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Menace of the LASFS

February 18, 2010

Christian McGuire, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3784 was hammered into existence at 20:04:45

Christian announced we will have ballots. Real soon now. Something has to happen first.

Special Orders of Business

Before we went into Special Orders, Matthew Tepper announced a resurrection of the film Metropolis. The film had been cut to pieces, and parts were thought lost forever. Amazingly, a nearly complete print showed up in Argentina, containing 20-30 minutes of footage available nowhere else. The film now has a coherent plot. Look for it in April at a local art theater, and look for DVD and Blue Ray around the end of the year.

Charlie Jackson rose to announce the loss of Jim Harmon, author and fan and member of the club. He joined in 1960, wrote some books, and passed away this week.

Matthew Tepper notes the passing of Actress and Opera singer Catherine Grayson.

For these two, we had a moment of silence.

The Menace were read and accepted as “pretty good but not exactly the way I heard it”.

Christian had a few announcements to pass along to the club:

Do Not Eat Second Sunday's Food. If you eat it from the drawers where it is stored, it won't be available for Second Sunday.

Members are welcome to arrive early and listen to Neverending Panel. Please observe LASFS Code of Conduct. “Respect yourself, others, and the property of LASFS, and treat them respectfully while on the premises.”

We've been ignoring donation levels besides Patron Saint

These include patron friend $300

Saint = $1000

Sacred object $2000

Heavenly body $3000

Celestial Anomaly is $5000

Supernova $7000

Dark Universe $11000

Moving Forward: This weekend at LASFS we have C/FO, and Sunday is nothing. Time Meddlers are meeting at a convention the following weekend.

Marty Cantor announced De Profundis will be for sale for 55¢, pick up your copy a week from today. Or the PDF is available online for free.

Arlene announced one way to benefit the club, Good Search and Good Buy. Set LASFS as the beneficiary and searches and purchases benefit the club.

Registrar Michelle announced Rob Myers, heard about us from A&M Books. We also have Peter Dingus, who found us on the web. And we have a returning guest from five years ago, Peter Brothers.

Patron Saints

Craig Miller

Christian started the ball rolling by inviting people to say nice things about him.

Sandy Cohen said for a while he was working for Lucasfilms and helped us get introduced to a lot of neat movies. He's a writer of both animation and live action, and working on a series in Australia. He was smart enough to marry Ginny Dazzo. He spent a lot of time on the BOD and on the SCIFI BOD. He co-chaired LACon II with Milt Stevens, Loscon, and co-chaired Westercon. He is still very active in fandom and conventions.

Christian added he's also an Evans Freehafer award winner. He accepts Hugos for the media categories.

Martin Young had a nice conversation where he talked about his work, and was impressed by the thought he put into his writing. In a time when children's programming is mindless drek, Craig fights the good fight.

Christian: He has written over 200 children's pieces. And Craig has been fan GOH at a Loscon.

Craig Miller was given three cheers, and old business.

Old Business

We've had a baker's score of Loscons, and we have bids.

After a neck-and-neck race, the team of Arlene Satin (Chair) and Martin Young (Vice Chair) won Loscon 38, with the theme of “Where's My Flying Car?”

We then broke for the program, brought to you by Nick O'Lodeon. For more info, web over to

Committee Reports

The Science Monitor rose to speak about a recent study of the mummies of Tutankhamon and several of his contemporaries. They have fond evidence of family connections over five generations of lineage. How did Tut die? Well, he was very frail, and lame. The broken leg was infected, and he had malaria. He needed a good health plan, obviously. Complete report is in JAMA.

CLJII announced next week's program is an installment of early British TV – Fireball XL-5.

Soon, there will be another big auction.

Arlene announced some marketing news. The Children's reading program is expanding. Auditions for readers are coming up. Fri March 26, 7:30, at the clubhouse. Bring reading material, or we'll select something from our library. Also, Neverending next week, dedicated to Dr Who.

Jerry Pournelle rose for a sage break, talking about how consensus in science is built. It's what he went in to on his website.

Michelle announced the upcoming memorials for Kenny Porter and Phil Castora, Sunday, March 7. Start time is 11.

Fannish Committee Reports



CLJII went to Disney on Mardi Gras. This is the first year they had a film set in New Orleans. Presumably they'd do something. They did.

He finally got to see Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. They've sharpened up the animatronics. The body movements are still a bit stiff, but the facial expressions are scary. It's that good.



We adjourned at 21:37:38.

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