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Menace of the LASFS

December 10, 2009

Christian McGuire, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Fans are very giving – especially with any diseases they have.” – Michelle Pincus

Meeting 3774 was cowed into some semblance of order at 20:13:16.

Special Orders of Business

We have some special orders. CLJII announced the passing of actor Mark Ritz, Lester the Lab Rat on the Beatmans TV program. He was 63.

John Hertz announced the death of Ken Porter. He was found in the past couple of days. He had missed a couple of appointments, and relatives investigated and discovered why. The cause is not known at this time. He is being cremated. Services will be held at The Winston House, 9501 S. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 323-757-2271. CLJII added that Kenny was very happy to have found the LASFS and fans, as it was the only place he felt at home.

Hare used to joke that he was a member of the snoring chorus.

Christian: He was very soft-spoken and thoughtful. He was a wonderful gamer, and gave of his energy in whatever capacity he could to the community.

Joe Zeff recalled that Ken Porter was one of the Kens getting mixed up in the hell games.

Scott Beckstead called him a hell of a Hell player.

John Hertz notes he was on a panel with Ken, “Why is SF so white?” He notes when he found SF, he was pleasantly shocked to find no one cared about his color. Or his size.

Jerry Pournelle notes he was a very astute observer, and he and Larry would have him review urban scenes in their novels for authenticity.

CLJII also reported on the death of Harry Crosby Jr, who wrote under the name of Christopher Anvil.

We had a long moment of silence for the departed.

The Menace were read and accepted as “in memory of Kenny Porter”

Patron Saint

Fred Patten

He's under the weather.

Hare: Probably the most responsible for bringing Japanese animation to America. He's quiet and soft spoken, but opinionated. He's roomed with Fred, and he's always been a gentlemen about everything.

Xian: He's chaired Loscon, Westercon, and was a signatory on the LASFS articles of incorporation.

CLJII: has known Fred for 42 years and 3 weeks. They met at Charlie's first LASFS meeting, and he was quite taken with Fred as being erudite and personable. Back then, he was in to European comics, including Tintin and the Schtroumpfs. He was always promoting something, sharing his interests as much as possible – European comix, Mexican mad scientist comix, finally anime.

Marty Cantor: when he enjoyed something, he thought everyone else should enjoy it. He started in APA-L #1, and had a zine in every disty until fairly recently. (#2280)

Milt: he was a reviewer for Library Journal. He also could tap dance.

Jerry Pournelle: he published fanzine that published Richard DeLap's review of The Mote in God's Eye, the worst ever review of Mote in God's Eye.

Fred is a very good friend, and he does not resent the review.

Marty Cantor forgot to remark on the DUFF – co-founded by Fred.

Joe Zeff: Back when Fred was considerably healthier, it was not uncommon for him to attend a party, stand in the corner reading a book, and later, be able to recount everything that happened at the party.

Matthew Tepper: He had the ability to fall asleep standing up.

CLJII: he just received the Forrest J Ackerman award for service to SF, but his service to fandom has been significant.

Gizmo: when Fred had his stoke, he participated in the donation of his papers to the Eaton collection at UCRiverside. The Collection had to open up a whole new anime section with the two truckloads of stuff donated.

Fred Patten was given an amazing three cheers. (and 2280 disties of APA-L)

The Registrar introduced Russ Maheras. He's from Chicago, where it's 11 degrees out.

Also, Sean Boundy, one of the TARDIS movers. (Fortunately, there are no TARDIS shakers!)

After a quick announcement for people to pick up ballots.....

Old Business:

Nominations for President were re-opened.

Nominations were promptly closed.

Christian McGuire was re-elected President.

The Tag Team of Gizmo and MaryAnn was railroaded back in to power as Vice President.

In a hard-fought contest, Karl Lembke was re-elected Scribe.

The Science Minotaur was railroaded in as Registrar.

Time Bound Announcements


Committee Reports

CLJII: Michelle passed the Lantern O'Jack to collect funds for the Winter Holiday Party. This starts in the afternoon of December 25. There will be videos shown, covering the history of B movies.

In January, we have a program, Arthur C Clarke, Threat or Menace?

No FWEMS until February. We'll have a valentines day salute to Cary Grant.

Christian: tomorrow night, at 7 PM, we have the gift exchange. We'll show one of the episodes of Big Bang Theory at 7:30.

Arlene Satin announced Thursday will be the last for the year. We'll break for the holidays and start again in January.

Marketing meeting is Wednesday, at 7:30, here.

Michelle Pincus announced a chance to make money for the club. There will be a scavenger hunt at North Hollywood Park, with a $1000 prize.

Saturday features Cinema Anime, starting when it starts, ending when it ends. On Sunday, there will be a Board Meeting. At 2 PM, we have an open-house gaming and barbecue.

Scott Beckstead announced the Loscon 37 website is up. Price is $25 until the end of the year.

The Sage rose to speak on a very short item.

At the Copenhagen world climate thingy, the chairman of the IPCC announced this past October was the hottest in the history of record keeping. According to the Telegraph, it was the 70th warmest October in 140 years. Readings across a large part of Russia were 10 degrees higher than normal. Why? According to the Russian Government, temperatures were not released. Figures from September had been carried over and repeated 2 months running. (The second time this sort of thing has happened.) Goddard says it was unable to check the figures because of technical difficulties.

What Hath Goddard Wrought?

Problem: How do you calculate the temperature of a planet?

David Okamura recounted two stories:

  1. After 150 years from its proposal, there are now two working difference engines. Charles Babbage has been vindicated. It took 17 years to build them, and they are hand cranked. It's 7 feet high, 11 feet long, and 5 tons. Video on NPR.ORG. The printer alone is amazing. (Christian notes Paul Allen paid for the construction. He will house his machine at the SF machine in Seattle.)

  2. There are some recreations of Leonardo DaVinci's devices, including a harpsichord viola.

New Business



Matthew Tepper: Alice on Syfy: It was egregiously awful. Combining incidents and characters from the two books is an immediate fail.


CLJII Misced about something Christian finally recalled. Because the last two meetings of the year will be on holidays, next week we'll do the month end auctions. Fair warning.

Gizmo added, he's reformatting all the computers in the club. Please write down what you want to save on the computers before it gets moved to /dev/nul.

We adjourned at 21:54:48.

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