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Menace of the LASFS

January 14, 2010

Christian McGuire, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

What's up?” – Michelle Pincus. “Nothing in Haiti!” – Jerry Pournelle That's the way the cheap no-building-code buildings crumble.

Meeting 3779 was ordered up 20:06:52.

Special Orders of Business

Christian had a special order of business. The subject is not dead, but very sick. Baycon lost 50% of its staff, including everyone at the senior level except the chair and publications. Keep the convention in your thoughts, if not necessarily the people.

Milt Stevens added that the corporation behind Baycon is a non-profit, and it hasn't filed taxes for years, and has lost its corporate status. So while Baycon still lives, its backers have discorporated.

The Emperor had no other special orders of business.

The Menace were read and accepted as “Strawberry Crabs Forever”.

Old Business

From John Hertz, we are in receipt of a booklet from Ken Porter's memorial service. Christian read the eulogy to the club.

New Business


Time-Bound Announcements

Arlene: Wednesday is a Marketing meeting, 7:30 here.

Elayne announced it's a new year. $110 annual dues payable now.

Marty Massoglia is running his semi-annual sale starting Sunday, running until the following Sunday.

Christian: Saturday, we have C/FO meeting. Friday will be an open house. Sunday will be the meeting of the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles.

Ed Hooper announced that the Anime Los Angeles post-mortem is a week from Saturday. This convention was noted for having 3100 crazy kids and 200 crazy adults running around the hotel.

Patron Saints

Bruce Pelz

Milt Stevens said of him, he's turning in his grave to be remembered as “a wonderful human being”.

Marty Massoglia notes he won the nickname Brucifer.

Joe Zeff: He didn't just collect things, he collected collections. Once, after coming back from a convention, there was a ribbon “The Ribbon Bruce Pelz Won't Get”. You did get one? “Oh, yes.”

Ed Hooper: heard Pelz referred to as Smof #2. #1 was Charles M. Brown.

Greg Bilan: Elayne was Speaker to the Moose.

Marty M. He's responsible for us having a clubhouse. He was a prime moneymaker.

Christina: He loved to share his passions and fannishness. HE was lifelong reader, and as a bookseller, he'd find books for people that they'd enjoy. He has chaired a Worldcon, he was fan guest of honor at Worldcon, he was an eagle scout, and he was a silver beaver. He was a spelunker in his younger days. He was one of the few omniapans. He was also the person responsible responsible for us having the Pillar of the LASFS. And he was the first to be so honored.

Hare: One time, Disneyland had bought the strawberry farm they wanted. They were becoming like the Borg – yes, said Bruce, Borg of Anaheim. He was very good at getting money out of people.

Maryann: Yet, when he was out at his book table, he would tell her enough of the story of books to remind her whether she'd read it or not.

Greg Bilan: He's a two-time winner of the Evans Freehafer award.

CLJII: He enjoyed many thing,s including accumulating knowledge. His knowledge was extensive, broad and deep. Once, thinking of a joke that required knowing both Flanders and Swann and Pokemon, Bruce was the logical one to tell it to.

Frank Waller: He's one of the few people here that, when he was a fledgling member of LASFS, built up his confidence.

CLJII added – When Bruce Pelz shook his money maker, it was the club that rocked back and forth until money fell out.

Bruce Pelz was given three loud cheers and a round-the-world cruise.

Karl: He's also a sacred object.

Christian McGuire

If you kill me before Westercon, Elayne will kill you.

Arlene: CB McGuire – what can you say? He can run one hell of a convention. Worldcon, four Loscons, NASFIC, Gallifrey, and currently working on a Westercon. It's Christian's fault that she's a member of LASFS; he brought Arlene into the club.

Milt: He had relations with hotels. Lots of hotels.

Zeff: when Christian first encountered LASFS, he jumped into helping out the club, even taking on the job of Scribe, before knowing who everyone was. So he referred to one fan as The Guy With the Sideburns.

Michelle Pincus: He's honest and – erstwhile hell player, and owes Elayne three bucks.

CLJII: All his fine accomplishments have been achieved without steroids.

Matthew Tepper: Delighted to embarrass Christian by recounting a conversation with his mother. She told Matthew she is proud of him.

Christian was a t Anime LA, and Lynx was down from the Bay Area. The time we got the truck stuck in the sand at the beach. He used that as a Christian The Science Monitor moment the following meeting.

Christian McGuire was given three loud cheers and a rocking chair.

Committee Reports

The committee to gouge auctioned off, among other things, a calendar for the current year, an Avatar movie poster, a microwave oven, and a storage tub.

Time Bound Announcements

Marty Cantor announced a board gaming event – southern California game day at the Elks lodge in Tujunga.


CLJII (program) instituting a series of British TV shows, tonight we start with Supercar. We have a fine video collection, with DVDs and Tapes.

No FWEMS this month, but Cary Grant next month. Estrogen Zone folks are invited to show up and share the day.

And some time in the near future there'll be a Big Auction.

Fannish Committee Reports:

Bob Null announced the roof is fixed.

Charlie recalled we once had a rainstorm so hard that if you stepped off the front porch, you were standing in water, and would be standing in water all the way to the door of the liquor store.

The Registrar announced a guest: Andrew Johnston, who heard about us from a friend.

We have a science minute. Michelle discussed the avalanche on Mars.


David reviewed a book called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The word you're looking for is Unnecessary. Why was it necessary for the non-jane-austen author to include details of disgusting bodily fuctions and weird sex acts? Don't waste your time. The sequel, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters – he declines to participate. What do authors need? Brains!

Christian notes the LASFS library has a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Michelle saw Daybreakers. Not horrible, but very low budget. Cashing in on the vampire craze. They couldn't afford niceties like a plot.

Hare spent Saturday at ALA. Enjoyed it quite a bit. Noticed there were more costumes with the women more covered up than two years ago. There's apparently a series with a woman in a big pink, fluffy, old-fashioned dress that's quite popular. It was a very good convention. It's getting close to outgrowing the hotel.

Christian: If you like Anime, ALA is a good place to go. If you like Cosplay, it's a great place to go. Costumes outnumbered people by a factor of 2 or 3 or so. One of the costumes was a ninja stand-up comedian. Also, invited by Chas Baden was the Spoony Bards, a group from Chicago.

Cathy Beckstead added a review of the Spoony Bards elevator concert. It was pretty good.

Connor Foss: he was the driver, and they gave him two CDs to show for it.

Christian: During the line-up for the Cosplay masquerade, they serenaded the line. They kept the line gruntled.

CLJII reviewed Ringo Starr, based on his new album. He's been on TV singing one new song and one old song over and over again. // on a situation comedy, “We have more brains here than zombie Thanksgivng. (By the Kingston trio)


CLJII: This is a book. If some alien society got hold of it and based their society on it, it would be the worst Star Trek episode ever. It's The List, of all 6020 films he's ever seen.

Ed Hooper: In 4+ weeks is a convention called Gallifrey One. It's a doctor who convention.

Hare: just counted CDs and he's only got 5832.

Joe Zeff had a bit of putridity. Recently visited primary physician at VA. Today, got a package with prescriptions in it, including one for a drug he didn't know he was prescribed. One of the nine meds calls for ½ pills per day. They sent him a pill splitter, and he now has five of them.

Darnell saw Daybreakers and it was pretty good.

Hare moved to vacate.

We adjourned at 21:21:21.

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