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Board Members in attendance: Karl Lembke, Mike Thorsen, Michelle Pincus, Marcia Minsky, Rob Powell, Marty Cantor, Christian McGuire, Eylat Poliner, Elayne Pelz, Warren "Whisky" Johnson, and Arlene Satin.

Members and Guests: Greg Bilan, Joyce Sperling, Michael Pell, Nick Smith, Milt Stevens, Joe Zeff, Matthew W. Tepper, Frank Waller, Lee Gold, Barry Gold, June Moffatt, Barbara Harmon, David Okamura, Jeni Burr, Tim Trzepacz, Tony Benoun, Sherry Benoun, Rosie Duran-McKellip.

Called to order: The meeting was called to order at 11:09 am. Chairman (Karl Lembke): The Chairman welcomed us to the first meeting of Lucky 13. He gave an Official Welcome to Michelle Pincus and thanks to Bill Ellern. Board Officers: The following people were elected to the indicated Board offices: Chairman, Karl Lembke: Vice-Chairman, Christian McGuire: Secretary, Marty Cantor: Comptroller, Michelle Pincus.

Minutes: The minutes of the Meeting of December 9, 2012, were accepted as presented.

New Members: There were applications for membership in the Society presented to the Board: John P. Reidy and David L. Bassani. Both were accepted.

Treasurer: LASFS does not have a whole lot of money so you can't spend it. Property taxes are due this month.

30 Second Reports:

Chairman (Karl Lembke): No report.

Vice Chairman (Christian McGuire): No report.

Secretary (Marty Cantor): No report.

Publications (Marty Cantor): No report.

Comptroller (Michelle Pincus): No report.

Quartermaster/Supplies (Mike Thorsen):Soda units sold: 24,357 units to date, 203 units this period. Soda money: $19,043.25 to date, $210.00 for this period. Cleaning supplies were purchased, as were paper towels and instant coffee. There was a discussion about people leaving the propane tanks on. Mike Thorsen proposed that he be the only person to turn on and off the propane tanks.

Library (Warren "Whisky" Johnson): We have sent 16 boxes of books to the University of Georgia. We have an issue with our library computer but we can take care of it after the meeting.

Archives (Marcia Minsky): There was a request to use photos of Ray Bradbury. Marcia is looking into helping with the request. Debra Levin is helping with this. The Board gave permission to take anything off our web site as long as credit is given. // Milt Stevens contributed a package of CDs which need to be scanned.

Physical Plant (Elayne Pelz): We can't afford to do anything.

AV Equipment (Rob Powell): Rob has not received any messages about problems.

Events (Eylat Poliner): The Grilled Cheese Throwdown will be today. // I would like to redo the Chili Cookoff and would like to have another Mah Jongg Tournament and I need ideas for other events. The holding of a Chili Cookoff and a Mah Jongg Tournament were Moved, Seconded, and Passed. //LOSCON 39 — does not have final numbers yet because of problems with hotel billing. // LOSCON 40 has no news. // LOSCONs of the future: Club President should start reminding people that Feb. 10 board meeting is when presentations to the board must be made. // Karl mentioned that we could get a rebate of $1 per room night from the Marriott for every LOSCON room reserved through Good Shop, a nice addition to our funds This can be done by putting a link on our web site. Indeed, we should check to see if Gallifrey and Anime L.A. will put links on their web sites, too.

Fund-raising and Recruitment (Arlene Satin): (Arlene was welcomed back.) She is working on a project, a lecture series. This will be bringing back various people (like writers) who have been here before.

(Significant Others)

Marketing Committee (Arlene Satin): Arlene thanked Michelle for handling things while Arlene was ill. Michelle thanked Shawn Crosby for help in the various things on which she has been working. // Michelle is also working with the Pasadena Library on some programme items.

Club President (Matthew B. Tepper): Everything is ducky. Discussed possibly moving a club meeting vote for LOSCON 41 because of Galley One problem. It was pointed out to Matthew that there has always been a conflict with Gallifrey. We have moved the voting only once and it was decided that we would keep the vote at its scheduled time.

WEB MASTER (Barry Gold): Not much happening, just some new changes like listing the new officers.

Agenda Items:

        Financial Statement/Budget: Elayne guided us through our proposed budget. // There was a discussion about possibly raising club dues. This discussion also included a discussion about using members to help on club projects and to present the club to outside organizations. Elayne moved that we draft a motion for the members to pass. This increased dues proposal will be presented to the board next month and the club in April. This was seconded and passed with two abstentions. // The Budget was Moved, Seconded, and Passed to passing the budget for 2013 as currently proposed with one abstention. We have a budget.

        M4K — 4000th meeting celebration: It will cost money to attend. This will be in 2014 and will be a "Showcase" type of event. Christian asked Eylat to get more information as he believes that Charlie does not know how much more work it will take to pull off than Charlie believes. Moved to table until Eylat talks to Charlie. A motion to do this was Seconded and Passed.

        Online membership? There was a general discussion but this was considered too early to hold it. Tim had a lot of experience in this area and gave us information about what he knew. This was tabled.

        Minors and liability issues: There have been some violations of the LASFS Code of Conduct. Also, there has been some problems with kids underfoot during truck loading. Elayne says the President should remind the members that the club does not supervise kids and that parents who bring kids to the club remain responsible for them. Eylat proposed that kids too young to contribute to the work not be allowed on the premises during any work parties at the LASFS. This was Moved, Seconded, and Passed with one abstention. (Secretary to send this wording to the web site.) // It was also mentioned that the event-runner and/or keyholder is responsible to take care of behavior problems of attendees.

There was an extended discussion about problems in the computer room. A major problem is noise made by kids playing computer games. It was pointed out that members who are bothered by noisy kids should approach the parents to get the kids to be quiet. If the parents do nothing then a club officer should be approached to get the parents to make the kids behave as it is always the responsibility of the parents to control their kids as the LASFS is not a baby-sitting service.

The Gold's made the appropriate payment and became lifetime members.


Arlene announced that she will need another surgery but that this one should not have as much recovery time as the one she just went through.

Ed Hooper's first meeting of his group was here. The group was looking for a place which they could afford so they are not interested in our facility right now. They liked the facility.

Our next meeting will be February 10, 2013.

Take-Aways: Elayne and Christian will write up a proposal to increase dues and eliminate lifetime dues and related items.

Taken Away from previous meetings:

Adjournment: The Board adjourned its meeting at 12:59 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marty Cantor, Board Secretary

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