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Menace of the LASFS

March 11, 2010

Robert Powell, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

If “Eat Creationists” won't cut it, how about the original ball-bearing mouse trap?

It being March 11, we dialed 3-11 and wound up in Meeting 3787 at 20:09:19.

Special Orders of Business

Sadly, we have some. We note the passing of actor Cory Haim, one of the Lost Boys in the vampire version of Peter Pan.

We also note the passing of Jerry Smith, aka Poindexter, named after the character in the Felix the Cat cartoon. He used to affect a lab coat, and has not been active for some time.

We observed a moment of silence for these individuals.

The Menace were read and accepted as “Pie are round, cake are square”.

Patron Saint

Dave Fox

Jerry Pournelle said there are very few nice things you can say about Dave Fox

Mike Thorsen notes he did have nice taste in power tools that he donated to the club.

Hare Hobbs recalls he told a lot of nice stories. He was LASFS's official dirty old man. When he died, the strip club down the street went out of business.

Karen Anderson knew him slightly. He wrote very interesting stories about an imaginary place called Khorlia.

Scratch: a good portion of the mythos is in APA-L Some day, they should be compiled for distribution.

Joe Zeff notes in his later years, Dave Fox became aurally challenged. You could always tell when he was getting bored because he would quite pointedly turn off his hearing aid.

Jerry Pournelle notes Dave had a big external hearing aid. He was one of the crew along with Louis Gray, who helped him rebuild the clubhouse from a garage. He had been a marine in WWII and was an all around good guy to know.

Matthew Tepper recalled Dave was a welcoming presence on the couch in the front room. When he was living out of town going to college, he'd come back for visits from time to time. When he came to LASFS, he'd come in through the front door, and Dave would greet him and ask how long he was in town for. When he moved back in 1986, one thing he was looking forward to was walking through the front door and announcing he was back to stay. Sadly, he died the week before. He was a funny, witty, and dirty old man, but he was kindly in many ways.

CLJII: Pleased that the only way he ever knew of the trick of turning the hearing aid down was from other people. Dave could be cranky, obstinate, opinionated, warm, friendly, pleasant, and sometimes he could be all of those at the same time. We had a LASFS showcase, and Dave spent the day hanging out, meeting friends, went home and passed away. After his demise, various people were going through his papers and finding stuff, and had not been able to find a will. Bill Warren suggested, what Dave would have done was put it in an envelope, and pin it to a dartboard in plain sight, like that envelope on the corkboard right over there.

Dave Fox was given three cheers and a nude stripper.

There was no old or new business!

Committee Reports

Karen Anderson rose to speak to us of science. The Chilean Earthquake seems to have shifted the earth's axis. By about 3 inches. The quake may have shortened the day by 1.26 microseconds, which is one one-thousandth of the noise in the normal day-to-day changes.

Hare mentioned that one of the cities was moved a good foot to the west.

Joe Zeff notes the 6.5 aftershock was considered moderate.

Karl Lembke said he read the city of Santiago was shifted by 10 feet.

Mike Thorson suggested as an income scheme, we blame it on man-made global shifting. We can sell vibration credits.

Jerry Pournelle notes there's a new climate temperature measurement technique they're working on, using clam shells. Clam shells from Greenland in the Viking era. They discovered it was warm enough for Greenland to be inhabitable. There really was a medieval warm period.

Registrar Michelle was not in the room.

Elayne announced we have until the end of the month to pay annual dues.

There is no committee to gouge tonight, but you're free to pay Elayne anyway.

Time-Bound Announcements

Bill Green announced last week was procrastination week. He finally got around to announcing it this week.

Maryann announced Second Sunday is 3/14, starting at 1:59:26. Bring pie.

And we spring forward this weekend.

John DeChancie will be at the Paperback book Collector's show, as will Karen Anderson, Jerry Pournelle, and Larry Niven.

Cinema Anime will be Saturday from 1-8.

more Committee Reports:

Arlene: Neverending Panel will be at the Eaton Collection. on Tuesday. On the 26th, we audition readers for the Childrens' reading program. We currently infest the North Hollywood library, and we're looking at three other libraries.

Also, on the 27th, we've been invited to the Imax in Irvine to set up a table and promote the club, for the opening of How to Train Your Dragon. We had some fabulous new color art posted. Go to and search for LASFS.

Michelle thanked one and all for coming to the memorial for Ken Porter and Phil Castora.

CLJII pointed out we have a way to determine how gruesome it is to come to LASFS. Next Thursday, instead of coming to LASFS, she's having a colonoscopy. After the meeting, we'll have our third installment of British SF. Stingray, another supermarionation feature. Next week, Peter H. Brothers, author of Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men. He will be happy to sell copies of his book, and talk about his book and Japanese horror and SF of the 50s. Two weeks from tonight, Len Wein talks about his character, Human Target.

Crystal recently met a woman who's doing an independently published book festival. There's a meeting on Sunday at the Sportsman's lodge for volunteers. It's a fee-based festival, and you can trade volunteer time for entry. There will be cards up front.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff rose to report on St Patrick's day. A fair number are probably planning to have corned beef and cabbage. It's not an Irish dish, according to Phil Castora. He concludes it became associated with the Irish through Bringing Up Father.

Karl: It's a lot more Irish than green bagels.

CLJII: A week from tomorrow is St Joseph's day, when the swallows come back to Capistrano, so have your umbrellas handy.

Tepper: Next Tuesday is St Urho's day in Minneapolis, and many other places, including Finland. It commemorates St Urho who drove the grasshoppers from Finland.

Karen Anderson noted St Patrick is honored as the patron saint of engineers, because he's the inventor of the worm drive.


Mary Ann Canfield reviewed the price of the movie Alice in Wonderland. She won tix on a radio show last night. She hasn't seen the movie yet, but you can't beat the price.

Sunday, they had an award show, with lots of spoilers for movies no one has seen.


Mike Thorson is moving next Saturday to new digs. He's moving to Tujunga Ave., a block north of Denny's.

Scott moved to adjourn.

We adjourned at 21:04:56.

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