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Menace of the LASFS

January 21, 2010

Christian McGuire, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

A flood light! Just the thing for today!” – Hare Hobbs

Meeting 3780 was opened in the middle of a light flood at 20:10:51

Special Orders of Business

The Emperor announced a couple of losses. First is Takumi Shibano, who passed last weekend at the advanced age of 83. Takumi was an important member of Japanese SF fandom.

The other death is a novelist, Robert B. Parker. He created the Spencer character, and Hawk and other friends, which led to a TV series that lasted several years.

Joe Zeff notes that in some of the later books, the author started making references to Arlo and Janis, the comic strip. In one story, Spencer was cutting the strip out of the paper. The strip subsequently illustrated that scene.

For these folks, we had a moment of silence.

The Menace were read and accepted as “Christian is – oh, never mind, I forgot”.

Old Business

Pay Elayne.

Present Loscon bids at February Board Meeting

For those who are interested, Michelle Pincus is a committee to put together a Phil Castora / Ken Porter memorial at the club. See her for more details.

New Business


Time-Bound Announcements

Hare Hobbs rose to announce he has no way home. He needs a ride. Bill Green offered one, and the matter was declared settled.

Saturday will be an ALA recap meeting. IT will be crowded, noisy, and very short on cosplay.

Thursday, there'll be another meeting.

Committee Reports

Arlene Satin announced the Neverending Panel next week is a collaborative writing panel with Larry, Jerry, and hopefully Steve Barnes.

CLJII announced programs for next month. 4th, Safer presents cartoons.

11th auction

18th Loscon presentation and voting

25th, 2nd installment of British TV.

FWEMS = Cary Grant films

Marcia Minsky announced Feb 7, Loscon 36 wraps up. Shortly after that, Loscon 37 kicks off.

Patron Saints

Jeff Siegel

Scratch: He gave us money.

Matthew Tepper: he served in the Air Force.

Joe Zeff: He was the first to introduce us to Japanimation.

CLJII knew Jeff, but not well, They got along OK, but he doesn't have anything meaningful to say.

Christian: he was quiet and non-intrusive, and thus not very fannish.

Jeff Siegel was given three loud cheers and a DFC.

The Registrar announced Julie Scott, a member of the Time Meddlers. She was pulled in by the

Fannish Committee Reports

Matthew Tepper announced that on account of the quakes in Haiti, many organizations have been working in Haiti. To donate, text Haiti to 90999. This causes a $10 charge to appear on your phone bill, and $10 to be donated to the Red Cross.

Scratch: The mobile agencies are foregoing their usual text charges for this. It's the largest phone generation of capitol in history.

Bob Null notes one bug in the system was the money wasn't going to be paid to Red Cross until the end of the billing cycle, but at least one provider is advancing money.

Hare notes there was a bobcat sleeping on the back porch for an hour to stay out of the rain. He decided to take a cat-nap on the porch.

David Okamura notes that Hilber Graf has passed away from pancreatic cancer. He was 54. He was frequently in the dealers rooms in conventions. He started doing animation for Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, and went into model making. He was a writer, and wrote at least one book David knows of. He used to have haunted houses at his home for Halloween, and donate the proceeds to the Boy Scouts.

Timon notes the unification of LASF domains has acquired Scott Beckstead's domain, Next stop: Chaz for The committee for reducing the deficit in medieval castles has postponed its trip to Glendale.

Elayne: anyone who donated money to LASFS – the list of donations is up.


Connor Foss reviewed a video game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat – it's set in the Ukrane in a universe where Chernobyl caused rifts in space and time.

Matthew Tepper read The Princess Bride by Goldman. It was an extremely pleasant and hilarious novel. Goldman did a great job making the novel into a screenplay.

Christian notes Douglas Copeland has a book The Gum Thief. It's good, but kind of depressing. It concerns a 43 year old guy who doesn't know what he's doing with his life. He's in a platonic relationship with a goth girl, then in a relationship with her mother.

Timon reviewed Cory Doctorow's new book, Makers. Go to to download. This book takes the maker movement and extrapolates it into the future. These people build an open-source amusement park, and the book follows their rise and fall. Disney sues.

Julie Scott saw Final Destination 4. It's what you'd expect – people get killed in freaky accidents. And there's a thread of a plot that ties it together. Only good thing – they were very creative. It's worth seeing for 99 cents.

Christian suggested a TV special from the other side – death sitting there, these things don't happen, and Death has to fix it.

John DeChancie reviewed Avatar, another comedy. He laughed all the way through it. The plot was cliches strung like a charm bracelet. He was asked to leave a couple of times.

CLJII reviewed the seven books the movie Avatar ripped off. He also reviewed Final Destination – fourth of a series that's trying its best to pretend there were no previous movies in the series. It's really the same movie over and over with the same cast.

Michelle commented on Book of Eli – Denzell Washington gives a kick-ass performance. Last bible on earth, and he's walking west with it. And avoid Death at a Funeral. It sucked as a British movie, and is expected to suck as a black movie.

Christian recommends seeing the British version of Death at a Funeral.

Hare: Final destination movies – when it comes to slasher category, the main fans are slasher artsy fartsy types.

Karl reviewed Wells Fargo – very responsive and cooperative when someone cloned the debit card and helped themselves to money from his account.

Matthew Tepper reviewed Chase's response when he had the same problem. – someone spending a whole bunch of money from his account at a Wal-Mart in Chino.

Richard Costas had much better response from Chase when his card was abused.

Michelle Pincus suggests we drive safely

Hare Hobbs notes Bank of America was not so responsive. It took them two months.

Frank Waller had the same thing happen to him. He switched to Union Bank. He told them he has a Jewish mother – cross her, and die.


CLJII warned – the latest piece of malicious extortion ware debuted Saturday night – Antivirus Life, claims to be from Windows. It hijacks parts of other websites, bangs against the firewall, and interferes with access to Windows. Right now, the only way to get rid of it is to pay someone to evict it. (Later, it turns out to be trivially easy to get rid of.) (And there was much rejoicing.)

By popular demand, we adjourned at 21:12:35.

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