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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3961, July 11, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Doug Abe

With a query of “think anyone will listen if I bang this thing?” President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3961 to order at a metric dozen minutes after 8.

The Menace from the previous meeting were read.  Hearing only one correction, the Menace were deemed approved.

Tom Safer announced a passing.  The person who invented the game of Twister has died at the age of 82.

Patron Saint Marc Schirmeister

CLJII bears a message from the victim.  He was unable to be here due to a death in his family.  Thanks to everyone saying nice things about him and curses to all who say nasty things about him.

Scratch: He has a drawing style that’s popped up in a number of places, including magazines and movies.

MaryAnn finds his drawing very impressive.  I’ve seen him walk up to the white board with a marker and all of a sudden there’s a smiling friendly dragon on the board.

Matthew Tepper: When he burst on the scene, he, Glyer, and Elst Weinstein all agreed his work was terrific, and this was 40 years ago.  

Marty Cantor: He doesn’t do dragons, he does dinosaurs.  He’s my favorite fan artist.

Hare:  He also designed a float for the Rose Parade, (South Pasadena).  He’s one of two people in fandom who have managed to do that.

Gene Turnbow:  Marc also has a remarkable speaking voice and was terrific in the role of the chief engineer.

CLJII:  Float was for city of South Pasadena, going to the Mooooovies, featuring a family of ungulants in a flivver heading off to the movies.  He has tried to be nominated for best fan artist several times, but we’ve never gotten enough votes to get him on the ballot.  He ought to get the nomination, because he deserves it.

Sue Fox: He illustrated my one and only fiction sale, so he’ll always be precious in her sight.

And we gave Marc Schirmeister three cheers and a Hugo nomination.


Get your ballots!

Registrar Michelle Pincus announced we have a guest.

Last thursday, Todd P Whitesel showed up after the meeting was over.

This Thursday we have Sadie DeStefano, who found us on Yelp.

We have some old business -- Filling the vacancy on the Board

Nominated were

Gavin Claypool     *winner*

MaryAnn Canfield   

One more item was raised.  Discussion of duties of Vice President

add responsible for opening and closing clubhouse on Friday nights

Responsible for clean-up on Friday nights

opening clubhouse for groups on events

CLJII:  As read, very clumsy. Also specifying friday nights in rules is overkill.  This is tradition, not a rule.

Zeff; Seeing that club was opened at appropriate time was part of the duties.

Milt: aren’t we paying for cleaning?  Marcia: we have another group that comes in before the cleaner does his thing.

This will be tabled for adjustment and brought up at a special meeting.

Michelle had an emergency interrupt.  

Guest Dan Holmes is here, heard about us from a roommate.

We have no new business

Committee Reports

Tom Safer:

7/20, TSPC screens a non-animated film, Mr Popper’s Penguins with Jim Carrey

7/25, a special Bugs Bunny show for his saints’ day.  He’s also taking requests.

CLJII announced:  On 7/27 in this very building, we have the LASFS official memorial event in honor of Ray Harryhausen.  We will have speakers, trailers, and a double feature of his films, Earth vs the Flying Saucers and Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, starting at 6:30

On the last Sunday of August, FWEMS theme is Comedy Tonight.

There is no committee to gouge tonight. We have programs for the rest of July

18th, Big auction

25th, TSP Bugs Bunny

8/1: LASFS feedback session.


Milt Stevens reviewed Westercon. It went fairly well, 760 warm bodies, 860 total members, better than in recent years.  It picked up its catch phrase in a strange way.  Friday night, the hotel lost all power and the emergency lighting didn’t work.  

It turned into a bit of a rave as fans discovered how many things they had that made light.

There were concerts, there was a dance recital, and Milt got several compliments on his participation in some of these.  

Scott reviewed Westercon.  When the power went out, the lights didn’t work, but the intercom did, so the hotel woke him up to tell him the power was off.  

Larry Niven: Fate of Worlds, fifth and last, is out in paperback.

Scratch: Last weekend was tagged to babysit 11 teenagers who wanted to see movies.  Got there when the place opened, and staggered out when it closed.  Father running birthday bash bought tickets for everything they wanted to see, plus popcorn, drink, hot dogs, and stuff.  Scratch asked what was budget for weekend?  $7000.  

CLJII, invisible in the corner, X the unknown. He did notice some of the things Bill Warren complained about, in particular, the monster is known to move in a straight line

from its hole to its destination, but changes course once.  It ran into an electrical line.

It's very like Quatermass. It's an entertaining film, and worth the time to watch it.  

It is from before Hammer films have a Buchman rating.

Eylat reviewed the wedding on June 30.  A certain outgoing president and a new Vice President tied the knot.  (Matthew Tepper and Debra Levin) It was a wonderful wedding.

CLJII:  Marcia channeled the spirit of Allan Rothstein by getting stuff exactly correct.

Joe Zeff:  Anyone parked on Aetna needs to move their car.

Fannish Committee Reports

Tom Safer reported on the first cancellation of sports event due to volcanic eruption.  Ventura County Fusion cancelled a soccer match due to the eruption of a volcano. Due to eruption and ash cloud, flights were cancelled.

Gavin Claypool: As part of Bugs Bunny at the Bowl, they premiered two new Warner Bros cartoons, one Tweety and one Roadrunner. The Tweety and Sylvester film features work of Mel Blanc.

Karl: Science Report -- Scientists have discovered the true color of an extrasolar planet.

HD 189733b, by spectrometry.  Taking the spectrum of light from the star when the planet is visible from Earth, and subtracting the spectrum when the planet is known to be behind the star, the difference is the contribution from the planet itself.  It’s a deep azure blue.

On Earth, this color is due to the planet’s oceans and scattering due to oxygen and nitrogen in the air. Because of the temperature, about 1000°C, the blue color of HD 189733b is due to the presence of “raindrops” of molten glass which scatter blue light.

Moral of the story:  Just because a planet’s blue, you may not want to land on it.

Hare Hobbs: There's a group that claims to know what causes autism.  Both mother's and child's diet are considered to be at fault.


Darnell is on the first episode of Castle next season.

Marcia Minsky made her usual announcement.  Clean up after yourselves, and put your chairs away.

Tom Safer moved we adjourn.  We adjourned at 9:10 or so.

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