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Menace of the LASFS

December 24, 2009

Christian McGuire, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Remind everyone John wrote a Witchblade novel. Maybe someone'll buy it to give to him.”

Meeting 3776 was invoked at 20:05:35

Special Orders of Business

According to Charlie Jackson, no one officially died this week. I see a movie title – “The Emperor Takes a Holiday”!

The Menace were read and accepted as “We wish you a whiny Festivus”

Old Business

Shall we or shall we not acknowledge the existence of Matthew B Tepper for another year?

Nola pointed out we've acknowledged that Matthew Tepper's Ipod exists.

Matthew pointed out such an existential question is a religious discussion, not germane to this venue. Indeed, it is positively French.

Bill Anderson sent a post card showing a Dalek getting a parking ticket.

We have received a letter from the Michael Mason Foundation: Contributing $1000 to LASFS for the needs of the LASFS Library. This brings the Foundation's total of donations up to $5500.

The Registrar announced we have no guests.

Patron Saint

We have three saints – count them – three!!!

Robbie Bourget

Marty says, “she pronounces it bour gett” If she doesn't say nice things about her, she'll be unhappy. She might be one of the better things he contributed to the club. By finding her at a Worldcon in Chicago and marrying her.

Mike Thorson recalled she was treasurer for many years. She inaugurated the war cry, “we have money, we can't spend it.” She also Gm'd a nice game of Dr Who.

Christian: first time walking through the door of the LASFS, he encountered two people having a loud and energetic argument about the proper use of stencils and the Gestetner. He saw what looked like Prince Valiant smoking a pipe having an argument with a pale redhead in Western garb. It was a while be fore he realized not only was the subject of the argument real, the two arguers were married. To each other.

Hare: When she was treasurer, she also used to yell “give me money!” and people did. She is also one of the most authoritative people in the club. If you didn't do what she told you to, you were in trouble.

Nola: Her game mastery was very good. She would introduce Canadian history into the games she ran. Once, gave Nola a priceless piece of information that helped her keep the job, “the only way to guarantee being on time using the MTA is to show up early.”

Marcia: enjoys sitting down for a game of Hell with her when she's in town.

Greg Bilan: never challenge Robbie at Hell, and never try to take anything from her off the street.

Joe Zeff: Years ago, Robbie helped found Gallifrey. Being the very first, it was called Gallifrey One. It lost so much money, people swore there would be no Gallifrey Two until after the losses of the first one were paid off.

Christian: Robbie arrived in Los Angeles with an idea for a Dr Who convention. She was finally able to make it come to fruition, and is celebrating its 21st year this year.

John DeChancie: first met Robbie Bourget at a Loscon in 1990 or thereabouts. Something he said pissed her off, and she remains pissed off at him. And she won't tell him what it was.

Hare: Another thing she used to say was, since she worked at the Canadian Consulate, was she took the MTA to Canada to work every day.

She was vice chair to Worldcon, chaired a Loscon or two, and in 2009 she chaired the Montreal Worldcon. She's also won the Evans Freehafer award, she was on the Board, of LASFS

Marty: She won Duff with Marty Cantor, and a year or two later, NorWesCon Alternicon invited her and Marty as co fan guests of honor.

Christian: Oh, she has a son and a daughter in law.

Robbie Bourget was given three cheers and no reveal and Kill Sandy.

Marty Cantor

Christian called him the dean of Curmudgeons, and when he passes, there aren't any ten who can stand in his shoes.

Darnell has enjoyed Marty Cantor when they played board games. Darnell is a vicious player. And when his uncle passed, it was Marty who was the most sympathetic.

Karl: He's the man who puts the “cur” in curmudgeon.

Joe Zeff: Recently a mailing list was created for the purpose of annoying Marty Cantor. When he heard about it, he insisted on being allowed to join it.

Hare: Two years in a row, he's gotten a cat present at the Gift Exchange.

George Mulligan: They've had their rows, but there are plenty of people who will gripe about what happens here. Marty has always busted his hind end doing stuff for the club, for conventions, etc. He's put a lot of work into this organization. He is the Little Tin God of the Stannous Church of LASFAPA. And he's been known to write fanzines, with Holier than Thou being his Hugo Nominated fanzine. His current fanzine is No Award, which gets nominated in every category of the Hugos, but never wins.

Marty Cantor was given three loud cheers and and a Bronx Cheer. (Better than a Queens Cheer)

Elayne Pelz

Darnell: Years ago, he did a few bad things in the club, earning himself a black mark. Elayne allowed him to work with her when she took over the library, and he learned how to work with her and she erased the black mark. He also credits her with getting him onto the board.

Christian: She is not a pillar of the LASFS, but she is part of the foundation. She is treasurer of the LASFS, outgoing and incoming Loscon, keeper of the entire database of Southern California fans; Treasurer of Anime Los Angeles, maintains the database for Gallifrey One. She does them because she'd rather do them herself than see them done badly. And she's chaired a Loscon or two, and won the Evans Freehafer award twice. And she re-cataloged the library of the LASFS during the run-up to Worldcon she was treasurer for, because she didn't have enough to do.

Scratch: If you want something done, give it to a busy woman.

Hare: Was she the original She Who Must Be Obeyed? No, but she's in the running. She was treasurer when he first joined. She used to have a cash box, and she would stand there with the cash box, and look at you, and you knew what she wanted. Money.

She also found time to be very busy at Anticipation.

Frank Waller: She is very much a force in the club. She comes around and looks at you, and says nothing, and you know exactly what she wants.

Greg Bilan: She was married to Bruce Pelz

Karl: She's also one of our Sacred Objects – the Sacred Spryngbok.

Christian: She used to host something called Feast. A bunch of people would pay $25 for meals at her house. The money raised would go to the Building Fund. And she's a baker. She bakes wonderful stuff.

Elayne Pelz was given three cheers and a Spryngbok.

Time Bound Announcements

Tomorrow, sometime during the afternoon or evening, there will be a Holiday Party. Drop by, set a spell. Hang around. Start Time is 3 PM.

Next Thursday, there is no program. There will be a program, top 30 videos on the Internet past year. And it's the 53rd Thursday of the year. We will be honoring someone.

After the meeting, there will be a party!!! party!!! party!!!

And we're about to enter 2010. On the last day of the year, remember to reset your clocks to 2010.

And De Prof is printing next week.

The January Meeting of the BOD has been canceled. Just because nearly half the directors will be at some convention. Second Sunday open house starts at noon.

Gallifrey is the 26th – 28th of February. Anime Los Angeles is two weeks from now.

Committee Reports

The Science Minotaur gave her copy of the report to Christian. Project Icarus, a project to design a probe to fly by Barnard's Star. There's a website.


Scratch reviewed Avatar. Very tall thin blue smurfs. He found it enjoyable, with a standard small quantity flash bang. And there's no truth in the notion that mankind is aggressive, stupid and greedy.

Spend the money to see it in IMAX 3-d. Unless you have eyesight problems.

Frank: Saw it in 2D and 3D. OMG. According to CNN's version, this is a very interesting movie. You get absorbed into the fauna in the movie. “Pretty!” – Scratch

Hare: The plot line could have been written In the 30s. But he likes the stuff written in the 30s. It is gorgeously done. One thing that fascinated him, he's a fan of Roger Dean's artwork. He wanted the Pern movie to come out and it never did. He finally got a Roger Dean type of visual movie with this one.

Nola: Her husband has his own review system. The more he likes a movie, the further forward on his seat he sits and the more he leans forward. Ten minutes before the end of the movie, he remarked his headphones weren't working. But he enjoyed it anyway.

Greg Bilan: They were not blue smurfs, they were blue monkeys. And Cameron tried to make the film in the 90s, and the tech wasn't there.

George Mulligan: Apparently the central debate is, “2D or not 2D, that is the question.”

Louis: he did get a readmission ticket, and he should be able to get headphones that work.

Michelle: Lovely Bones. Except for a few details, all the plot points are given away in the first three sentences. It was very well acted and very well done.

Christian reviewed the commercial for the Avatar game. The quality for the game is much worse than the movie. The movie is $400 million, and the game is 15 guys on drugs in a shack.

Hare emphasized: If you go to the ArcLight in Hollywood, and only the first two rows are available, the seats are far enough away from the screen that it's not that much of a problem.

Frank Waller saw it at the Sepulveda and Ventura Blvd Arclight. (Avatar).

Christian: STMP – first time you saw it, it was the best in the world. Second time you saw it, it sucked.

Michelle: The second time she went to see Avatar, she went to see Twilight because Avatar was sold out. The FX were great. Both Edward and Jacob are whiny asses.

Matthew: Yes, she was talking about New Moon. If it doesn't have the actors singing Stout Heart-ed Men, it's not New Moon.

Mike Thorsen is interested to know if the Holmes movie sucks as badly as it seems.

Christian has heard you need to set aside Sherlock Holmes. It's a great Robert Downey movie. And apparently Jude Law is incredible as Watson.

Hare Hobbs: more than one person has mentioned they think the trailers will hurt the movie because they're not representative of the movie.

There was much discussion about the genius of James Cameron.

Matthew is waiting for the sequel of Abyss – Son of Abyss.

Bill Ellern saw “Up in the Air”. It has a touch of SF. Star is George Clooney, and a lot of the movie can be considered biographical for Clooney. He discusses getting in and out of airports, and advertises for an airline that has a group of 10-million mile passengers.

Christian reviewed The Horn of Time, by Poul Anderson. The stories are well written, and they hold up over time.

George Mulligan read a book, about a south seas Island where people were cast adrift when the US pressured the UK to give them up as a colony. A Feast of Freedom, by Leonard Wibberly, the author of The Mouse that Roared. Cover art is by LASFS member Cathy Hill.

Ron Jenson: Moon, on DVD should be available next week. .


Michael Thorson asked for a clarification. What flavor of Fresca? Fresca flavored, of course!

We adjourned at 21:23:58.

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