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Menace of the LASFS

February 4, 2010

Christian McGuire, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3782 was convened at 20:11:10

Special Orders of Business

By special arrangement, we had no special orders of business.

The Menace were read and accepted as “I didn't know you could write minutes that way”.

Christian announced Kage Baker did make it home, and passed away Friday morning, surrounded by family.

Patron Saints

Gary Louie

Scratch: I believe he gave us some of those Lego things. Yay!

Christian: Sadly, Gary was quite a fan of Legos, and sadly died just before LegoLand was opened. Since then, a squad has gone to LegoLand in Gary's honor.

Hare Hobbs recalled that Gary was one of the few who moved around at anything like the speed he did. He also seemed to have a natural instinct for spotting when Hare was zoning out.

Arlene: Gary was one of the first who got her involved in things and included in various extra-meeting groups.

Christian: he won the Evans Freehafer award, and worked in conventions from the time he arrived until he left. If there was an art show, he was probably working it.

Joe Zeff: Gary was elected to the BOD the first year he was eligible, and remained on it for the rest of his life.

Scratch: He was reliable and level-headed.

Christian: When he wasn't a drama queen, that is. He had his memorable moments.

He stayed calm, but he was a hectic sort of calm. He was a fan of food and that's what killed him. He had had two small strokes and a heart attack that finally killed him. Gary Louie was the last person he went to Disneyland with. It was amazing how fresh, despite his age, his sense of wonder was.

Matthew wondered if anyone has told the story of the house he briefly owned. On one of his visits to China, he held in his hands for several minutes the deed to a house. By local law, the person who is holding the deed is the legal owner.

Christian: He had a condo in Newbury Park. When he passed, his family went in to the condo and said, “Oh my god, it's full of books”. That collection helped build up several libraries of science fiction. It was an incredible collection which he kept careful track of. He had his entire collection on a computer printout so he wouldn't duplicate items in his collection.

John DeChancie: Gary was quite a reader. He even read me.

Gary Louie was given three cheers and a basket full of Legos.

Mike Luwish

Jerry Pournelle: Funny, he doesn't look Luwish.

Christian: No, he looks dead. He's the son of Emil Luwish, and bought his father a sainthood.

Old Business

Second Sunday, at the Board meeting, is where people bidding for next year's Loscon need to show up with their ducks in a row.

We're still accepting money for yearly and lifetime dues. Pay Elayne.

Time-Bound Announcements

Hare Hobbs announced that he's sending fans on a quest to invade the local Salvation Army stores. He found a book with a bookplate, From the library of “Gene and Majel Roddenberry”. That book has been donated to the auction.

Marcia Minsky announced this Sunday, we're having a Loscon wrap-up. Following that, is the kick-off for Loscon 37. And speaking of kick-off, it's also Superbowl Sunday.

Greg Bilan announced Estrogen is showing Kevin Bacon movies this Saturday. Speaking of pulled pork.

Committee Reports

Matthew Tepper reported on an area bookstore. Bargain Books in Van Nuys has a small SF section, hidden away in boxes on the floor. He didn't find anything really of great interest, but as a general bookstore, it's phenomenal. It's skinny and packed. Book City / Movie World has an enormous selection of SF paperbacks. If you want SF paperbacks, this is a very good place to go. As a general book store, they have a lot of stock. They have a lot of magazines. Organization is minimal. CLJII: Movie World is the sole survivor of four bookstores run by the same guy. This is the only one that survived two uprootings due to street construction which killed 50 businesses in a 5 block stretch. This bookstore is four stores jammed into one location.

CLJII could not think of a reason not to do his committee report. Tonight, we'll have Tom Safer Cartoons. Next week, we'll have our large auction. Two weeks from tonight, we have the Loscon bids, and we'll have an extra item. Nick Smith will bring some entertainment. S.J Tucker, professional folk musician and song writer will be visiting. She has offered to come and play a few songs. The last week of the month features installment 2 of British SF – Fireball XL-5. FWEMS is the big Cary Grant day, and a salute to Chiroptercalia, a traditional holiday dating back to about 4:30 this afternoon.

For April FWEMS, we'll have Big Bug day.

March programming – we may be having people come to talk about stuff.

Greg Bilan is running a pool to guess how many awards Avatar gets. If you wish to bid, half goes to the club, half to the winner.

Arlene (Marketing) A few weeks ago we had an author guest on Neverending She wrote a book, which has now been given to the library. Ice Song by Kirsten Imani Kasai.

Also, there'll be a survey going up on the website asking what you would like to see on the website.

Timon reported that the LASFS domain unification committee has achieved part 2. Chaz has given over to our control. Yay. Next, talk to the Golds.

Christian: Westercon 63 / Conchord 23 meeting here, May 2, at 11. Show up to volunteer.

WesterChord is happening from 7/1 to 7/4 at the Pasadena Hilton. GOH for ConChord 23 – Marc Schirmeister is known for his illustrations of filk books. The musical guests are Shannon McGuire, Toastmaster = Paul Quinn; Stone Dragons from the Northeast from Interfilk. The guy from Stone Dragon is from the band Dandelion Wine. And we've confirmed some other special guests. And of course, Westercon guests – Rudy Rucker writer, Marc Schirmeister artist, and John D Berry fan. Marty Cantor pointed out John D Berry is one of the leading experts in typography, head of the World Typography association. Matthew Tepper asked if he was a font of knowledge.

Join Westercon early. Join often.

Michelle had a committee report and some guests to announce.

She announced the presence of Elias Gallegos, encouraged to visit by teleporting. We had one other guest named Stephanie, who was brought in by Scott Taggett.

The Science Minotaur noted that Marshall Nirenberg who deciphered the genetic code died at age 82. So we bid farewell to the Meisterdecoder of Nirenberg.

Tom Safer notified one and all that he shows up under forums as TSPC (Tom Safer Presents Cartoons) His next show is 2/20, and he'll be presenting a recent work.

Michelle said, please show up Sunday March 7 for the memorial service. Bring food for a potluck.

The Committee to Gouge auctioned off a bunch of stuff, guaranteed to be completely unlike what will be featured at the Big Auction next week.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff rose to announce a weird science moment. He was shopping the other day and noticed something strange in the produce dept. A package of portobello mushrooms containing a full day's requirement of vitamin D. If you expose mushrooms to UV light, you will darken their color, and they will develop vitamin D2. One portobello mushroom cap has 100% of your daily requirement of vitamin D.

Said Christian, pay Elayne.

Hare announced Bargain Books is highly recommended. Scan the regular fiction section for SF, because they aren't all that well organized.

Jerry is waiting a couple of weeks to report on what's been done to NASA.

Christian reported that MacMillan and Amazon were having a battle, for Amazon had stolen MacMillan's nice new rattle. Amazon is de-listing all of MacMillan's product over a dispute over prices. Browse to John Scalzi's website for info. Actually, check the SFWA website first.

Jerry Pournelle said it's probably a little more complicated than Christian's making it sound.

Christian said no, it's a lot more complicated than that. Go online to see.

David Okamura reported on rapid prototyping. Less than 24 hours after its announcement, a Japanese website had a 1:1 scale model of an Ipad.


CLJII reviewed a new video. The outside of the box says something about Darkside. Inside is a bunch of bonus stuff, including Family Guy, The Empire Strikes Back. It's very funny. There were some language warnings.

Bill Ellern reviewed something. He has now brought a complete set of the Smothers Brothers material. He had a Best Of DVD, he had Season 2, and he had a book, Dangerously Funny, about what happened on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, what Dick did and suffred, and how they came together originally and what happened after the show. They are in no financial pain. It's a funny book, and capable of provoking continuous reading in one session.

Hare Hobbs reviewed Lost. They're actually answering questions without leading to other questions.


Tom Safer misced that he's been approved for an all day screening 2/27. Animated ideas in live action films. The Great Race, the Villain, and Dudley Do-Right.

Nick Smith spoke about Terry Pratchett's court case. He's challenging English law on the right to die. He wants to be the one to determine how deteriorated he is at the time of his death.

We adjourned at 21:37:58

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