate any potluck items with Eylat.

Tom Safer announced TSPC  next will be 8/17, The Flight of Dragons, Rankin Bass film. The story of the war between logic and magic. And tonight, you’ll see a lot of bugs bunny.

Marcia Minsky thanked Elayne Pelz for her work

Karl Lembke had a science report.  Kepler overcomes a challenge, and Pandoravirus.

Christian ran an auction.

Michelle thanked Sarah Clemens for the art, and Joyce for getting Sarah to donate art.

Thanks to Michael Bloom, and board for approving budget.

Patron Saint Tom Safer

Joe Zeff: he shows excellent cartoon programs and he’s good at taking requests.

Anna Safer: “My wonderful wonderful husband- he has taken care of me since I’ve gone blind and he’s always been there for me and I Iove him”

Debra: Tom is one of the nicest people I’ve ever known.  He takes care of Anna, he takes care of his friends, and gives good hugs.

Scratch:  For a man who has a nonexistent wife, he’s very good at throwing his voice.

Glenn Olson: he has a well hidden but wonderful singing voice.  He sings in three choruses.

Jerry Pournelle: He sings pretty good, too.

Matthew: Ditto, he has sung with Tom in several choruses.  He’s a good musician and he’s up for challenges. He helps out in all kinds of ways and is a friend.

Eylat: Known him for almost 30 years.  He’s my fannish brother. He is the uncle of her daughter and she loves him dearly.

Mile Thorson: He’s also a sacred object.  He’s the sacred video projector.  Still dithering over his $3K choice.

Eylat: Tom just donated a dual VCR/DVD player to the club.

Anna: There is birthday cake in the back.

Michelle suggested we cheer him with bricka bracka fire cracker sis boom bah, bugs bunny bugs bunny rah rah rah.

And we gave Tom Safer three cheers and a 24 carat carrot

Patron Saint Ed Green

Hare: For years Ed was in the National Guard, and would help deal with earthquake damage after the quakes.

Scratch: one thing he did in the army was work with a drug sniffing dog.  a little one.

Matthew Tepper: Ed’s contributions to this club, to loscon, to fandom are incalculable. His skills at organization and leadership are beyond reproach.  “He’s a fine fellow and I miss him dearly.”

He’s pursuing his acting career, and getting more roles and appearances.

Tom Safer: He was the one who started up TSPC.

Mike Thorson: Ed stars in at least two videos: virtual masquerade, playing head of special forces, and the Gift Exchange video.

Glenn Olson has fond memories of Sgt Green.  His last assignment was in intelligence. The major assumption was that when he was there, the club was being bugged.  He misses the G R E E N.

Once, he, Ed, and Todd McCaffrey were on a panel giving advice of what to do if there was a nuke strike in LA.  

Zeff:  So no one walks away with the wrong impression, Ed did not throw Michael Mason through the door.  He had a stage hand open the door for him.

At one point when Ed was president, he would put the nuclear football on the table.  One time, Zeff put the thing on the lights over him in plain sight.  After a month, he realized it was missing and asked if anyone had seen it. It was still right over his head in plain sight.

Joan: Ed’s been her roommate for several years now, and he’s doing quite well and his acting career’s doing well.  He did a video with Rhianna where she was wearing a dominatrix outfit. “We’ve just lived some people’s fantasies.”

Jerry Pournelle: Ed Green could organize anything. When Kelly Freas died, Laura didn’t know what to do, so she called him.  Ed organized a Jewish funeral, which worked quite well, complete with complexities.

Len Wien is a friend of his, and after it occurred, Ed was on site getting the numbers for insurance and other info, so Len now calls him the Administrator.

And we gave Ed Green three cheers and a G R E E N

Programming for August 1 is LASFS Feedback. If you have something negative, try to put it in a way we can do something about it.

15 Aldo Spadoni

22 auction

29 karaoke

Mark Poliner had a food report

BBC reports a woman was denied service at a drive-through while riding her horse. She rode the horse into the restaurant and let it do its mc flurry on the floor.

Taco bell is creating a smothered burrito to replace the enchurrito, which is too messy.

Carls Jr is going to introduce their hand scooped pop tart ice cream sandwiches nationally

With a cry of “thank god!” the food report was declared over.

We have a donation.  From Ashia Foundation publishing co, will be donating 350 books to Loscon.  And Random House will be donating books, too


Michelle: Stars Network is having a show, Black Sails, a pirate show that did its research. Good, but adult. 18+

Milt watched 1924 Thief of Baghdad, cost $2 million to make.  Sets are interesting, and only time he recalls in a movie an ape that was not a guy in a suit.  It’s a fun movie.

Tom Safer: TSPC screened Mr Popper’s Penguins.  Rent it.  It’s fun.  It’s a clever comedy, and qualifies as animation because the penguins are CGI.

Frank Waller: Despicable Me 2: Enjoyed.  It was a level up from the last movie, and had a plot. now the minions have toys.

Fannish Committee Reports

Doug Crepeau caught a picture on the internet, a cop in Germany who pulled over an unusual vehicle -- a topless BMW that had been turned into a swimming pool.  The driver was sitting in water driving it.  When stopped, they jumped out and ran.  One came back to get his clothes.

Cops were confused because they weren’t sure if the drunk guy was the driver.

What is the German for carpooling?

Joe Zeff:  people who don’t pay attention to what they’re asking: question was yes or no.  With instruction to select as many options as were appropriate.

Jerry Pournelle: everyone knows In-N-Out has secret menus.  Even though McDonalds had the opportunity, they don’t have a secret menu for horse leavings.


Debra: reminder, Friday nights have open house and gaming, conversation, videos for alcove, etc. Show up.

Mike thorson: it seems the class action suit against B of A has ended.  Insurance was supposed to pay credit payments if you became unemployed. Mike got a check for $40.62.

Scratch:  All heard of someone stating they’ll dance on grave after dead.  Scratch saw a woman actually dancing on her former husband’s grave.

Karl Lembke brought the Parking Petition for more signatures.

Tom Safer: something from  Doesn’t someone know it’s not polite to point.  Someone took a laser pointer and pointed it at the sky.  A helicopter was in the way.  He was arrested and sentenced to 30 months in the klink.

Frank Waller: went to medical office OVMC and got an eye test.  He passed.  Then his eyes were dilated.  Better that than die soon, I guess.

Marcia Minsky made her usual announcement.  Clean up after yourselves, and put your chairs away.

Matthew Tepper moved we adjourn.  We adjourned at 9:18 or so.

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