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Menace of the LASFS

December 31, 2009

Christian McGuire, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind, you must be a LASFS saint.”

Meeting 3777 was ordered up at 20:07:27.

Special Orders of Business

No one who had the courage to notify CLJII died.

We mentioned the passing of Dan Obannon.

We also mentioned the knighting of Patrick Stewart and Peter Jackson.

The Menace were read and finally accepted as “Blue, but not enough to moon it”

Old Business


New Business


Patron Saint

Forry Ackerman

Christian: He's been here forever. He's here in spirit. He didn't start the club, but was an early adopter.

Hare Hobbs: all you gotta do is see The Sci Fi Boys and you'll know what an impact he had on the world. And that was just the movie industry.

Christian notes Forry's wife translated the book Metropolis from German into English. And all the better, since she was never a fan.

Jerry notes he had a career as a literary agent, and was instrumental in the careers of writers like Bradbury. He was always very generous.

Doug Crepeau: Before Forry died, he told him we were onto theories that would permit interstellar travels. He also arranged for the star of Double D Avenger to visit Forry

Marty Cantor notes he only spoke to Forry in fan lounges in Baltimore and Denver, but not very much, so not much to say.

Christian: Forry has a prize named after him, awarded every year. We should also remember that his record of attending Worldcons has yet to be broken, though it's bending. We're at 70 Worldcons, and he made 63, and the runner up is in the 50s.

Bill Ellern: Forry was the ultimate collector, starting as a young man. His collection was probably the most extensive at one time. He had extensive runs of pulp magazines. He became an agent in order to make a living. He specialized in providing publishers with stories by authors who had either disappeared or were dead. He provided the results minus his commission to the family. He collected extensively from movies and films, having numerous file cabinets full of stills, which led to Famous Monsters of Filmland. This book got numerous people interested in exploring make-up and making monster movies. He had incredible patience, was a friend to almost everyone. He and Bill discussed one author Forry tried to represent, but when Hollywood knocked, the author split from Forry and got a different agent. When he fell on hard times, he wrote Forry asking to borrow money. Forry wasn't sure he could afford to loan the money, but he was seriously considering it. He was always willing to listen to people. He enjoyed being invited to speak at conventions, and would bring back boxes of books. He held parties, at least once a year, and at those parties some of the fans would entertain the crowd, and the entertainment was wonderful At one party, A.E. Van Vogt was in attendance. He had a theory that a SF magazine was dependent on the imagination and the way to inspire imagination was to never sleep more than 15 minutes. So for over 10 years, he had an alarm clock that would wake him every 15 minutes. Having perused his stories over that period, it didn't work.

Forry was a friend of everyone, and had enormous birthday parties to which he invited 500 of his nearest friends. He did things like, at the Egyptian theater when they were opening, he bought 143 seats at $1000 each. They bore his name on plaques. At one time, he had an agreement with a town in Germany to transfer his collection there. They got all of one room, and then reneged on the deal. He had a collection of manuscripts by authors that had to be seen to be believed, including manuscripts by Doc Smith (also some unpublished stories).

Hare Hobbs: Note: Ray Bradbury were good friends in high school, then after high school, he and Ray Harryhausen became good friends. These three were kept together by Forry.

CLJII: has mentioned more than anyone cares to hear, found LASFS through Forry. Forry was important to him as a teenager, because until he discovered Famous Monsters, he didn't know anyone who also liked those movies and magazines. The fact there was a national magazine that people would buy was a big deal. It was a pleasure knowing in his last years, he was one of Charlie's readers. Forry was always very gracous, sharing. Sometimes too generous. Sometimes people would take advantage of him. Once, in 1984, he almost swore off loaning stuff to him. Forry was someone Charlie was proud to have had as a friend. He has learned, in the beginning of the century, he was one of Forry's closest friends. An honor he only shares with half a thousand people.

Forry Ackerman was given three loud cheers and a big green star.

Time Bound Announcements

Midnight tonight, reset your calendars to 2010.

BOD meeting for second Sunday is cancelled. Second Sunday stuff starts at noon.

Friday, January 1, there will be gaming at the club.

After this meeting is adjourned, there w ill be refreshments, and the Party of Last Resort.

Greg Bilan notes in less than a minute, it will be new year's eve in New York.

Tripe will be taking place on Saturday.

No alcohol is allowed on the club. To toast the new year, we have toast.

Why no BOD meeting? There's a convention. Anime Los Angeles at LAX Marriott, Jan 8-10.

Committee Reports

CLJII: We will have programs next month. Next week, assuming we have people to discuss it, we'll have a panel discussion, “Arthur C Clarke, Threat or Menace?”

FWEMS is coming up in February. Theme is a day of Cary Grant movies.

In the absence of Karen and Michelle, Christian the Science Monitor announced this Sunday, Mars Rover Spirit marks 6 years of exploration. It was supposed to work for 3 months at most. Well, it did so 24 times in a row. But it's stuck in a sand trap. Maybe they need to call the Martian Auto Club. (Larry Niven suggested Tiger Woods could get the probe out of the sand trap.) (One of these days, Tiger, to Mars!) The highest priority for this mission is to stay mobile, if possible.

Bob Null notes the Russians have announced they're developing a project to make sure the asteroid Apophis doesn't hit the earth.

Fannish Committee Reports

Hare Hobbs notes they're using the San Fernando Valley for an experiment. They're getting houses to host weather stations, putting 25 to 100 sensors around each house, to see how much temperature variability they see over small areas.

Doug Crepeau announced that Avatar seems to have borrowed from Poul Anderson. (The story is “Call Me Joe”.)

Christian reminded one and all. If you have a time-bound announcement, approach Christian before the meeting and tell him what it is. And all committees are re-appointed.

Doug Crepeau notes Jib Jab has a new thingy for 2009.


Christian reviewed Avatar. In hindsight, agrees with Doug. Wow. Preferred book – all the setting stuff came from The Word for World is Forest. Read that book.

Doug Crepeau said, get the latest issue of Cinefex.

Mike Thorson reviewed the 3-D sunglasses he was wearing. They're supposed to bring out new dimensions of reality to whatever you view through them. The don't work.

Marty Cantor says, if you're not aware of the fact that LASFS member Jim Tannenbaum was the sound engineer, for Avatar – well, now you are.

Hare Hobbs' mother bought a set of the new sketcher's conditioning sneakers. Don't drive in them until you've had lots of practice with them.

Mike Thorson added that although he didn't enjoy the 3-d as much as the 2-d version of Avatar, the 3-d version gave his employer an enormous amount of business.

CLJII: review: a reconstruction of 1922 version of Sherlock Holmes with Jack Barrymore, back to back with A Study in Terror, Holmes meets Jack the Ripper. It's attributed to Ellery Queen, who allegedly got a manuscript written by Watson. In the book, at the end, Ellery explains to his father that Holmes was lying about who the Ripper was, and why he'll never tell who it was.

LASFS winter holiday party: Thanks to lots of people, we had a party. The party went very well. There was chicken and fish, taquitos, and baked goods. Lots of people were watching the movies he played.

Christian seconded the review. He would have attended more of the party, but he was distracted by a meal in Hemet.

Christian reviewed Fred's new wheel chair. It looks cool, but it's heavier than the old one.

Christian read a book called Couch. It's a quest book, about three slackers sharing an apartment in Portland. When they're thrown out with the couch, they go on a quest with the couch, chasing down Incan legends, and traveling to South America on the couch.

Joe Zeff reviewed the replacement wheelchair they got for his mom. It's lighter and more maneuverable.

Hare reviewed Up, the Disney movie. “Squirrel!!!” He very much enjoyed it. It's slow starting, but not fatally so. Favorite character was the dog.

Doug reviewed the notorious version of Alice in Wonderland done by Bill Osco. You can find the entire movie online.

Christian selling off his copy of The Dark Knight for $5.


CLJII announced his numbers.

The total views for the year = 240

Frank has stuff in his truck.

Hare moved we dethrone the Emperor.

We adjourned at 21:39:03.

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