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BackBathW.jpg MC #1
Wallpaper in the rear building bathroom
Bldg4SJa.jpg MC #2
Front of the front building (Building 4SJ)
Bldg4SJ-rearview.jpg MC #3
Rear of Building 4SJ, showing storage shed and painting of the LASFS coat of arms (in the wrong colors)
ComputerRoom.jpg MC #4
Computer/gaming room
fhall1.jpg MC #5
Rear building (Freehafer Hall) front wall
FrontBathW.jpg MC #6
Wallpaper in the bathroom of Building 4SJ
kitchen.jpg MC #7
Kitchen in building 4SJ
library1.jpg MC #8
LASFS Library: viewed through front entry door
library2.jpg MC #9
LASFS Library: view into stacks from Librarian's desk
library3.jpg MC #10
LASFS Library: western corridor of books
library4.jpg MC #11
LASFS Library: eastern corridor of books
library5.jpg MC #12
LASFS Library: librarian's work area
maindoor1.jpg MC #13
Main door of Freehafer Hall, including part of Monstro
meeting1.jpg MC #14
Front of the meeting room. Karl Lembke (Scribe), Arlene Satin (President). Storage for club papers in far corner.
meeting2.jpg MC #15
Members at a LASFS meeting. Various artworks on the back wall, trophy cases on the side wall (either side of emergency exit)
meeting3.jpg MC #16
Meeting room, a different view. Charles Lee Jackson II (standing, reddish hair) giving a committee report. The frame above the fire extinguisher at the left names Bruce E. Pelz as a Pillar of the LASFS.
meeting4.jpg MC #17
Meeting room, memorial for Len Moffatt. John Hertz and June Moffatt standing in front of the whiteboard.
monstro1.jpg MC #18
The cargo container, known as "Monstro", used as storage for LASFS and convention stuff.
Front Building Lounge Area MC #19
Conversation area in Building 4SJ
Front Building Lounge Area #2

MC #20
Conversation area in Building 4SJ, also showing the refrigerator, bathroom door (white, at left), and back door (brown wood, at right)

Trophy Case 1, top MC #21
Top part of trophy case with various LASFS memorabilia
Trophy Case 1, lower MC #22
Same trophy case, a little lower
Trophy case 2 MC #23
Second trophy case
Meeting Room Sofas MC #24
Sofas in the back of the meeting room (Freehafer Hall)
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