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The following blurbs are open to edit, change, comments, and suggestions until Oct. 5th 2011. Then they will be finalized and taken to the October Board meeting. These will be then laminated and hung in the southern building so people will know about the building history and some of the history of LASFS and its fans. Have at it people! -Heide * Paul Turner Building The idea of a clubhouse for LASFS originated with Paul Turner. Paul was active in LASFS, served in the leadership as Treasurer and Director, and won the Evans-Freehafer award for service to the LASFS. He notably created the Building Fund. The quest to secure a permanent meeting place –our own LASFS clubhouse--was then taken up by Bruce Pelz, who initally opposed it, and many other members. The club acquired the first LASFS clubhouse at 11360 Ventura Bld. The membership of LASFS at the time voted to name the building after Paul. When the club moved to the 11513 Burbank Blvd. address, the back building that housed Freehafer hall, was again named the Paul Turner building, this time by the Board of Directors, in honor of the LASFS member who had the vision of securing a permanent meeting place for the club for years to come. With the next move to the “new” clubhouse at 6012 Tyrone in Van Nuys, the Borad of Directors affirmed that the southern section is named the Paul Turner Building. * Freehafer Hall The actual meeting hall of the LASFS meeting (wherever it may be) is named Freehafer Hall in honor of Paul Freehafer, who was a member in the 1940’s. Sadly, Paul was the first club member to die. He was a Caltech student, Director of the club, a publishing fan, and one who found himself not merely tolerated but welcomed among both the LASFS regulars and the splinter groups of that day. Rather than allowing the opposing groups to break up LASFS, Paul sought to unify the club. As a result, we still have a club today. He suffered from a rheumatic heart, and although he knew that his life would be short, he never let it affect his cheer. In 1942 he resigned his Directorship, moved to Idaho, and never returned. He was dead in his early twenties. Sadly, he was not the last member to pass on, but because of his efforts, we are still unified. And we have the motto of LASFS membership: “Death Will Not Release You.” * The Null Space Merlin Robert “Bob” Null was a beloved, hard-working member of LASFS for over thirty years. Bob was renown for his tireless hours of service to the club, and was a three-time Evans-Freehafer Award winner (1981,1992, &2003). He served numerous terms on the Board of Directors, and as club President 20 times! Bob was instrumental in the establishment of the computer room at LASFS, caretaker of archives, key master, and was the logistics genius behind many a Gallifrey One and Loscon. Bob also had a quirky sense of humor. He was the officially titled Minister of Silly Gavels. He would chime in with puns, and would wear his copter beanie or soda-fairy wings proudly. The outside gathering/socializing space of the LASFS clubhouse was unanimously named the NULL SPACE by the membership of LASFS in honor of Bob Null.
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