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Hello, LASFSians!

For those who do not remember me, I'm Sylvia Stevens, former LASFS attendee (still a member, Death Will Not release You) and Punstress Extraordinaire. A Legend in my own mind.

For those who DO remember me... I'm sure you can all get refills on your old prescriptions if you kept a labeled container.


Yes, it's sylvia. Contessa. And yes,  I'm STILL marooned in Santa Fe. I have no friends. CERTAINLY no fannish friends. There are NO SF fans, events, clubs, themes, conventions, parties, neckties, stained glass windows in Santa Fe despite its initials. does NOT work because when I search on ANYthing... ANY kind of meetup... I'm shown Albuquerque. Sixty miles distant. NOT walking distance for me any more.


So I am hoping to re-connect, remotely, with y'all.


More later when it is NOT tiddling down snow and there's three inches of black ice on everything. I'm cold, I'm lonely and worst of all. I'm trapped in MUNDANE!!


TALK to meeeee!


Last Updated ( Sunday, 24 February 2013 )
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