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Menace of the LASFS

February 25, 2010

Christian McGuire, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

The thudding repetitious rhythm-only version of “Taps” serenaded Meeting 3785 into order at 20:15:51.

Special Orders of Business

Sadly, we have two. Andrew Koenig, son of Walter Koenig, has died by his own hand.

Thanks to Tom Khamis, we had at our Diamond Jubilee, the last surviving charter member of the LASFS, Roy Test, Jr. Roy died last week at age 88, due to the complications of a fall. The first meeting of the LASFS was held in his garage, with his mother acting as secretary. He was in the Army Air Corps, flying a B-17. He got the Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross for his service. He continued to fly aircraft until fairly recently.

Marty Cantor reported on Jim Harmon's death, a repetition from last week.

For these individuals, we had a long moment of silence.

The Menace were read and accepted as “Consensus in science: Tutankhamon is still dead”.

Patron Saints

Maureen Garrett

Leigh Strother-Vien was her roommate for a while. Shortly after she appeared, 1977, the year Star Wars I came out, the two decided to share an apartment across the way from George Jumper. Maureen had an icky job at an office supply store, and Craig Miller hired her on to some Star Wars related job. She's still an artist, still doing art, but mostly in the realm of making paper.

Scratch called her a pleasant lady

Matthew likes to say about her, that he really liked the artworks she did. The style was to draw a circle, and then fill the circle with a beautiful alien landscape. They were all different, and all lovely. He misses her, and wishes she would come more often.

Marty Cantor said that was a later style of art form Maureen Garrett. She did artwork for a cover for Holier Than Thou in 1979.

Leigh noted she started doing the circle motif because fanzine editors needed fillos, and these were the right size.

Maureen Garrett was given three cheers, and bantha tracks!

The Registrar announced that we have guests, including. Daniel L Ryan, visiting from Wisconsin.

Time Bound Announcements

From Marketing, – go there and enter “lasfsincinfo”

Every Thursday at 6 PM, we have Neverending It's an interesting recording, a different subject every week.

Everyone who has a time-bound announcement, bring it to the President before the meeting.

Bill Ellern announced Friday at 7:00 and Saturday at 4 and 8, there will be a show at the El Capitan comprised of Richard Sherman of Sherman and Sherman and a presentation of the highlights of his latest musical. Tix are $50.

Francis Hamit wanted to know if anyone was going to Condor. He has a mission for anyone going, to be discussed offline.

And give Elayne money.

Charlie Jackson announced for those on Twitter, go read his daily 140-character movie reviews.

Old Business


Committee Reports

Arlene, as Marketing committee, announced Neverending Panel did a taping from Galaxy Press last weekend featuring John Goodwin. Coming up is a special remote taping at the Eaton collection, March 16, interviewing the staff.

Charlie Jackson announced a program tonight, Early British SFTV, Fireball XL-5. Next week, we take a break. 2nd week in March, Stingray, another British TV show.

Following that, Mushroom clouds and monster men, the Japanese monster movie phenomenon.

Following that, Len Wein talking about Human Target, and how his creation has been adapted to a new medium.

Christian McGuire: The Supermasochist (David J Williams) will show up to talk about the third book of his trilogy, “Why Jerry Pournelle is Wrong”. (ACTO CLJII)

3/7 at 11 AM, be here for memorials for Ken Porter and Phil Castora. Bring something for a potluck, there will be a Hell game afterward in their honor.

The Committee to Gouge auctioned off some stuff...

Then the Science Monitor rose to report on a team at Cal Tech, headed by Harry Atwater. They have developed a way to make completely flexible solar cells, with increased power and decreased size. They grow a forest of silicon micro-wires. The cells reflect (and lose) only half the light of a regular cell.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff reported on some putridity. He was taking a survey with a survey company. They had a bunch of irrelevant questions before the actual survey. The question asked about social networking sites he wanted to be on. The correct answer, “none of the above”, was not listed. On the repeat, “none of the above” was present. In one case, it was the first on the list

CLJII: he's seen multiple choice A, B, C, D = none of the above, E = all of the above, which includes “D = none of the above”

Francis Hamit went to the screening of Mike Donahue's film, Pooltime. It's a pretty good film, but it's not SF. It's a gay romantic comedy. Francis disclaims any competence in the area.

Leigh says it's a romantic comedy about relationships that happens to be about gays, but she Leigh can relate to it.

Francis: It was extremely well received. And it was filmed in Elayne's pool.

Hare Hobbs notes David Weber's Storm From the Shadows was a difficult book for him to read. It was the first in a parallel trilogy. It leads up to the battle, which takes place in another book. It was frustrating, but enjoyable enough to keep pulling him back in to it.


Last Thursday, Christian was shocked to see this bright flashy thing in the back room in Coral's. It's a really big TV. He had to watch four hours of curling, with the slow-motion replays.

CLJII noted one episode of The Simpsons where Homer turned out to be a great pitcher for curling, and Marge was a great broomswoman. It was the funniest thing about curling he's seen since Help.

Scratch: forgot what he was going to say

Zeff: curling is the only Winter Olympic event that does not have anything to do with blades or boards.

Jerry Pournelle: since we've come to curling, he rose to give us a picture of the future. We're eating too much meat, we're not green enough. In the future, protein must be fillet of cricket or african caterpillar. A cow needs to eat 8 grams of food to produce 1 gram of meat. Insects do the same thing with 2 grams. People will be turning green in droves.

One more item, which is very weird. holding back a torrent of rats. Every 48 years, the bamboo forests that dominate the uplands of bangladesh and myanmar simultaneously produce a feast of pear-sized fruit which allows the rat populations to explode. The rats then migrate to nearby rice fields and devour the food.

Next on the menu: Peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches.

Milt was reading the fanzine Alexiad, promoting a novel by the Kollin brothers for best novel Hugo nominations. Deadline for Hugo is 3/14. And slip in a nomination for Marc Schirmeister for fan artist.

Hare Hobbs announced our local bobcat is now at the Wildlife Waystation. Hare was outside on a walk when what he thought was a dog came prancing up, and almost got petted before he realized it was the bobcat. The other topic was those Celtic people who bought some really expensive instruments. Walter Egan, the recipient of a grant from a classical music organization, makes very intricate instruments with wood inlay and other stuff. He wants his instruments used, but people keep buying them and hanging them on walls.

Doug Crepeau was reading on the Internet about ComiCon outgrowing San Diego. May possibly move to LA or Las Vegas. Or maybe not. Also, on the bulletin board, we have a map of Dante's Internet.


Charlie Jackson noted that we'll be starting Radio Patrol the Serial next week. This is about the creation of and mystery around flexible bulletproof steel.

Tom Safer announced, this weekend, he's screening films all day from 1 PM until it's over. The theme is Cartoon Ideas in Live Action Films. It will be at the clubhouse.

We adjourned at 21:23:07.

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