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Board Members in attendance: Karl Lembke, Darnell Coleman, Mike Thorsen, Arlene Satin, Bill Ellern, Elayne Pelz, Marcia Minsky, Rob Powell, Marty Cantor. (Absent, Warren “Whiskey” Johnson, Christian McGuire.)

Members and Guests: Greg Bilan, Greg Barrett, Wendy Wiseman, Michelle Pincus, Matthew Tepper.

Called to order: The meeting was called to order at 11:15  am Opening Remarks: Chairman Lembke noted that we were meeting, primarily, to discuss the two proposed contracts – and related matters – for remodeling our new building. He asked that if anybody else had any business to let him know now so that we could handle it. Nobody had any other business to bring up. He then turned the meeting over to Elayne, who, as the Board member handling Physical Plant, is the ramrod on our new building.

Agenda Items:

Ceiling: We are putting up a fire-code ceiling. It will cost $6,000 for this drop ceiling and it will have room for any future installation of air conditioning. And lights.

Flooring: Bamboo and cork are not good for public meeting rooms as they scratch and miscolour easily. The recommendations we get from experts are that we use carpet squares. We will be coating the floor of the Monstro area with a non-skid, concrete coating. We will then use commercial carpet squares in other parts of the White Building - with lots of extra tiles. The carpet squares will be coffee and coke-coloured.

Insulation: The insulation currently in place will be replaced and covered with fire-resistant plywood, flat on the ceiling.

Total bid: We have two bids with a $10,000 difference between them. One bid is $25,000 and the other is $35,000. JPL Homes is less expensive, and we will be going with them. We are removing/stripping everything on the walls and demolishing everything in the bathroom. There will be a 7-foot tall, 6-foot wide opening created between both buildings, as per spec. We are taking out the roll-up door and will be framing and replacing it with double-doors. // We will be putting in an 18-inch drop ceiling with room for air conditioning ducts in the future. The drop ceiling will have the same kind of panels we now have in our current building, not only looking good but helping the acoustics. // We will remodel the bathroom and expand it to include the closet. The bathroom will also be made ADA-compliant. Currently there is no hot water in the building so we should get the same under-the-sink water heaters as we have now, possibly smaller and more energy efficient. // Two closets will be built next to the bathroom, one with shelving for supplies and one to store tables. // The wall and window between the entry hall and Freehafer Hall will be removed. // The entry hall ceiling will be removed and replaced. // We will patch, prime, and paint the APA-L room. // All 220 wiring will be stripped out of the way. // We will install a circuit for air conditioning for when we get air conditioning. // Any electrical conduit which can be saved will be saved. // The floors will be cleaned and leveled before the installation of the carpeting. // The bathroom will have ceramic tiles on the floor with the colour being beige or creamy white. // We will patch, prime and paint everything in the south building which is not nailed down – a creamy white color.

We are NOT painting the outside of the building at this time. // We currently have money. All of the above will leave us with money in our account. We expect our insurance to be the same as for our current building but our property taxes will be going up. There is still money in our budget but it is doubtful we will spend all of it.

This money includes $25,000 from SCIFI. We can also borrow up to $X from a member who will loan us the money. It is expected that we will not have to borrow more than $Y. It will be paid back at 2% interest (which is $400 a year), paying back $1000 or $2000 every year. Borrowing this $Y will give us enough operating capital so that we do not go broke. We will not borrow it until August, and maybe not until property taxes are due. The Board agreed to this.

The gas is currently turned off.

We will install 2 ceiling fans in Freehafer Hall if we do not install air conditioning. There is already an exhaust fan.

There is a closet which will be stripped of all excess wires which may be phone-related.

Alarm monitoring: There is, currently, a silent alarm system. It includes a monitor and an outside camera. If we activate it, the cost will be $60 per month. It was decided that we should leave the system in place but not activate it.

Outside Shed: Thorsen reported on his research on sheds. Firstly, at $2,000, TuffShed is too expensive. They make industrial-strength, cottage-like sheds which, if you just added a sink and a toilet you could use one as guest quarters. We just need a shed to hold some sodas, recycling, and some tools. Lowes sheds are less expensive than those at Home Depot. Our current shed has 3 shelving units, 3x1 long and is about 10x10 in size. We decided that a resin shed from Lowes, 7x7 in size, and for $500 would be about right. It was decided that Thorsen will handle the courtyard.

Moving day will be Friday, August 26, and we will need all of the Board members. Elayne and Marty will be at the new building to tell the movers where to put things but we will need people at our current building. We will need people at our current building on the weekend before to get everything left down, packed, and ready for the movers.

It was agreed that we basically passed everything to which we agreed to after the above discussion.

Adjournment:  The Board adjourned its meeting at 12:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Marty Cantor, Board Secretary
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