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By Barry Gold

From a discussion of floor coverings for the meeting room in the new building:

Elayne: And it's green.

Unknown:  Oh, no, not green!

Elayne: Not green as in color.  Green as in eco-friendly.

Christian: It will all be kelly green.

Elayne: I'm going to paint everything bright bubblegum pink!

Later on, discussing arranging to have a riser/small stage at the front of the new building meeting room, somebody mentioned a new member who builds things for a living, who has volunteered to do minor construction of that sort.

Lee Gold: Ask him to build a starship.

And, after Elayne requested a committee in charge of decoration, so that every little detail doesn't have to be discussed to death in the full Board, somebody started to suggest a list of possible committee members.

Karl: The Chairman can appoint and disappoint.

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