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 Board of Directors meeting

June 10, 2012

Karl Lembke, Chairman

Marty Cantor, Secretary

Board Members in attendance: Karl Lembke, Mike Thorsen, Eylat Poliner, Bill Ellern, Marcia Minsky, Rob Powell, Marty Cantor, Christian McGuire, Arlene Satin, and Elayne Pelz. Warren “Whiskey” Johnson had an excused absence.

Members and Guests: Greg Bilan, June Moffatt, Jim Busby, Lee Gold, Barry Gold, Michael Pell, Joyce Sperling, Joe Zeff, Matthew B. Tepper, Tony Benoun, Sherri Benoun, Mark Poliner, Michelle Pincus, Heidi Nichols, Darnell Coleman, Jeni Burr, Tim Trzepacz, Tom Safer.

Called to order: The meeting was called to order at 11:07 am.

Opening Remarks: The Chairman said, “Welcome to the week before Father’s Day meeting.

Minutes: The minutes of the Meeting of May 2012, were accepted as amended.

New Members: Jeff Walters was accepted. Jeff Walters paid his $5 and put in an application to join the Society. He was accepted.

Treasurer: No report.

30 Second Reports:

Chairman (Karl Lembke): No report.

Vice Chairman (Christian McGuire): The Edelweiss has been taken care of.

Secretary (Marty Cantor): No report.

Publications (Marty Cantor): No report.

Comptroller (Bill Ellern): No report.

Quartermaster/Supplies (Mike Thorsen):  We purchased lots of supplies – paper towels, bug spray, and all sorts of wonderful things. Soda units sold: 22,353 units to date, 444 units this period. Soda money: $444.25 to date, $17,022.25 for this period.

Library (Warren “Whiskey” Johnson): (No report from video curator.) Elayne reported that the bookcases have been installed and filled (but needs to be reinforced).

Archives (Marcia Minsky): No report.

Physical Plant (Elayne Pelz): We have bugs. A bug-bomb was recommended. Nothing has gone wrong and all bills have been paid. Rob says that we may have to reinforce a rule of no food or drink in the computer area.

AV Equipment (Rob Powell): No comments or complaints since our last meeting.

Events (Eylat Poliner): Mah Jongg Tournament was held. – 16 people attended and these were the winners: The highest cumulative score of 5410 points was achieved by Kris Bauer who tanked badly in Round 3 and didn’t make it to the finals. The 4 finalists were Karl Lembke, Greg Bilan, Mike Thorsen, and MaryAnn Canfield. Fourth place – Mike Thorsen. Third place – MaryAnn Canfield. Second place – Greg Bilan. The winner was Karl Lembke. // Christian reported that a LOSCON meeting was cancelled. We now have new LOSCON bookmarks.

Fund-raising and Recruitment (Arlene Satin): No report right now.

(Significant Others)

Marketing Committee (Arlene Satin): We will be having a Ray Bradbury Memorial on July 7 at 2 pm. Eylat is taking care of the pot luck food service. Lee Gold says that our web site has a web page for a Bradbury Memorial. There will be a marketing committee meeting on June 20 at 7:30 at the clubhouse. June 23, at 3 pm, Arlene will be going to a Mysterious Galaxy Mixer after the LOSCON meeting. July 18th there will be a Hugo Nominated Short Story reading at 7:30 pm. Good Read – about 140 members only a fraction of them being LASFS members. // (Arlene said that Michelle is doing a wonderful job handling the Children’s Reading Program.) Michelle: Pasadena Library will have a Tim Griffin performance at 11 am and at 1 o2 2 pm at another library in Pasadena. On June 26, Eitan Kollin will be doing a reading at the library. July 26 at 11 am, Shawn Crosby will be performing. Nick Smith will be reading at Aug. 7 at 3 pm. // Will be ordering LASFS bookmarks soon.

Club President (Marcia Minsky): We had our previous meeting as usual but it was modified by many people speaking about Ray Bradbury – and we had a large turn-out for that meeting. We also had the first nominations for Procedural President: Michelle Pincus, Matthew B. Tepper, and James Busby were nominated.

WEB MASTER (Barry Gold): Nothing new, a very boring month. Jeni Burr mentioned that in asking new members how they found the club, 80% mentioned that they found us through our web page. The Golds received applause for their work on our web site.

Open Forum:

A fellow named Steve Singer wants to unload some SF memorabilia. Karl has handled this.

Bill Ellern brought up a CFO party on the 16th. Arlene mentioned that if CFO wanted publicity for this party they could come to the Marketing Committee but They have to ask US.

June Moffatt reminded the Board that she still has 16 cartons of Eph’s books that have to be removed from her house and brought to the club. Karl said that he would probably be the person who picked up the books.

Agenda Items:

Facebook/Social Media policy. We discussed policy. Christian, who put this on the agenda, decided that it was premature to discuss this. But we did have a discussion about our Facebook page matters.

Larps at LOSCON. Christian brought up a group wanting to do LARPS on one Saturday each month. Elayne mentioned that this is moot because we have no Saturdays available and because this would be an outside group they would have to pay the $200 rate.

(A closed session was held.)

The Secretary mentioned that our next meeting will be July 8, 2012.


Taken Away from previous meetings::

Adjournment: The Board adjourned its meeting 1:13 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marty Cantor, Board Secretary

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