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Board Members: Karl Lembke, Darnell Coleman, Mike Thorsen, Arlene Satin, Bill Ellern, Marcia Minsky, Rob Powell, Christian McGuire, and Warren “Whiskey” Johnson. Elayne Pelz was absent and excused, as was Marty Cantor.

Non-Board Members Present: Joe Zeff (substitute scribe), Lee and Barry Gold, Frank Waller, Ed Hooper, Michael Pell, Kevin Dodds, Tony and Sherry Benoun, Don Wenner, Jenny Burr, Joyce Sperling, Joan Steward, Matthew Tepper, Robbie Bourget, Dale Hales. Tom Safer, and David Svenson.

The meeting was called to order at 11:20 AM. Bill Ellern was welcomed to the BoD. As is customary, the minutes had been distributed by email. The minutes were discussed, including a question by Mr. Ellern as to when several concerns of his would be dealt with. (This would be during the Open Forum.) Christian pointed out that the 90 days on the real estate option had ended. The minutes were accepted as distributed.

This being the first meeting of the year, the next order of business was to elect a new set of Board officers. Karl Lembke was elected as Chairman, unopposed, and Christian McGuire was elected Vice Chairman. Bill Ellern was elected Comptroller, and Marty Cantor was elected in absentia as Secretary. All of the other Board Members retained their areas of authority, except that Marcia Minsky became the new Archivist and Darnell Coleman took over Events. Milt Stevens, having retired from the Board, wasn't eligible to run Publications; as Marty Cantor is probably the best person to take it over, the job was left open until he was asked if he'd like to take it. Elayne accepted, by telephone, the position of overseeing Physical Plant.

The Quartermaster reported that we need more quarter wrappers. In the nine weeks since his last report, we've sold 688 soda units, bringing in $516.

Not only does the library have books, we have some new ones, including a new Stainless Steel Rat book, where the eponymous protagonist comes out of retirement to deal with something in his own special way. The library is currently (but slowly) transferring their microfiche collection of periodicals to CD. SCIFI has agreed to continue paying for the off-site storage of library books for the time being.

Physical Plant reported (through Christian) that the last repair to the roof over the APA-L room has been done again.
(As an addendum to this report, the Secretary (who was in Sunnyvale at the time of the Board meeting but is reading these minutes afterward, and who uses the APA-L room quite a bit) adds that the recent heavy rains have not caused any further leaks in the roof.)

The video projector is out of commission until a new bulb can be bought and installed. A replacement of the projector may turn out to be more economical. Christian will be looking into the possibility of getting one of the other projectors bought at the same time being donated to us.

The last of the Dik Daniels photographs have now been put up at the website, and people are being asked to identify people who appear in them. It helps, of course, if you can remember what people looked like back then. The Speaker to Webmaster asked us all to let the webmaster know if our site does something that seems weird because it might not be what's intended, and needs correcting.

LOSCON 37 turned $8,000 over to the club last Thursday and was given a “Well Done.” LOSCON 38 had its first meeting last Sunday. It went well, although it was a tad over-long, and was well attended, especially when you consider that it was on Superbowl Sunday. The LOSCON 38 has been accepted by CBS for inclusion in their annual calendar. Lee Gold will see to getting us listed in Analog and any other appropriate magazines.

Arlene is making plans for our participation in the tenth annual West Hollywood Book Fair. Recently, Jerry Pournelle told the club that his daughter's book, Outies, is making money faster by being self-published on Amazon.com than he does through traditional publishing. It appears, he explained, that people will buy almost anything if it's priced reasonably, because it's not enough money to matter to them. He suggested that LASFS put some of its fannish history articles and essays on Amazon at about $2.99 now, before everybody else catches on. Christian moved that a small committee be organized to be a “LASFS Press.” Karl, finding merit in the idea, created the committee without asking for a vote.

The Marketing Committee has run out of bookmarks and will be spending money to replace them.

Agenda Items:  LOSCON Bids. Christian McGuire was the only person heading a bid this year. It was approved.

Christian distributed a press release from Renovation about their project to get comic book readers who attend WonderCon in San Francisco to read books as well as comics. Among other things, they plan to give away six pallet loads of free books. He asked the Board to donate $500 to the project. The motion was passed with one person opposed and one abstaining. There was also a motion to provide extra funds outside the Marketing budget for 1000 bookmarks to be sent to WonderCon. It carried without dissent.

There was a problem, recently, with people wanting to use the computers in the front room for gaming when the building was open for Len Moffatt's Memorial and again when the building was being used for a LOSCON meeting. The question was raised as to whether the computers should be available for gaming any time the front building is open for any reason, or if the people using the club buildings have the right to restrict the way the front building is used. The board eventually reached a consensus that the event coordinator has the right to allow or deny use of the computers for gaming and, if the event coordinator has left, the last remaining keyholder is in charge. (This has the advantage of being the same policy as is currently in place for seeing to it that the club property is left clean at the end of any event.) The policy ended up being put in the form of a motion. The motion passed without objection:

Resolved: “By default, facilities are available to all members only during Thursday night meetings, Friday night Open House and Second Sunday Open House. Facilities may be made available to members during other events at the discretion of the event coordinator but are off-limits by default.”

Open Forum:

Tom Safer requested that a Saturday be allotted to him for an all-day film showing and that he would pay for the use of the club, make sure the club was left clean and keep an eye on the front building as needed. The request was passed on to the Treasurer. Lee Gold reported that Marty Cantor and Milt Stevens won the trivia contest at CORFLU. (Again, after-the-meeting report by the Secretary who was at the CORFLU in question and who says that not only did he not win the trivia contest even though Milt was on the team which won, but he has never in his life participated in any trivia contest.)

Bill Ellern addressed the fact that club members are going to be contributing to the library, both directly and through their estates and some members need documentation for the IRS. Several Board members pointed out that the club already gives members a receipt (on request) at the end of the year that can be used for this. The Golds, however, told us that you're allowed to claim “fair market value” on your return, not what the item fetched at auction. (Sometimes you gain, sometimes you lose.) This question will be considered in more detail at a later meeting. He also wanted to extend the lead-time for picking the new LOSCON chair even further back, but admitted that he'd already wasted way too much of our time and that this could be left for later.

Mike Thorsen wanted to close off the various LASFS forums on the grounds that only one person (Tom Safer) was consistently using them to promote his screenings and all the other fen have moved away to Facebook and Livejournal. The Board agreed to this.

Bill Ellern told us about a conversation with the neighbor to the West, confirming our understanding that we can use the four parking spaces in front of their building after 6 PM and on weekends.

The meeting ended at 1:53 PM.

These minutes were taken by Joe Zeff
and are respectfully submitted by
Marty Cantor

Last Updated ( Sunday, 15 May 2011 )
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