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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3959, June 27, 2013

Matthew Tepper, presiding,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Alan Frisbie

Lame Duck President Matthew Tepper called  meeting #3959 to order at a metric dozen minutes after 8.

The Menace from the previous meeting were read and accepted as “Your Last Meeting as President”, and Anna Safer paid the  sum of $1 to so name them.


Because we have a program and it’s starting early, we are moving stuff along quickly.

We have passings.

Marty Cantor: A fan who was rumored to have passed, Steve Loeb, lawyer and board gamer, and very nice person, has passed. He died in his home last January or February.  Reports of his moving to Vegas have been greatly exaggerated.  He had atherosclerotic cardiac disease.

A mysterious uncle claimed the body.  

Matthew Tepper announces the passing of Richard Matheson, author of many stories that went to screen, with varying success.  He also wrote a number of episodes of The Twilight Zone.

We have no old business

We have no new business

Committee Reports

Registrar Michelle introduced Laurel Kemmerer, brought by Mike Workman.

7/27: we have the LASFS official memorial event in honor of Ray Harryhausen.  We will have speakers, trailers, and a double feature of his films, Earth vs the Flying Saucers and Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.

The clubhouse will be closed on June 30 for a private event, and June 29 for set-up.

Tom Safer:

July programs, 7/6 has an all-day screening, Captain America and Thor, both 2011 films, along with the 1966 animated counterparts. Mighty Marvel Comics Series shows.

7/20, TSPC screens a non-animated film, Mr Popper’s Penguins with Jim Carey

7/25, a special Bugs Bunny show for his saints’ day.

And offsite we have:

Saturday August 10 2:00pm, Sun Valley Library, 7935 Vineland Ave. Sun Valley

Program: Ratatouille (2007)

Saturday August 17, 2:00pm, Hollywood Library 1623 N. Ivar Ave. Hollywood

Program: Doctor Dolittle (1968)

Saturday August 24, 2:00pm, Palms-Rancho Park Library, 2920 Overland Ave. Los Angeles

Program: A Tribute to Stan Freberg

Eric Hoffman: Tonight, Attack of the 50 foot trailers part II.

There is one item for auction.  

This Sunday is an antiques swap meet, South Topanga Mall, S/W corner by Erwin and Topanga.  This is not a random garage sale, it’s a very high class antique garage sale.

Patron Saint Alan Frisbie

Matthew: He’s been a good member and true since the 70s.  He’s from CalTech.  His business card once said “Alan E Frisbie, thaumaturgist”.

CLJII: “Flash” at one point purchased a home high on a hillside with a beautiful view of Atwater Village, Glendale, and Eagle Rock, and purchased the property just downhill so no one could build to obstruct it.

Joe Zeff: Once when he was Scribe, Alan was being disruptive and was asked to leave the meeting.  Later, the president had to call him back in for his three SAINTS Night cheers.

Matthew Tepper: He’s one of our Human Wallets. This is a tradition being kept up by various good fans and true.

And we gave Alan Frisbie three cheers and a Sacred Flying Disc.


Milt Stevens finally read a book he’d been meaning to read for four decades.  “Last and First Men” by Olaf Stapledon, covering two billion years of history and 18 species of humanoid. It was interesting in a number of ways.  Some stuff out of date, some quaint, some quite funny, and some eerily on target.

Mark Bondurant sold his first paid story.

Fannish Committee Reports



Doug Crepeau: back in WWII.  Used to say, there are old pilots and bold pilots but there are no old, bold pilots.  His uncle who died just now died at 91 was a genuine old, bold pilot.

Matthew thanked Doug’s uncle for his service.  Uncle’s name was bob Roth.

Christian announced Remastered print of A Touch of Evil 5 PM, Aero Theater, Santa Monica.

Milt misced about a SF exhibition at CSUN, going since September, ends end of July.  Second floor display area of library.

Matthew Tepper thanked all the procedural officers who helped him this term and threatened he’d see us all again some time.

Marcia offered her usual comment and Milt Stevens moved to adjourn.

We adjourned at 8:50 or so.

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