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Board Members in attendance: Karl Lembke, Darnell Coleman, Mike Thorsen, Arlene Satin, Milt Stevens, Elayne Pelz, Marcia Minsky, Rob Powell, Marty Cantor. Christian McGuire was ill and was excused. There is one vacant position on the Board.

Members and Guests: Greg Bilan, Bill Ellern, Michael Pell, Tim Trzepacz, Jeni Burr, Kevin Dobbs, Martin Young, Kris Bauer.

Called to order: The meeting was called to order at 11: 09 am

Opening Remarks: There were none.

Minutes: The July minutes were accepted as corrected.

New Members: There were applications (and fees) from the following: Ameen Missoumi, Thomas Abrahams, Kayla Partridge, Albert E. Bishop. All were accepted as new members.

Treasurer: There is money in our treasury. See the treasurer for details.

30 Second Reports (Board Members)

Chairman (Karl Lembke): The Chairman had no report.

Vice-Chairman (Mike Thorsen): And neither did our Vice-Chairman.

Secretary (Marty Cantor): The Secretary reminded the Board that the Memorial for Bob Null, our recently deceased member of the Board, will be next Saturday.

Comptroller (Christian McGuire): Our Comptroller was absent with an illness.

Library (Darnell Coleman): The Library computer crashed but was restored from backup. Milt thought unread sf hardbacks should be donated to CSUN. (There are 65 boxes of books in storage.) Riverside does not need them. The head librarian at CSUN is interested. Elayne said we should sort them, first, and we could possibly sell them.
There was a Video Curator report from CLJII: he is sorting the DVDs from Bob Null into three categories: keep, sell to members, or trade with Amoeba Music or Eddie Brandt. There is other material from Bill Warren and Eric Hoffman and these are also being sorted. Rob is helping Whisky with backups on the Library computer. Elayne will do a monthly off-site backup of the Library computer.

Physical Plant (Elayne Pelz): Elayne will give a roof report later

AV Equipment (Robert Powell): A new bulb for the projector has been ordered at a cost of $150.00.

Quartermaster/Supplies (Mike Thorsen): (Mike mentioned corrections to last month’s numbers – Secretary put corrections into last month’s minutes.) Soda units sold: 14,399 to date, 371 this period. Soda money: $10,819.75 to date, $278.25 for this period. We are currently well supplied with trash bags but we will need paper towels soon. Greg says we need some cleaning products: floor cleaners, etc.

Publications (Milt Stevens): Elayne is almost finished copying tapes from previous LOSCONs. // There has been one request to remove one photo from our web site, and this was done.

Events (Marcia Minsky): There will be a Bob Null Memorial next Saturday with the food being potluck and arranged by Eylat Poliner. // LOSCON 37 is moving right along.

Fundraising and Recruitment (Arlene Satin): There is an ad requesting workers in DE PROF. No report, yet, from Barnes and Noble, on the promotion they are offering. We are on track with the West Hollywood Book Fair. Our table is in the same location as it was the last time, and that is a very good location. There are many activities associated with this – the date is September 26th, and the hours are 10-6. (There will be overnight setup.) We will have only genre books. Our Reading Programme is on the last of the Hugo stories. The Children’s Reading Programme ends in August (and Michelle is doing very well with this).

(Significant Others)

Marketing Committee (Arlene Satin): Arlene gave the details of what she knew about the Barnes & Noble promotion, which will make money for the club, and she showed us the B&N flyer about this promotion. Basically, as the flyer says, “The more supporters shop, the more you earn.” “$10,000 and Up – 20% Cash Back or 25% in B&N Gift Cards.” As Arlene indicated, we have more interest in the money for the club rather than in the Gift Cards. Also, there are lesser rates for smaller amounts of books purchased.

Club President (Arlene Satin)
: There is nothing to report at this time.

Agenda Items:

Roof (Front Building)
: Quote - $6322 – guaranteed for 5 years labor, 12 years material. This is for the whole roof. Moved and seconded: 1 abstention. Money will be paid out of current treasury funds, not out of the Century Fund. We are currently above income.

Doorknobs and building accessibility (report from CLJII): The back building front door has a doorknob which is difficult to turn. The options are: just using the deadbolt, installing a double-key doorknob, or using a door handle instead of a round knob. The back door of the front building has swollen a bit. We should possibly replace other doorknobs . We should check prices before we make any purchases. Rob will do this.

Bathroom cleaning – lack of. Arlene complained about her feet sticking to the floor and there were cobwebs on walls. The bathroom should be cleaned better.

Barnes & Noble Book Fair
. (Arlene had a chart of possible earnings.) B&N only needs a 6 to 8-week window to set it up. They say the minimum amount ever taken in was $2,000 – and we would get 10 % of this. But people must use a special number for the club to get the credit. This can be done more than once a year. No discount is associated with vouchers. Institutional memberships: club gets a discount on purchases with the discount amount being negotiable. Do we want to pursue this? It costs us only effort, no money. Bill Ellern wondered if there could be a card for bulk discounts? Arlene will check on various details. The consensus was to continue, and this was moved, seconded, and passed, unanimously. We will schedule a date, possibly mid-October. It was decided to be October 20th. Arlene was given permission to sign a contract. Also, the club will get an institutional membership in Barnes & Noble.

Open Forum: .

Michael Pell mentioned that Joyce Sperling is in Silverlake Medical Center with gall stones. Joyce is stable.

The next meeting will be on September 12.

Bill Ellern wondered if our library could increase our book volume with Barnes & Noble to get a better discount deal?

Mike Thorsen reported that the lighting project is complete. The club paid for 3 lights, $93 total, with the cost of the rest of the lights being borne by member donations. The total price was about $300. The old lights weighed about 20 lbs each; the new lights each weigh less than a pound. This is a situation which is safer.


Taken away from previous meeting:

Rob will work on the motion detector lights. Rob needs a long enough ladder. He wants to get this done before Thanksgiving

Rob will look into cat exclusion from Monstro’s underside, and he has the material.

Heide will take care of getting an outside “Code of Conduct” sign. Heide was not present today.

Taken away from this meeting:

Thorsen: cleaning supplies.

Rob: doorknobs and locks.
Arlene: B&N.

Adjournment: The Board adjourned its meeting at 12:19 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Marty Cantor, Board Secretary

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