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Some photos of Forry and friends.


tt #1

T. Bruce Yerke, Franklin Brady, Paul Freehafer, Morojo, Forry Ackerman


tt #2

Forry and Morojo in Costume,
First SF World Convention, 1939


tt #3

Forry Ackerman seated with legs crossed in the center, Morojo on his right (our left). Other unknown.

tt #4

(front) Sam Russel, Elmer Purdue, Alva Rogers, Forry, Walt Liebscher, E. Everett Evans
(middle) Rah Hoffman, Phil Bronson, Al Ashley, Tigrina, Jack Wiedenbeck, Virginia Daugherty, Walt Daugherty
(rear) Toople Ashley, Beverly Bronson, Abby-Lu Ashley, Morojo


tt #5

Forry Ackerman


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