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1990, Hacienda Hotel

ddc #1
Unknown, Frederik Pohl, Bill Conlin
ddc #2
Unknown, Frederik Pohl, Bill Conlin
ddc #3
Frederik Pohl
ddc #4
Frederik Pohl
ddc #5
Paul Zimmer, Keith Williams
ddc #6
Keith Williams, Marty Massoglia, Alice Massoglia
ddc #7
Keith Williams, Diane (Momcat) Myers with Aahz (ball python)
ddc #8
Jack Williamson
ddc #9
Frederik Pohl, Forry Ackerman
ddc #10
Frank Kelly Freas, Laura Brodian Freas
ddc #11
Frank Kelly Freas
ddc #12
Bill Ellern, Anne Morrel, Keith Williams

ddc #13
Unknown security shift captain
(probably not Dwight Cass)

(Keith Williams in background)

ddc #14
Katwen Trimble

ddc #15

Anne Morrel in the middle as MC

ddc #16
The folk/filk group Windbourne:
L to R: Kathy Ring, Rilla Heslin, Harold Groot, Karen Rodgers

ddc #17
ddc #18
First Row: Len Moffatt, June Moffatt, Unknown, Forry Ackerman
ddc #19
ddc #20
ddc #21
"Jon DeCles" (Don Studebaker, husband of Diana Paxson)
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