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DDAT001.jpg ddat #1
DDAT002.jpg ddat #2
Nancy Levy Kidd
DDAT003.jpg ddat #3
Marjii Ellers, Dik Daniels
DDAT004.jpg ddat #4
Marjii Ellers
DDAT005.jpg ddat #5
Rita Dyan Ractlilffe dancing, Bernie Zuber in foreground.  A. E. Van Vogt directly behind the dancer.
DDAT006.jpg ddat #6
Rita Dyan Ractliffe
DDAT007.jpg ddat #7
Party scene, Gail Knuth (now Gail Whiskin) and Lyn Stier seated on floor.  Chuck Crayne and Dian Pelz Crayne in the background on the couch.  Sally Crayne is standing on the right in the print dress.
DDAT008.jpg ddat #8
Unknown, Rita Ratcliffe, Kathleen Sky
DDAT009.jpg ddat #9
Fred Patten, Flieg Hollander, Unknown, Bruce Pelz, Karen Anderson, David Gerrold, Unknown
DDAT010.jpg ddat #10
Bill Rotsler on the left talking to Ray Bradbury on right.  Mitch Evans and Karen Anderson in the back.

ddat #11
Party Scene

Bruce Pelz on left, behind Tina Hensel foreground left.Karen Anderson on floor in silver and black.

DDAT012.jpg ddat #12
Kathleen Sky, Owen Hannifen
DDAT013.jpg ddat #13
Unknown, Earl Thompson, Fay Crayne (Chuck Crayne's sister)
DDAT014.jpg ddat #14
Unknown, James Doohan?, Unknown, Karen Anderson?
DDAT015.jpg ddat #15
Unknown, Karen Anderson, Poul Anderson

ddat #16
Unknown in front.

Fred Patten in back at the left. Probably Phil Castora in the back at the right.

DDAT017.jpg ddat #17
Harlan Ellison with pipe, Don Fitch, Poul Anderson. 
Len Moffatt in back.
DDAT018.jpg ddat #18
Bill Rotsler, Harlan Ellison
DDAT019.jpg ddat #19
Linda Price, Unknown
DDAT020.jpg ddat #20
Unknown, Unknown, Walter Koenig
DDAT021.jpg ddat #21
Bernie Zuber, Unknown
DDAT022.jpg ddat #22
Terry and Tom Pinckard
DDAT023.jpg ddat #23
Bernie Zuber, Unknown
DDAT024.jpg ddat #24
Unknown, William Shatner
DDAT025.jpg ddat #25
Paula Crist (now Pickett) by swim pool of Hilton Hotel, scanning confused mundane
DDAT026.jpg ddat #26
Paula Crist (now Pickett) by swim pool of Hilton Hotel, scanning confused mundane
DDAT027.jpg ddat #27
Karen Anderson, Art Cox, Kris Neville, A. E. Van Vogt
DDAT028.jpg ddat #28
Terry Pinckard?, Anton Brzezinski, Kris Neville, Unknown (F. M. Busby?  Walt Daugherty?)
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