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Menace of the LASFS

January 28, 2010

Christian McGuire, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Shoot someone, already!” – Jerry Pournelle

Meeting 3781 was whispered in at 20:09:23.


Special Orders of Business

The Emperor announced the passing of Zelda Rubenstein, who has gone into the light.

Monday, Fred Lazelle's sister and mother died when the house caught fire. Condolences are to be saved for when he returns.

Karen Anderson rose to announce the passing of SCA member Carol Bowman Porter aka Dutchess Carol of Bellatrix, author of Queen Carol's Handbook. She passed Sunday after being given palliative care.

The Emperor announced Big Bill Mills, father of Bill Mills, passed away this week.

For these individuals, a moment of silence was observed.

Christian announced author Kage Baker is fighting cancer. They've reached the point where they're giving up the fight.

The Menace were read and accepted as “Bill Green Memorial Minutes”.

Old Business

Loscon business: Thursday the 18th, people presenting bids for Loscon will need to be ready to present for a vote.

Elayne is still collecting for yearly dues, and payments toward lifetime dues.

Patron Saints

Gail Selinger

CLJII: Gail is a pleasant person who once soaked up a certain amount of Frank Gasperik. She is an expert on pirates, and gave us plenty of dubloons.

MBT: In addition to being an expert on pirate,s she writes romance novels which she self-publishes. She was a teacher in the NYC public schools.

Larry Niven: Gail's an old friend. At one point, invested in an art gallery she ran. It failed.

Gail Selinger was given three cheers and a bottle of rum.

Rick Sneary

Karen Anderson rose to say, we owe him South Gate in '58. The Alexandria hotel is now the location of an upscale eating place, and she has to get back there. It was a good convention hotel, at least for the South Gate Worldcon. There, she met Len and June when they were married to other people. Rick was word blind. They thought his misspellings were so endearing, they reproduced them to his chagrin. He was undersized and a bit sickly, but he was interested in things that included fighting. Rick was a well rounded Lasfan and we owe a great deal to him.

Milt: he was always in fragile condition, and had six months to live for a period of 42 years. First noticed him in Startling Stories and other letter columns. He came across as the most wise ass of wise ass teenagers. When they finally met, he had been writing for quite a while.

CLJII: Remember Rick was also honored by Rick Young, with the South Gate Loscon in 88.

Rick Sneary was given three cheers and is it too late for South Gate Again in 2010?

The Registrar introduced guests: Cynthia Cordell, AJ Catalano, David Aguilar, Jim Sullivan. Three of these people heard about us through Neverending

The Committee to Gouge auctioned off some posters, a box, and a book on knitting. a zoo, and some space.

Time-Bound Announcements

Second Sunday, the 14th, is the Board meeting at 11. At 2 PM, we have open house, gaming, etc.

Nothing happening this weekend anyone needs to know about.

Committee Reports

Karen reported on something scientific, news pertaining to the Spirit rover.

Spirit's roving days are over, NASA has announced. If it survives winter, it will continue to serve as a fixed observation point. It got stuck on May 6 when its wheels broke through the hard crust on soft sand. As it sits, Spirit may be able to use its radio signals to tell whether the core of Mars is solid or liquid.

Milt notes we have acquired photos from Dik Daniels. The first 474 scans have been shipped to the Golds. He wasn't the greatest photographer in the world, but he kept trying and got some good stuff. Daniels had a penchant for photographing attractive young women at conventions, which is not entirely a bad thing. Christian said all are invited to visit the website and try to identify people in the photos.

Bill Ellern notes Dik blazed away at every event he attended. There are several thousand pictures in existence.

Michelle Pincus rose to announce that on Sunday, March 7, at 11 AM, there will be a memorial for Ken Porter and Phil Castora. There will be hell games in their honor. We want people to bring stuff for a potluck.

Arlene (marketing) has started putting stuff on the website, lined under “Cool Stuff”. Some is videos from You-Tube.

CLJII: Next week, Safer cartoons. Other things were mentioned elsewhere, and we'll get to them in later weeks. March 11, we have an auction. Rick Foss has contacted him, and suggested a program item, getting local authors with Hugo-nominated material to come in and read us stuff. (Easy to get authors to do, except for the authors who look at their stuff and ask, “Did I write this crap?”)

Christian noted this is now the nomination period for this year's Hugos. Nominate early, nominate often.

Chtistian remembered another committee – Westercon 63 / ConChord 23, July 1-4 at the Pasadena Hilton.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff reported on pure putridity. One thing that happens on writers' board he infests is people post short samples of their writing for critiques and suggestions. The other day something was posted that was so badly written, the only comment he could think of was a comment by John DeChancie: “I didn't know you could write a scene that way.”

Hare: The cat came back. The bobcat is still wandering around the neighborhood. It seems to like on the picnic table on his porch. Other thing, woke up one morning to find the front bathroom had been T-P'd. It was actually done by the household cat.

Matthew Tepper commented, “there's an app for that.” It will let you simulate unrolling a roll of toilet paper. It still doesn't substitute for the real thing in other uses.

Scratch opened up the over or under the roll debate, and Christian answered a phone call.


Christian reviewed an independent film promoted by the Canadian Film Board. They have uploaded all the stuff they've paid for in the past, but if you google Film Board of Canada. One of his favorite animations is done to the tune, The Cat Came Back.

Darcee: Lasik is surreal. Ten minutes, you're done, and you have 20/20 vision. She recommends Dr. Tuma in Huntington Beach.

Milt Stevens watched the pilot of Caprica. He liked it. It has a much better story than BSG. This gets more into issues of the soul and why they were always seeming to worry about God a lot.

CLJII reviewed a show that's not very STFNal, based on a comic strip co-created by Len Wein, Human Target. Hoping to get Len to come and talk about it. It's reasonably interesting – about a guy who's a bodyguard for hire. He doesn't stand out. He hides near the target, and when someone comes to kill him, he is able to jump out and capture the killer. Recommended.

Other, a slightly disappointing restaurant – the Oinkster. Ads made it seem like it had a wide variety of dishes. They actually only have about four items, with a few variations. They have lots of beers. Pulled pork is their specialty, and the only pork on their menu. It's not too expensive, but it's OK – if you happen to be in Eagle Rock.

Scott Beckstead mentioned that's the proper way to do pulled pork

Bill Ellern reviewed something called The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Mom always liked the DVD best! Season 3 was out, now Season 2 is out. Also, there's a book of the politics and events occurring during the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Apparently Tommy Smothers has made the tapes available to Time-Life.

Jerry Pournelle commented his neighbor was the censor assigned to the Smothers Brothers, and it drove him to early retirement. The law was fairly severe, and people were jailed for saying certain words on the air. The Smothers Brothers liked to come as close as they could to being censored, and it drove him crazy.

Christian remembered he had lunch today. He had it at the Grilled Cheese Truck. Go to It's worth trying if it happens to pass through your neighborhood. Their most expensive was a macaroni and cheese and onion and pulled pork sandwich. They have good tomato soup.


Doug Crepeau notes a new collectors item. Some $26M – the Shuttle Enterprise.

Jerry Pournelle tried to mention this earlier, but JD Salinger died today.

Hare Hobbs rose to announce James Cameron likes keeping props from his movies. Avatar's prop was rather big. He put it on the front lawn of his house in Malibu – the robot from the end of the movie.

CLJII notes there's been a bookkeeping error, and it's higher than the total for this year. Now he has to re-count, and he may be off by as many as 200.

Scott Beckstead made the motion he had been trying to make for the past ten minutes.

We adjourned at 21:21:10

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