Tales of the Time Travelers, Adventures of Forrest J Ackerman and Julius Schwartz. PDF Print E-mail

reviewed by Len Moffatt

Edited by John L. Coker, III

Foreword by John Norman.  

Introduction by Ray Bradbury

(Days of Wonder Publishers 2009)   

This is a hardcover book in a slipcase.  The case and the front cover and spine are gold embossed. 
The cover measures 8½” X 11".   The interior paper measure is 8½” X 10“ and is 1" thick.  The book weighs 3.6 pounds on our digital scale.

I give you all this information because the pages are not numbered.

The lack of pagination does not detract from the enjoyment or use of this marvelous book.

The four-page detailed Table of Contents lists all the items in the order that they appear.

I have a contributor’s copy of this deluxe edition because of my two articles, one on the 4th World Science Fiction Convention and one on the Outlander Society.  I also supplied a number of the photos (some taken by me and some taken by others) from our accumulation of a lifetime in fandom.

It will take June and me a while to read everything in this great tribute to Forry and Julie that includes a lot of history by and about other fans, pros, and events going back to the very first fanzines, clubs and conventions.   To give you an idea:

After Ray’s Introduction there are fifteen articles by Forry and a dozen by Julie.  The next section is labeled “Our Lives and Times” featuring pieces by Murphy Anderson, Edd Cartier, John L. Coker, III, Walter J. Daugherty, James E. Gunn, Ray Harryhausen, David A. Kyle, Robert A. Madle, Len J. Moffatt, Sam Moskowitz, Frederik Pohl, Conrad H. Ruppert, Robert Silverberg, and Wilson “Bob” Tucker.  But wait — there’s more!

There are articles about L. Ron Hubbard by Forry, Edd Cartier, Walter J. Daugherty, Lloyd Eshbach (who is the most critical of Hubbard), and David A. Kyle.    

There are transcribed “Conversations” from interviews and panel discussions featuring Forry and Julie and other fans and pros including Phil Farmer, Bob Tucker, Sam Moskowitz, Rusty Hevelin, Erle Korshak, and a panel about the Fourth WorldCon in 1946 that I was on with Forry, Jack Speer and Art Widner at the 64th WorldCon  in 2006.

This tome is chock full of science fiction fan and pro history and illustrated with many photos as well as artwork by Edd Cartier, Kelly Freas, Virgil Partch and others.  And then there are the Appendices...

I understand that this first edition is out of print already due to pre-publication orders.  John says that it may be next summer before another edition will be available.  He didn’t mention the price but you can write to him at:  




PO Box 536550  

ORLANDO, FL, 32853.

- Len

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