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Hello, Sylvia:

It is good to again be reading words from you.

If you want to keep in touch with fans, both the weekly APA-L and the monthly LASFAPA are still being pubbed, and they are a dandy way of keeping written conversations going with people you know and like.

And, unlike when you were in this area, contributing to both APAs, especially from those living a distance from the club, is easier than ever. I have a fine colour laser printer; so, sending me zines as e-mail attachments gets them printed right away with no postal delay. (And I charge my cost of toner, so it is cheaper than commercial printing and the only postage charges are for the collated disty sent to you.)

I am running both APAs so I can handle agenting for both of them.

Contact me at martyhoohah (at) sbcglobal (dot) net for any further information. Or just to yak back and forth. (Or, back and threeth if you do not have that much to day...)

Marty Cantor



Hello, Sylvia. It is good to be reading words from you, again.
One way of stay8ing in contact with fans is through the APAs, and both the weekly APA-L and monthly LASFAPA are still going. Indeed, not only are they continuing to pub on schedule, but contributing to them is easier than ever before. I have a top-notch HP colour laser printer at home and I print most of the zines collated in both APAs. All you need do is send me a zine via an e-mail attachment and it appears in the next disty of whichever APA to which you are contributing.
Just contact me at martyhoohah (at) sbcglobal (dot) net and I will let you know the details about setting up a printing/mailing account and anything else you need to know about contributing to the APAs. (Yes, I run both of them.)
Take care of yourself ...
Marty Cantor
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