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Menace of the LASFS

December 3, 2009

Christian McGuire, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

We will never surrender! (for eighteen months)” – Jerry Pournelle

Meeting 3773 was opened at 20:08:34

Special Orders of Business

Marty Cantor has a Rob Holstock update. He had a very bad E. coli infection. On Sunday, he passed away despite the excellent progress he had been making. He was 61.

Arlene Satin announced the passing of the mother of Eytan and Dani Kollin. They are observing Shiva. Marcia Minsky announced that a sympathy card is circulating.

Charlie Jackson announced the passing of Alex Baker, Bay Area fan, recently gafiated from the club. He passed on 12/1. We also lost the co-creator of ComiCon, Ken Kruger.

We had a moment of silence for the worthies mentioned above.

And now, for something much more cheerful, Christian announced a postcard from Australia, from Bill Anderson. He wanted to send greetings to the multitudes.

Jim Harmon, writer at Loscon, overdid the hiking around the convention area and had a slight heart attack. However, he's feeling much better. But remember – conventions are hazardous to your health.

Saturday coming up is Len Wein day citywide. If you're not Len Wein, hide in your house.

The Menace were read and accepted as “Harry Red”

Patron Saint

Marty Massoglia

He's in the room!

CLJII: has known Marty for far too long. Among his other fine accomplishments, he has the best taste in Loscon bar none.

Darnelle Coleman: He was always friendly to him, which is hard for some fans

Matthew Tepper: In addition to being friendly and helpful and cheerful, he's one of the best resources if you're trying to figure out a book or story you read once. He's very good at remembering plots of stories.

Milt Stevens: He's read more SF than any of us, and may have read more than all of us put together.

Hare Hobbs: Before he had his bookstore, he brought books here to sell. He told Hare the Cordwainer Smith novel was not well edited, and better read in the original pulps. He brought the pulps for Hare to read.

Joe Zeff: Back when the minimum bid at auctions was a nickel, the minimum bid for a book that was genre was 30c, because Marty had a minimum bid of 25c so they didn't go too cheaply.

MaryAnn: If you tell him the plot, he'll come up with author, title, cover, cover price, publisher, etc.

Marty Massoglia was given three loud cheers and and a spelling edit.

Time Bound Announcements

Tomorrow night is the open house, Estrogen Zone on Saturday, and nothing on Sunday.

Committee Reports

Arlene Satin spoke of Between 6 and 7 at the clubhouse, we have a panel, which is podcast on Please go there, watch the panels, comment on the panels, and refer your friends.

We also have designer stuff on

Old Business

Tonight's old business is the opening of nominations for the President of the LASFS. Charlie Jackson announced the duties of the office.

Nominated were:

Christian McGuire

Milt Stevens

New Business

More Committee Reports

Charlie announced the Winter Holiday Party, taking place on 12/25. The soda machine will be set at 50¢ for the evening.

In the mean time, we have more program. Tom Safer is on his way with video to present. The theme will be the pilot episode of Get Smart. Although we have elections next week, for the next two weeks we have no programs. December 31, we have a new year's eve party.

For the first week of January, “Arthur C Clarke, Threat or Menace (in honor of the new year).

The Gift Exchange is next Friday, 12/11. Not the 18th as printed in De Prof. Doors open at 7, exchange begins at 8.

Joe Zeff had an addendum. For the first year, he will not be doing cards or numbers. Joyce is doing the number cards at work.

The Registrar introduced guests. Dan Sutton, who heard about us by word of mouth,

Samantha Davis, heard about us from the website.

Jessica Middleton and Amber Sinne, working on a SF action movie.

Currently in the building is Greg Smith, a friend of Tim, and Heath Row, a research manager.

Marcia Minsky announced for Loscon 36, for those who signed paperwork for volunteers, staff or committee – get hours to her ASAP. Final attendance was 1184/1095.

Charlie Jackson rose to remind one and all that the winner of the Forry Award is Fred Patten, and the Evans Freehafer award winner is Robert Powell.

The Committee for the simplification of the LASFS web domains has acted. We have a GoDaddy account

Tom Safer announced TSPC for December happens 12/19.

Fannish committee reports

Joe Zeff offered a pro-forma announcement. He finished over 50 kilowords for NaNoWriMo. Total word count for everyone was over 2.5 gigawords.

Tom Safer reported, from the day before Thanksgiving, a gentleman showed up at LAX, and realized he was at the wrong airport.

Hare Hobbs recounted an old story, which was discussed in the con suite. An article claimed that cows put a natural opiate in their milk. It gets stronger when it's made into cheese, and is at the lower threshold of addictive.


CLJII reviewed Keep Watching the Skies, the 21st Century Edition. $100. It's 1000 pages, oversized, slick paper, and very heavy, lots of photos, and stuff that's never been published before.

Hare Hobbs finally announced he bought a copy of KWTS. It broke his budget. It is marvelous, gorgeous. It's highly recommended for anyone who can at all afford it.

John deChancie reviewed StarRigger, published in 1983.

Jerry said it's well worth reading. It still holds up, quite a good yarn.


Frank Waller will not have any Christmas product this year.

Scott Beckstead moved to Rob Cole, and we Robbed Cole at 21:10:30.

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