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Board Members in attendance: Karl Lembke, Darnell Coleman, Mike Thorsen, Arlene Satin, Milt Stevens, Elayne Pelz, Marcia Minsky, Rob Powell, Marty Cantor, Christian McGuire, Warren “Whiskey” Johnson.

Members and Guests: Greg Bilan, Michael Pell, Joe Zeff, Lee Gold, Barry Gold, Sherri Benoun, Tony Benoun, Ed Hooper, Joyce Sperling, Jeni Burr, Michelle Pincus, Timon Trzepacz, Michelle Mills, Chris Mills.

Called to order: The meeting was called to order at 11:10 am Opening Remarks: There were no opening remarks.

Welcome to new Board Member: Warren “Whiskey” Johnson. Chairman Lembke welcomed the newly elected member of our Board to his position on the Board.

Minutes: The August minutes were accepted as corrected with one abstention.

New Member: There was an application (and membership fee) from Kate Capps. She was unanimously accepted.

Treasurer:  There is money in our treasury, with some of it in specific funds which are not generally available. (See the Treasurer for details.)

30 Second Reports (Board Members)

Chairman (Karl Lembke):  The Chairman had no report.

Vice Chairman (Mike Thorsen): There was no report from Mike in his position as veep.

Secretary (Marty Cantor):  The Secretary said that the family of Bob Null was pleased with the memorial we held for Bob.

Comptroller (Christian McGuire):  Christian had nothing comptrollerish to report, but he told us that Westercon gave us a check for $500 for the use of various and sundry donations.

Library (Darnell Coleman):  Librarian Whiskey gave a report, saying we have books and all off-site boxes are being checked to eliminate duplicated items. There was a report from CLJ who says about thirty DVDs from Bob Null are being checked.

Physical Plant (Elayne Pelz):  The roofs on both buildings are fixed, and both buildings' air conditioners have been replaced, all for massive amounts of monies.

AV Equipment (Robert Powell):  The new bulb was received, used yesterday, and no problems with it were reported.

Quartermaster/Supplies (Mike Thorsen):  Soda units sold: 14,699 to date, 400 this period. Soda money: $11,219.75 to date, $300.00 for this period. We now have enormous supplies of surface cleaning solution and good supplies of various paper products. (Marcia mentioned that our first aid kit needs Tylenol, and the quartermaster said we will get some.) Toilet cleaner has been acquired for each bathroom.

Publications (Milt Stevens): We are still working on Dik Daniels photograph collection, and this will probably take about a month to finish. Barry reported on the web site: there may be some changes, but it is working well. Rob reported a temporary glitch on the site, but Tim put a band-aid on this, and things now appear to be working well.

Events (Marcia Minsky): Christian, as Speaker-to-Westercon, reported the 63rd Westercon is done and 64 is going ahead as planned.(No word yet from Westercon 65.) Lots of people had fun at the con. The total membership was 704, and there were 650 warm bodies. // Karl said that there will be a LOSCON meeting on the 25th at Noon.

Fund-raising and Recruitment (Arlene Satin):  The Barnes & Noble Book Fair will be on Oct. 13. Gene Roddenberry, Jr. and the NeverEndingPanel will be at this Fair. There will be promotions for this Fair in various places,

Reassignment of Board Member Duties: Whiskey will take over the Library overseeing position from Darnell (who will take over the Archives overseeing).

(Significant Others)

Marketing Committee (Arlene Satin): On September 26 there will be the West Hollywood Book Fair where we will again have a booth. We are in same place, and we will also be hosting a panel on collaborative writing. We need help on September 25 for set-up. We have a good rapport with the person running the Book Fair. Also, we will need some help in the breakdown of our booth on Sunday evening.

Club President (Arlene Satin): Arlene had no report as Club President. Christian asked the President that the display cabinets be made Board responsibility under Archives, and Arlene agreed.

Agenda Items:

Doorknobs & building accessibility: Rob took care of this, and Lee Gold reported that CLJ says the doorknobs are now easier to use.

LOSCON suggestion (Joe Zeff): Joe passed on a suggestion from Marty Massoglia who states that it would be good for the con and con membership if it got to be known that LOSCON is a good place for books, both new and used. He wants the Board to get behind this as it will be good for the future. Book dealers might get on the dealer’s room waiting list if they knew of this. Elayne said that we already have all of the local book dealers who are interested in having a booth at the con. Christian also pointed out that most used book dealers, especially those specializing in sf and fantasy, have gone out of business. Karl felt we needed better advertising of this.

Real Estate: There is now the possibility of selling our property, as a real estate agent has contacted Elayne, checked our property, and said that it could sell between $500,00 and $550,000. We need more space for various things. Elayne recommends assigning a committee to look into getting a new building. We have a firm offer of $500,000 for our  building. This was discussed by many people. It was moved, seconded, and passed to look into this. (We should bring up to the club that we are looking into this.) An exploratory committee was formed with the following volunteers: Elayne, Arlene, Marty, Christian, and Marcia. Elayne was authorized to be chairman and to sign a contract with the real estate agent. A motion was moved, seconded, and passed for Elayne to sign the contract. It was pointed out that the contract we will sign will have no penalties to the club if a new building we can afford is not purchased.

Open Forum:

The next meeting will be on October 10.

Michelle and Chris Mills asked to have space available, tomorrow, for an after-funeral food function for Brian Gitt. This was passed with 2 abstentions.

Thorsen reported that the plug which runs the water heater in the rear bathroom appears to be dead. Elayne will get somebody to fix it.


Elayne is selling the building, along with a committee to help her do this.
Elayne is taking care of the bathroom heater problem
Arlene will pester Barnes & Noble about their book fair and the West Hollywood people about their book fair.

Taken Away from previous meetings:

Rob will work on the motion detector lights.
Heide will take care of getting an outside “Code Of Conduct” sign
Arlene will look into an Institutional membership account in Barnes & Noble. And run a Book Fair in West Hollywood.

Adjournment:  The Board adjourned its meeting at 12:29 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Marty Cantor, Boar
Last Updated ( Sunday, 17 October 2010 )
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