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Menace of the LASFS

December 17, 2009

Christian McGuire, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Master of Antique Technology” – CLJII “That makes you the official MOAT.” – Karl

Meeting 3775 was divinely created in some form of order at 20:02:08

Special Orders of Business

Charlie Jackson announced the passing of Roy E. Disney, recently succumbed to lung cancer.

Actress Jennifer Jones, also recently passed at age 91.

Third is Gene Barry, on Our Miss Brooks, and as Bat Masterson in Burke's Law. He was also in Fame is The Name of the Game. Which led to the series, The Name of the Game, including an episode directed by Steven Spielberg. After a career in features and TV, he was a hit in La Cage aux Folles. He was in the George Pal “The War of the Worlds”, and Red Garters. He was 90.

The Menace were read and accepted as “Tis the Season for Giving Goddard Wrought”

The Registrar announced a guest. Randall Harris, heard about us from the internet, and likes stuff.

Patron Saint

Steve McGinty

Scratch: He gave us money.

Matthew: He has a great name.

Milt: he originally wandered in with the Granada Hillions, and shows up from time to time.

Matthew: He occasionally attends meetings, bringing a Mac Book with him. He doesn't say much, but what he says is worth listening to.

CLJII: He's always a pleasant fellow. He has a limp he acquired after joining fandom.

Steve McGinty was given three cheers and the governorship of a small South American country.

Time Bound Announcements

Elayne: Annual dues are being collected starting this meeting. We have a credit card reader.

Christian announced CFO meets on Saturday, and Friday Night is the Open House. Sunday is the Time Meddler meeting. The annual auction is taking place, with lots of Dr Who stuff, British stuff, and random stuff.

Committee Reports

Arlene Satin reported that we've been invited to the Imax theater in Irvine to catch the opening of Avatar. Anyone interested in joining her at the table, please show up. filmed tonight, with guests Larry Niven, Karl Lembke, and Ed Hooper. Eytan Kollin hosted.

Michelle Pincus passed among the membership with the Lantern O'Jack. Charlie announced the coming Winter Holiday Party.

Matthew Tepper announced, that at least the new Sherlock Holmes movie picked an actor experienced with cocaine. He declared it method acting. Larry Niven responded, “That's Methadone acting.”

Also, whoever wrote the Zazzle address, please write the correct one.

The Science Minotaur reported that South Korea has selected XCOR's Lynx as its launch vehicle for suborbital operations.

The President, as Board Liaison, reports repairs to the roof have been authorized. The repairs will address the depression in the roof.

New Business

Corwin read an apology to the people who encountered him at the Gift Exchange. He brought Chocolate.

Old Business



Milt offered a review of the very bad, Beyond Sherwood Forest which bears no resemblance to any version of Robin Hood you've ever seen. The Sheriff acquires a shape-shifting monster from another dimension to do in Robin.

Hare: SyFy is going to try again to make Riverworld.

Christian convened the Committee to Gouge...


Don Wenner thanked whoever left the cat toys on the Freebie table a month ago. The cat at Iliad Books is very happy with them.

Scratch asked if there's been a review of the expanded Iliad yet. Matthew stated there had been one.

CLJII mentioned the 1000th episode of the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson. He didn't host it. Crocodile puppet Wavy Rancheros did the monologue and all the guest interviews. It was at least surreal, and possibly fantasy.

We adjourned at 20:58:02.

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