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Found by Bill Warren on the website

AL #1
The 100th meeting of the LASFS, after the 1940 Worldcon.
Bottom Row, left to right: Elizabeth (Unknown), "Pogo" (Patti Gray), Unknown, Eleanor O'Brien (Walt Daugherty's first wife), Virginia Laney (Walt's second wife), Sophia Van Doorne, Myrtle R. Douglas "Morojo", Leslyn Heinlein (RAH's first wife).
Center row, L to R: Ray Crawford, Ray Harryhausen, "Cyril Mand" (George R. ahn), Unknown, Russel J. Hodgkins, Arthur K. Barnes, Robert Heinlein, Walt Daugherty, E. E. "Doc" Smith, Jack Williamson, Ray Bradbury, Perry Lewis, Harold Clark, Alex Endemano, Alvin W. Mussen.
Top row, L to R: Grady Murphy, Unknown, Unknown, Forry Ackerman, Edmond Hamilton, Charles Hornig, Victor Clark, T. Bruce Yerke, Roy Squires.
(Al Mussen died in the Death March of Bataan.)
Identifications from the caption at the bottom.

LASFS-018.jpg AL #2
LASFS Xmas Party 1941
1st row: Paul Freehafer, Peggy Finn, Walt Daugherty, Forry Ackerman, Norwin Johnson
2nd Row: Helen Finn, Dorothy Finn, Eleanor O'Brien, Morojo, Art Joquel, Ed Chamberlain, Gerald Miller, Henry Hasse
Photo originally was attached to the January 1942 issue of SHANGRI-L'AFFAIRES, the club's fanzine.
Identifications come from the zine.
LASFSatCliftons.jpg AL #3
100th Meeting, 1940: (standing, left:) William F. Crawford, Charles D. Hornig, Alvin W. Mussen (standing, right:) Jack Williamson, Edmond Hamilton, Russ Hodgkins, Walter J. Daugherty, Vic Clark, Hal Clark, (seated, l. to r.) Leslyn Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, 4E, Morojo, Ray Harryhausen, Unknown, Unknown, Arthur K. Barnes, Eleanor O'Brien, Hal Curtis, Unknown, Pogo, Unknown (with pipe), Perry Lewis, Roy Squires (with pipe), T. Bruce Yerke, E. E. Smith, Robert A. Heinlein, Franklyn Brady, Unknown (with pipe), Sophia van Doorne, George Hahn, Ross Koontz
Identifications from the website.
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