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Menace of the LASFS

March 4, 2010

Christian McGuire, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

It being March Fourth, we proceeded to march forth into Meeting 3786 at 20:07:07.

Special Orders of Business

Sadly, we have a couple.

Christian started off by having Charlie Hoff announce a special order of business.

Gallifrey One had 1542 members, and nothing broke. And mother has been released from ICU after four days in the hospital.

Joe Zeff announced the failing health of his mother, Judy. She is at home for the moment, and has declined heroic measures.

There were no further items at this time.

For these individuals, we had a long moment of silence.

The Menace were read and accepted as “In memory of Roy Test Jr, LASFSian”.

We have a returning member from 1987, Donna Ibrar.

Patron Saints

Marjii Ellers

Christian started by saying this woman was a class act. She was and remains a lady, impressing one and all with her grace and costuming ability.

Hare mentioned again that when we made her fan GOH of Loscon 25, she gave the con a 10-lb block of chocolate each day. When she was ill with cancer and undergoing treatment,

Scratch: we have a picture of her in the cabinet of her as the Black Queen, age 62. That costume is the modified one vs the one she had onstage.

Milt: someone took pix of her at that convention, the 72 Worldcon, and they got published in a girlie magazine. She could have sued, but decided she was willing to be published in a girlie mag.

Doug Crepeau said she worked with Bert Rhutan putting together Voyager.

Nick Smith says her personality seems to have been a family trait.

Christian: her husband worked on the team that designed the Saturn V

Joe Zeff: Anyone looking around in any room and seeing wallpaper can thank Marji for it.

Larry Niven: it strikes him that Marjii Ellers should have been a whole damn crowd.

Three cheers and a gift certificate to home depot....

Time Bound Announcements

Hugo nomination deadline is the 14th of March. Play it safe, and nominate on the 13th.

We're still taking credit card payments for yearly dues and contributions for life memberships. Elayne is more than happy to take your money.

Thursdays, at 6 PM. Join us and watch the panel take place.

All are invited to behave during the panel and the LASFS meeting.

Reminder: Announcements should be time bound and should be brought to Christian's attention before the meeting. He will screen out announcements about Shetland ponies killed in a ditch six years ago. (Christian has nothing against Shetland Ponies or ditches.)

CLJII has Amazing Adventures for sale, and subscriptions are available.

Mary Aann Canfield announced march 14, second Sunday, is also Pi day. Bring pie.

Michelle Pincus rose to announce this Sunday, at 11, we have the memorial for Ken Porter and Phil Castora.

Tomorrow night is the first Friday of the month. The clubhouse is open on odd-numbered Fridays. Saturday is TRIPE, from 1 to late.

Committee Reports

Arlene announced some cool stuff. next week, Avatar – just avatar. Take the blue pill, exercise in the future. SF characters you love to hate. Come next week, or comment at the website.

Schirm gave us new art for Zazzle. It's wonderful new art.

March 26, we audition here for children's reading program starting in June. We need readers. Auditions start at 7:30 at the clubhouse.

The president will not be at the club next week. Time Bound announcements need not be filtered through the Grinch.

The Committee to gouge invited Julie Scott to help gouge. Some white boxes later, we moved on to programs:

CLJII: next week, Stingray, another supermarionette show. Following that, we have a couple of speakers. No FWEMS for March, but in April, we have big bug day, featuring Mothra, Black Scorpion, Dealdy Mantis, Tarantula, and Them.

Arlene Satin forgot one thing: we are invited this Saturday to go to Imax in Irvine to set up a table for LASFS, and see Alice in Wonderland. Show up at 11:30 or later. Contact Arlene for directions.

WesterChord 43 (average of 23 and 63) occurs July 1-4 at the Pasadena Hilton. Shannon McGuire, Stone Dragons, Paul Quinn, Fan GOH John D Barry, Artist GOH Marc Schirmeister, and Rudy Rucker author GOH.

Also, all of the musical guests will be appearing at Consonance this weekend.

Fannish Committee Reports



Christian reviewed Condor. CJ Cherryh was GOH. Despite an accidental double booking, they had their largest number of members ever at 504. It was fun, lots of nice people, and if you ever get the chance, go there. They have good rates and an excellent program. They also had a program of Wrock music, Harry Potter rock filk.

Nick Smith added, Wrock is short for Wizard Rock, which is how the term started.

Hare spent the weekend at Gallifrey, which went pretty well. He enjoyed himself. The death of characters panel had a good argument going on about different things.

Cathy Beckstead went to Gallifrey One and had a good time. It was one of the biggest Gallifreys, at 1590 members. There were 22 entries in the masquerade, and one of the judges was a Dr Who costumer.

Someone thought the con suite was a rousing success.

Julie Scott announced The chair massage at Gallifrey was amazing.

The auction at Gallifrey One raised some $3600 for Haiti. It was more than just a good time.

Tim Trzepacz reviewed the musical performance of Tricky Pixy, findable on the web at Favorably.

Hare bought a CD. Highly recommended. Very fun.


John DeChancie announced the newest issue of Locus has his appreciation of Phil Klaas in it.

Nick Smith announced the website has a newsletter linking to new announcements about plasma engines for space travel. Earth to Mars orbit = 39 days each way. Math works, physics works, politics is a problem.

Doug Crepeau notes there's been some controversy on the subject of global warming. It seems the east Siberian ice shelf is warming faster than expected and releasing methane faster than expected. Methane concentrations have increased to the highest point in 400K years.

CLJII had more hot air. Every day, he goes on twitter and puts up a movie review in 140 characters or fewer.

And there's a serial review once a week. TCM started following him.

Hare still has kitty reports. The house cat still likes to unroll toilet paper.

Christian's cat (Thorn in my side) is a really big gray tabby. He's selfish, self-centered, lazy, and easily startled.

David Okamura cited a news article about the shortening of the day following the Chilean quake.

We adjourned at 21:13:04. Minus 2 microseconds.

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