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Menace of the LASFS

February 11, 2010

Christian McGuire, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Linux!” – Ed Hooper

Meeting 3783 was called to disorder at 20:06:29

Special Orders of Business

Marty Cantor announced the passing of Chicago fan Midge Reitan, and of William Tenn, author guest of honor at Loscon 33 at age 89.

Karen Anderson notes Willian Tenn (aka Phil Klaas) house-sat for them.

Jerry Pournelle notes Klaas was a good friend, and he wrote lots of stories, many of which you've probably read. One of the weirdest things to happen to Jerry happened in Tenn's house. Jerry was president of SFWA at the time, and had gone to a formal meeting. In Phil's house, at a sort of party for some of the writers, the phone rang. It was Robert Heinlein. He mentioned he would count it as a personal favor if Panchen did not give the paper he was scheduled to give the next day. Phil Klaas was a gentleman, an old friend, and a real master of the short story.

Hare Hobbs treasures the memory of gathering around with Phil Klaas while he was talking about comedians he had known.

Karen Anderson continued. Phil and Fruma were available to house sit because he was GOH at a Westercon. The institution where he taught gave him a year's leave of absence, and he got a visiting professorship at Berkeley. While there, he attended several SCA events in medieval garb.

John DeChancie rose to speak. He read from his zine in this week's APA-L. With a very Jewish intonation.

Greg Bilan announced his brother Mark passed last Monday. He died in a motorcycle accident.

For these individuals, we had a long moment of silence.

The Menace were read and accepted as “blank”.

Registrar Michelle Pincus rose to introduce Uriah Carr, who heard about us online, and was encouraged to visit by the Neverending Panel. Steven Holeman, heard about us through Anime LA

Patron Saints

Mike Glyer

Zeff: The Once and Future Scribe, one of the best people taking minutes at LASFS. They are entertaining, witty, and very clever, and written in longhand during the meeting as you listen to them

Christian: he's a renowned fan writer, who has won Hugos for his fanzine and editing. Writes File 770

CLJII weaned away from fandom by the one thing he found more appealing – fatherhood.

Scratch: He did have a lot of practice on fatherhood. He put up with us.

Jerry: Mike is an accomplished critic. And his wife is a fairly well-known CS Lewis scholar. Mike is one of the few critics he knows who in writing a review of one of his novellas, caused him to change a whole scene.

Hare Hobbs: First time he saw Mike Glyer, he was wearing a t shirt saying, five time Hugo loser. Finally, the semiprozine category was created for Locus, and File 770 started winning.

Christian: Recently Mike Glyer loaned his t shirt to Chris Garcia after he reached the same honorable point. Glyer was chair of LACon III. He is an excellent manager of fans, and a man with a moral compass who does not beat people about the head with it.

CLJII; passing note: almost 20 years ago, he and Glyer were at the head table, and how times change.

Matthew Tepper: was one of mike's personal assistants at LACon III. He's been one of the most pleasant and easiest to work with chairs. He knew how to juggle everything and made the right decisions.

Doug Crepeau: He is an IRS agent who does not inspire fear.

Greg Bilan: heard rumors that he came to the club to check up on us.

Mike Glyer was given three cheers, and the downfall of TurboTax

Frank Waller

Christian: he has grown a great deal since he arrived at the club.

Matthew Tepper likes best that he's such a good sport, while we've had so much fun at his expense.

Scratch: What do you mean, “at his expense”? He's always made us pay for it.

Tepper: In his years of pushing Charles Chips, he's pushed a variety of flavors of potato chips, but we're still waiting for potato flavored chips.

Zeff: It was the donations of chips that wound up adding up to his sainthood

Scratch: He has done the best Harry Mudd Scratch has ever seen

Christian: He's volunteered, and tried to be helpful, and been willing to pitch in wherever he happens to be.

CLJII: In that regard, when neverending, they were very short of manpower and brains, and Frank supplied one of them.

Arlene added, we have picture and some of his sound effects on the audio of the panels.

Frank Waller was given three loud cheers, and a Bronx cheer.

Old Business

Time-Bound Announcements

Second Sunday, starting at 11 AM, at the Board meeting, is where people bidding for next year's Loscon need to show up with their ducks in a row. Ducks include a chair, a treasurer, and hotel liaison.

At 2 PM, the LASFS open house opens up.

We're still accepting money for yearly and lifetime dues. Pay Elayne. She has a credit card machine, and knows how to use it. Also, any purchases over $10 can be paid by credit card.

Committee Reports

Marcia Minsky announced, on behalf of Loscon 36, turned over $6880.77.

Charlie Jackson called attention to the phone number associated with Yes, it's wrong.

The Committee to Gouge did its thing, and we had the Major Auction.

The Program Committee reminded us next week is Loscon bids. Also, if you see the door set with the deadbolt acting as a doorstop, please put the bolt back in so we don't damage the lock and doorframe

There's a marketing meeting this coming Wednesday. Also, on the 18th, from NeverEnding, What are the all time top 10 gadgets, Steve racer the movie sucked, opinion or fact? Best death scenes in SF fantasy movies and TV. We start at 6 and are up and out by 7. Come for the taping or check us out online.

Christian welcomed Robbie Bourget, here to set up for Gallifrey One, and John Blood, whom he can't tell from John Stone.

The Science Monitor reported on something from the Jan 30 LATimes – the microraptor from China, with feathers on four limbs. Apparently it flew. After making models, the research team determined the thing glided at least as well as a flying squirrel, and much better than a flying moose.

Fannish Committee Reports

Hare Hobbs found out why the bobcat was so friendly. It was injured and had been taken care of by a rescue group.


Karl: called attention to this week's episode of CSI Miami, apparently filmed on board the vomit comet. This had to be an expensive project, since the plane can't be cheap to fly, and each cycle that made it to film probably had at least a few takes behind it. Perhaps it was in conjunction with a real forensic scientist researching blood spatter in space?

Hare saw a piece on CBS about that episode. The research was one on the vomit comet because no one had done any like it before.


Fred Lazelle thanked one and all for condolences for his sister and mother.

CLJII rose with something Jerry Pournelle was going to love. He re-did his numbers by hand, and came up with the same number. The actual number is 6625. Yay.

We adjourned at 21:55:38.

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