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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3962, July 18, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Doug Abe

“I’m not going to do the pinky joke.” Swinging the gavel from her humerus, President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3962 to order at a dozen minutes after 8.

The Menace from the previous meeting were read. The Menace were approved as corrected.


Marty Cantor announced the paper copies of De Prof will be available next week.

Patron Saint Bill Curry

Mark Poliner: in the mid 80s and 90s, he always brought in good books to give away.  His trademark is his knit cap.

Matthew Tepper: Bill’s LASFS activity goes back to the 70s where he was a smiling and cheerful presence at the meetings, with a big laugh for things that were funny, and some that weren’t.  Although his health hasn’t been the best, it’s still good to see him

Zeff: when he was selling books, rather than organize by time, author, or whatever, they were arranged at random, and priced according to a formula Bill never divulged.  And he never went postal.

Mike Thorson: In 2005 when he was in hospital, he received a get well card from Bill Curry.  His hand shook so much during the writing, it took Mike 3 hours to read it.

Jerry Pournelle: He’s meticulously collected everything Jerry ever wrote, and presented it for autographs.  

And we gave Bill Curry three cheers and an ice cream shop named after him.

Registrar pro tem Debra Levin announced a lack of guests.

We have no old business

We have new business

Moved:  That the LASFS add the following to the Standing Rules as Number 20 and renumber the rest of them appropriately.

“There is zero tolerance for illegal drugs, and such items on the property shall at all times be banned.”

There was some discussion. After the discussion, the question was called and voted down.

Committee Reports

CLJII announced: On 7/27 in this very building, we have the LASFS official memorial event in honor of Ray Harryhausen. Start time is 2 PM.  It’s a potluck, if you’re interested in bringing a snack, coordinate with Eylat. We will have speakers, trailers, and a double feature of his films, Earth vs the Flying Saucers and Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, starting at 6:30

On the last Sunday of August, FWEMS theme is Comedy Tonight.

Tom Safer:

7/20, TSPC screens a non-animated film, Mr Popper’s Penguins with Jim Carrey

7/25, a special Bugs Bunny show for his saints’ day.  He’s also taking requests.

We will have air conditioning in the social area as of tomorrow.  donate money.

We have a new food guru, Mark Poliner, to bring back the food reviews.

New from Stone Brewing co, a collaboration by Stone, Wil Wheaton, and founder Drew Curtis. It’s called Stone Fark Wheaton Woot Stout.

And a picture of despicable me minions made from twinkies and cupcakes.

Third item, at a restaurant for lunch -- the Buchanan arms on Burbank blvd in Burbank.  Nice beers, nice selection of british and american foods. The deli special was cod cooked in a lemon butter sauce with shrimp, mushrooms

2013 west burbank blvd in Burbank.

Karl Lembke offered a science report.  

The burning question: if the sun went dark, how long could life on earth last?

Detection of megastructures around stars with exoplanet systems

And finally, the Sabre engine as a possible way to open up space.

The last item provoked a Sage Break by Jerry Pournelle, explaining why he’s willing to cover any bets that Sabre will be successful.

8/1: LASFS feedback session.


Eric Hoffman reviewed something from Despicable Me 2.  Found something on Facebook and followed it to You Tube.  Steve Corel who does the voice of Groo showed up someplace in full make-up and character and scared a bunch of people. Check it out on Facebook.  

Mark Poliner reviewed the netflix Orange is the New Black.  It’s about a woman who had a lesbian relationship ten years ago and was duped into trafficking drug money.  Ten years later, convicted and thrown into prison.  Takes place in Federal pen.  It has a has a high Buchman rating.  Her lesbian lover is in the same prison.

Jerry Pournelle has seen two episodes of Under the Dome.  He’ll watch the third episode, but don’t spend much time looking for it.

Eric Hoffman reviewed Jinnah -- a film about the founder of Pakistan.  It starts the year he died, and he’s in their equivalent of heaven. It’s quite interesting.

Milt Stevens -- Oblivion.  It followed the old adage, it’s sci fi and doesn’t have to make sense. It looks nice, but doesn’t make sense.

Mike Thorson had questions about under the dome.  does it project under the town?  Yes.  What do they do to dump heat?

Scratch reviewed a reality tv show -- naked and afraid.  Naked and afraid on a tropical island. Doug Crepeau added it seems to be the most effective diet program around.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff had another case of people setting up survey questions and not thinking them through.  Recently, more than one poll start with classification questions -- what state do you reside in, what county?  List includes every county in state, and decline to state, and “not sure”.

Eylat forgot to make an announcement for august programming.  

August 1 is feedback session

8th is video night, twilight zone with authors who are members of the club

15th Aldo Spadoni

22nd Big Auction

29th Karaoke filking and worldcon non-attendance

Eylat still has a job, and it wasn’t threatened this week.  

And … one of the guys had to evacuate from the big fire.  He had to go back to retrieve his teeth.


Tom Safer had a photo of his imaginary wife.  Anna Safer was with the Boy Scouts, helping teach them how to help the handicapped.

Marcia Minsky announced Saturday is national lollipop day, and Sees Candy is giving away free lollypops.

Eylat says her husband needs to be employed or his cooking will turn her into the Goodyear blimp.

Hare hobbs managed to get his misc in.  He’s a guinea pig at UCLA and found out that the head of the whole program is leaving.  We don’t know if anyone’s taking over, so his experiment is up in teh air for the moment.

It was moved that we adjourn.  We adjourned at 9:30 or so.

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