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Menace of the LASFS

March 18, 2010

Christian McGuire, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Beware the Ideas of March!

We took a stab at meeting #3788 at 20:07:37

Special Orders of Business

Yes, we have some bad news. He who was the shortest person in the world, at 29” tall, has died of heart complications.

A fine actor, who appeared in Them, Fess Parker, passed away. Fifty years ago, he was the bane of teachers, because he played both Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett.

Also passed, Peter Graves, star in Killers from Space, Red Planet Mars, and a number of others.

We observed a moment of silence for these individuals.

The Menace were read and accepted as “Saint Necessarily So”.

There was no old business.

There was new business – a motion. But it's being postponed for two weeks.

Time Bound Announcements

Saturday, we have C/FO, from 11 to 7 or thereabouts.

Tomorrow night is open house at the clubhouse

Sunday, Time Meddlers will meddle, 11-5.

Marty Cantor announced De Profundis is coming out next week, 55¢ each.

It's not yet the end of march, so yearly dues and installments for lifetime dues still payable.

The Registrar announced guests, on Protestant Orange cards.

W Reid Ripley, heard about us on the net.

Miranda Jennings, heard about us on the net.

Susanna Miller, heard about us on the net.

Armand Vaquer, heard about us from Peter Brothers

Gordon Durich, heard about us from Peter Brothers

We have two new members, Peter Brothers, Uriah Carr, and a returning member Fred Luvalyay.

Patron Saints

Gavin Claypool

Scratch said, He gave us money.

Joe Zeff said, he's not only a very good hell player, but a gracious one. It's always a pleasure to have him at the table, even though he wins.

CLJII: Gavin came to us from Cal Tech along with other members, and was an interesting person to have around. He's become to DVDs what Bruce Pelz was to books.

Hare Hobbs notes, back when there was a Price Club, every time he went to Price Club, Gavin would be there. Did he live there? He's a nice guy, always willing to talk, and you should help him get rid of his DVDs.

Michelle: He sells the DVS at his cost, pretty good prices. He's a great hell player, and he's good at math.

Ed Hooper: He's one of those few SF fans who's also a baseball fan.

Jerry Pournelle: Gavin was his chief of staff when the club helped him put on the SFWA Nebula at the Century Plaza. For once, not next to a Polish wedding in a basement. He was simply irreplaceable as a chief of staff. He also edits books, including “That Buck Rogers Stuff” by Jerry Pournelle.

Gavin Claypool was given three cheers and a no two bid.

There was a strange request. Trying to track down a film that was shown at SF conventions “One Day on an Alien Planet”, a stop-motion spoof of Star Trek.

Also, reminded one and all, before each meeting at 6, we have All are invited to show up, be in the audience, and enjoy the production live.

People are asked to abide by the LASFS code of conduct.

Committee Reports

CLJII reported that tonight, we have a program. Peter H. Brothers, speaking of Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men. Next week, Len Wein talks about the TV show based on his work. After that, it's a bit nebulous because authors don't always respond quickly to the written word. Soon, there will be a Big Fat Auction. And we are running Radio Patrol serial installments before each meeting.

The Committee to Pimp LASFS members: John Hertz is running for DUFF in 2010. Vote for him, and pay for your vote.

Janis Olson was asked to help auction off stuff.

Tim Trzepacz reported on the committee to unify LASFS domains. We've succeeded. All the LASFS domains are owned by the LASFS. There's still bookkeeping to do, but we own all the domains.

Fannish Committee Reports



Hare Hobbs read Blood Colony by Tananarive Due. First book of the series took place in Florida, second in Africa, and third in the Seattle area. It's a fun series, but it has a dark side. Basic concept is, there's a living blood that can give you immortality and heal other people, but the way to be made immortal is very dangerous. She's a good writer, but be warned, it is dark.

Look for her stuff at the LASFS library.


CLJII misced that he's posting pocket movie reviews on Twitter, reviewing entire movies in 140 or fewer characters.

A motion to adjourn was finally wrested from Charlie Jackson, and so we adjourned at 20:59:53.

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