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Board Members: Karl Lembke, Bob Null, Darnell Coleman, Christian McGuire, Marcia Minsky, Elayne Pelz, Milt Stevens, Arlene Satin, Mike Thorsen, Robert Powell,

Members: Michael Pell, Bill Ellern, Michelle Pincus, Jeni Burr. Sherri and Tony Benoun, Joe Zeff, Gregg Bilan, Marty Cantor, Fred Lazzelle, and Judy Zeff

Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 11:05

Opening remarks:
The passing of Kenny Porter happened last week.  Possible service for Kenny Porter in the clubhouse.
Minutes: Approved with corrections
New Members: Russ Maheras, John Cox, Bryan Wolf, Tim Rickard, Tananarive Due - all approved.
Treasurer: We have some money. I am spending it.
Chairman: I gave George Mulligan his card, and he laughed at the joke; he liked the card.
Vice Chairman*: Light in APA-L room
Secretary: Last meeting was not recorded by audio; this meeting will be.
Library: Ran out of money: spent all the money for the library from the LASFS. The Library has $13,000 credit from the Massoglia bookstore.
Physical Plant: Possible new lights will be added.
A.V: Everything works   Cables need to be coordinated, and a light went out.
Quartermaster:  13,989 units to date, $9,401.00 to date. 368 items this month. $282 money this month.
Publications: No problems, no changes. Mike Thorsen asked about hosting fees which was taken care of. Elayne said that most of the websites are under

     Look into the disappearance of the Loscon webpages, Contact Scott Beckstead about what happened.  Elayne said that we should get a service that saves computer data in the internet.
Events:  Loscon 36 close-out meeting on February 7th at 11am, Loscon 37 website is activated and has 250 members. The guests of honor enjoyed Loscon 36. Westercon 63 picked up 36 membership received at Loscon.

Fundraising: Tim Trzepacz has helped us in the art for items sold on the website. Tim has also worked on the sales website and made it better.  The domain name for selling items on the website is wrong; it needs to be fixed. There were pictures that were passed out to be seen.

     We are looking for more people to do art. Milt Stevens gave the board email from Brad Foster saying that he is willing to work on art for LASFS. Original artwork is requested.
Marketing:  The children's reading program is at one library, and three libraries are interested. Arlene Satin is still waiting for the head of the LA libraries to send her back word on which libraries want to do this. We re planning to start an adult reading program.
      Arlene wanted to know who was in charge of putting the children and adult reading list. Anne Morrel is in charge of compiling the Children's Reading List Greg Barrett was the compiler of the Adult Reading List. Arlene wanted a close-to-current reading list for adults.

     The Irvine IMAX wants us to be in lobby for the opening of Avatar. panels are on the website now.


Club President: The Gift Exchange happened on Friday, Seven extra people attended from the last meeting. There was elections; no officers were hanged. The [missing] chocolate-covered manhole cover was lamented over.

Agenda Items: The roof is leaking. Elayne has a quote on getting a new roof, $8,583. It will take three days. A motion was brought up, approved, and passed unanimously. Elayne will be dealing with the roofer.

Christian McGuire: A committee will be made to make the doomsday book for Loscon, with Christian as the head of the committee

Anime Los Angeles would like to borrow the items it normally borrows, and it will make donations for borrowing. Motion passed.
Fred Patten will be given a get well card.
Darnell Coleman will be visiting Enigma before the next Board meeting.
There will no VHS or cassette tapes sold at auction; the technology is too old.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20


Recording Secretary
Darnell Coleman

Thanks to Crystal Sheean who helped.

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