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The Life and Death of a Satellite

by Alfred Bester

Little Brown, 1966, hc, 239 pp


Recognize the title?  I didn't, and I found it on my own bookshelf.  Apparently I picked this up in a library book sale awhile back and forgot I had it.  


It's nonfiction, reportage on a satellite launched, and a portrait of NASA in the era before it landed Apollo 11 on the Moon.  It's well-written, of course, and I can't help but think that old Alfie had half a mind to make some cash writing pop science books like his friend Isaac Asimo.  It's fun, it's easy, why not, but this was the only such book he ever did, I am fairly sure. 


Have I read it?  Not yet, but I've rediscovered it, it's here on my desk, and it will be read in time.  I'll let you know.


(reprinted from John DeChancie's APA-Lzine in APA-L #2227) 



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