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Board Members in attendance: Karl Lembke, Mike Thorsen, Bill Ellern, Marcia Minsky, Rob Powell, Marty Cantor, Christian McGuire, Arlene Satin, Eylat Poliner, Elayne Pelz, and Rob Powell. Warren "Whiskey" Johnson had an excused absence.
Members and Guests: Greg Bilan, June Moffatt, Matthew B. Tepper, Lee Gold, Barry Gold, Michael Pell, Joyce Sperling, Michelle Pincus, Nick Smith, Jim Busby, Jeni Burr, Tim Trzepacz, Tony Benoun, Sherri Benoun, Tom Safer, Ed Hooper, Heide Nichols, Joe Zeff.

Called to order: The meeting was called to order at 11:06 am.

Minutes: The minutes of the Meeting of September 2012, were accepted, with one abstention, as presented.

New Members: There were no applications for membership in the Society presented to the Board.

Treasurer: See the treasurer for the report.

30 Second Reports:

Chairman (Karl Lembke): No report.

Vice Chairman (Christian McGuire): No vicing this time.

Secretary (Marty Cantor): No report.

Publications (Marty Cantor): No report.

Comptroller (Bill Ellern): No report.

Quartermaster/Supplies (Mike Thorsen): Soda units sold: 23,879 units to date, 513 units this period. Soda money: $18,562.25 to date, $513.00 for this period. Purchased paper towels, propane, and sundry other amenities.

Library (Warren "Whiskey" Johnson): Elayne: Nothing new.

Archives (Marcia Minsky): Marcia did not archive the chili from the chili cook-off but there is some in the fridge.

Physical Plant (Elayne Pelz): Electrician says our electricity is now legal. Thermostat will be replaced. We had a discussion about our high electricity bill and what options we had in making our bill lower. It was pointed out that if we came into the building early and the air conditioner was on, we should turn it off.
AV Equipment (Rob Powell): On-going issue with some of Charlie Jackson"s stuff.

Events (Eylat Poliner): Chili cook-off was a big success. And the clubhouse was rented for a day in December. Eylat thanked everybody who brought chili. It was pointed out that more people than usual showed up on this Second Sunday and we collected a more than usual amount of dues. It was also pointed out that the judges were quite close in their judging of the individual entries. // There is a proposal for a grilled cheese throwdown. It was moved, seconded, and passed that we hold this affair on the second Sunday of December. This was passed with two abstentions. // LOSCON 39 (Christian): Membership is over 500 but room nights for the third week in a row are heavier than usual for this early. There is group -- Living Social -- will be getting a deal for some free promotions to their members. There was discussion about this group and how giving them this discount will help LOSCON and LASFS. Possible changes to LOSCON to advertise the club were discussed. Various discounts were discussed.

Fund-raising and Recruitment (Arlene Satin): On hiatus until after her wedding. Several things are on-temporary hold. There was also a discussion of having (and manning) tables advertising LOSCON and the club at various functions.

(Significant Others)

Marketing Committee (Arlene Satin): Reported on Slice of Sci-Fi TV. They are now on-line with interviews with several club members.

Club President (Matthew B. Tepper): No report.

WEB MASTER (Barry Gold): It is very quiet on the web front.

Open Forum:

Agenda Items:

Possibly using the club as a polling place. Money is paid for this. This was discussed. It was moved, seconded, and passed (with one abstention) that Karl and Eylat investigate this.

When is a calendar for a given year available for scheduling? When the physical calendar is available in December. There was a discussion about possibly putting preliminary items in our on-line calendar.

Arlene reminded people that we will be voting for Board Members in November. Procedural elections are in December. Karl Lembke, Marty Cantor, Mike Thorsen, Marcia Minsky are those whose terms are expiring at the end of 2012.

Our next meeting will be November 11, 2012.

The Board moved into a closed session.


Eylat and Karl will investigate using the building for voting purposes.

Elayne will take care of the thermostat.

Rob will put a handle on Monstro"s door.

Taken Away from previous meetings:

Adjournment: The Board adjourned its meeting at 12:57 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marty Cantor, Board Secretary

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