Since 2005, Slice of SciFi has been broadcasting over terrestrial airwaves, and on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.  They recently made to move from radio to TV and you can watch them on YouTube, Blip, Roku, or Boxee — as well as via Justin.TV, where you can still watch Slice of SciFi unfold LIVE!

On Wednesday, September 19th at 7pm Slice of SciFi TV came to the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society.  The LASFS Scribe Elizabeth "Liz" Carlie, Loscon 39 Chairman, Christian B. McGuire and LASFS Marketing and Outreach Chairperson, Arlene Satin were interviewed by Host Zoe Hewitt for this new TV program.  Many things about the LASFS were discussed including a bit of our history, our fabulous privately owned genre lending library and Loscon 39.

Please check out the interviews and we hope you enjoy the show.
Slice of ScFi Inside LASFS
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 October 2012 )
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